In this video we are going to unbox best and budget New Bakeey E33 ECG EKG HR Blood Pressure Multi-sport Mode Message Call View Long Standby Smart Watch – Grey with full review in Tamil. Hope you like this video.

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Bakeey E33 Smartwatch is a solidly built for health/fitness band with an optional metal band. Bakeey E33 smartwatch, a fitness tracker with ECG as well as EKG & HR feature. he body of the Bakeey E33 smartwatch in terms of size and design is very similar to Amazfit. The bottom part of the tracker is plastic, and the upper part is made of some kind of metal alloy. The Bakeey E33 smartwatch provides support for tracking steps, calories, heart rate, sleep monitoring including a one-click physical examination. The watch is equipped with a 1.3-inch HD display paired with a high-speed processor. Moreover, you just need to raise your hands to work with the watch. The watch is embedded with a 180mAh battery, which is capable of delivering an enhanced backup. It has a PC + PTP + power metallurgy body that is compact, lightweight and just weighing 31 grams. It is comfortable to wear and will surely look good on your wrist. The wearable is available in Black, Grey, and Red colors. Bakeey E33 smartwatch has Multiple sports mode to meet your different sports requirement. Built-in high-performance battery ensures a long time standby. it also has heart rate monitoring, accurate real-time EKG & HR as well Lorenz scatter plot checking your heart for an abnormal heart rate. It also has a blood pressure monitor and ECG monitoring. Regarding the ECG, the Bakeey P11 is able to detect at least 32 kinds of ECG diseases. With its 3 axis accelerometer, the P11 has a pedometer with calorie and mileage counter, it also has a multi-sport mode, sleep monitoring providing scientific analysis of sleeping time and the quality of sleep. It supports call and message reminder with reject call support, notifications from social apps such as Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, WhatsApp and more. The Bakeey P11 smartband has an innovative ECG detection with three electrodes that can detect the ECG in just 30 seconds. The popular fitness tracker, the Bakeey P11 smartband has a USB direct charging, easy to charge no need of a USB cable to charge your smartband. The band has 180 mAh Lithium polymer battery with 15 days of standby time and regular usage of about 7-10 days. Bakeey E33 smartwatch has Running, walking, cycling, and set a sports goal and finish it for body training, other universal functions like heart rate, blood pressure, and sleeping monitor, stopwatch, step, calories, distance are all in this fashion bracelet, great gift for your friends and families.

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