. Listen if you’re anything like me, the older you get the more you’re going to be thinking about your fitness and there is no better way to track that than with a smartwatch. That’s. Why today we’re going to talk about the Fitbit Charge for and why, I think it’s the best fitness tracker yet thanks to its built in GPS and helpful new health features., Now this 150 Fitbit Charge, four is only the company’s second device with GPS.. Now Fitbit is behind the game a little bit when it comes to including GPS in their watches, but they’re doing a great job.. During my time testing the charge for I went out and ran in the suburbs, and I kept a good distance from anyone. I encountered., Of course the Fitbit is great thanks to the GPS and it’s step tracking., But it’s got a ton of other great qualities too, including enhanced sleep tracking and a new fitness metric to let you know if you’re getting enough exercise. So before reviewing the features And the functionality of the watch, I want to talk about design a little bit. Now, listen when it comes to smartwatches and fitness trackers. Personally, I like bigger devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Gear three., Although that’s the case. I actually really liked this thing.. For one thing: it’s a lot lighter., So if you’re going out doing, exercise it’s a lot less cumbersome than the giant watch, the galaxy makes. Now the charge four looks almost identical to its predecessor, the charge three.

They both have a similar rectangular design and they both have a grayscale, OLED, touchscreen. And, of course, like any other Fitbit, the band is replaceable and you can get different colors different materials.. Now, if you go back some to some of the more previous generations, they did have a physical silver button and the touch button works well., But sometimes it is nice to have that feedback.. Now, one of the greatest things about the charge force touchscreen is it’s. Super easy to read in bright sunlight and it responds quickly to swipes, even when my fingers are greasy or sweaty., And the good news is, if you’re upgrading from the charge three to the charge. Four you’ll be able to keep your old band and swap it to the new watch. If you’ve got one that you’re really attached to.. All in all, I like the look of it and I really like the feel of it.. This watch works great when it comes to how it fits on my wrist. Now about the watches. Functionality with the charge for Fitbit is introducing a new fitness metric called active zone minutes.. Basically, what it’s going to do is it’s going to measure the time you spend in a target heart rate zone and track your progress towards the goal of 150 minutes per week.. That means that, during the course of the week, all of your exercise is tracked and it’ll. Tell you exactly how many minutes you’ve stayed within the recommended heart rate.

, And that set heart rate is the recommended minimum from the American Heart Association Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization. by inputting your age and your resting heart rate, as well as your overall Fitness level. The charge four will automatically calculate your target heart zone based on that information.. The app will also show you a chart of your heart rate and the time you spent in each zone, fat burn, cardio and peak., But I only spent about 23 minutes in the cardio and peak zones, and I was awarded 46 minutes of credit., Not bad.. Now again, one of the greatest features on this new Fitbit Charge for is its GPS and its running performance., Like I said the charge for, is only the second of fitbits devices and the first one of its fitness trackers to have this feature.. Considering this as new technology to Fitbit, I was really surprised at how quickly it picked up its GPS signal.. On top of that, the watch seem to be really accurate, so no problems there. Now the charge four does come with six exercise shortcuts. Already pre loaded onto the watch, you’ve got run bike, swim treadmill, outdoor workout and a walk.. If you go through the app, though you also have 16 other activities, ranging from everything from yoga to kickboxing., During my run, the charge four would buzz around my wrist when I moved from one heart rate zone to the other.. That gave me great feedback to figure out.

If I need to slow down speed up or stay how I am now, there was a couple instances where the charge for his heart rate, monitor seemed to be a little bit tardy. My heart rate would suddenly Jump up 10 to 20 beats per minute., But I think overall, the heart tracking seemed pretty consistent.. Now, of course, like many of the other fitbits, you also have sleep tracking, which is great, with the Fitbit Charge, for a new restoration metric shows not just your heart rate, while you’re sleeping, but also how much you’ve been moving around and your estimated oxygen variation.. Now, unfortunately, the Fitbit Charge four does not have onboard music storage, but you can control your Spotify. So if you’re, someone like me that likes to run with their music – and you have a Spotify account – you are completely set.. Another nice feature is that it does have Fitbit pay, which is essentially a contactless payment method on your watch, meaning anywhere that has Apple Pay or Google pay. Fitbit pay will work. Now in terms of the battery life. Fitbit says that the charge force should last up to seven days and normal fitness tracking, which is the same as charge three and fairly standard for most fitness trackers.. So all in all with the GPS and the other features that they’ve been working on the Fitbit Charge. Four is a big improvement over the charge. Three., You can track your running biking swimming as accurately as you can with the bonafide GPS watches.

So, if you’re, a big fan of the charge, three the Fitbit Charge, four is a great upgrade, especially with the new GPS. Functions., Hopefully, this review is going to help you out and give you an idea whether the Fitbit Charge four is right for you., If it’s not there’s, a ton of other watches.. In my opinion, this one doesn’t all.. So hopefully you found this video helpful.. If so, please feel free to leave a thumbs up, because I always appreciate that. And just a reminder: I’ll include a link to the watch below, so you can check updated pricing and availability for anybody that’s interested in it.. Also, let me know any comments or questions. You have because I always love getting the answer as many of those as I can., But otherwise thanks so much for watching guys. Hope you have a great rest of your day. Stay safe out there and I’ll see in the next video.