They have branched out into other fashion products such as wallets fragrances, handbags and purses, as well as higher end watches in their fossil swiss line dot. However, their brand still seems focused on mid priced watches.with, their gen 5 smartwatch fossil has kept to those roots. As of this writing, the fossil gen 5 is priced roughly less than the apple watch 5 and less than the samsung galaxy, considering its price features and functionality. It lies squarely in the middle of the pack of watches from this reviewer’s standpoint, but then there are also custom and time only options which doesn’t seem so bad until you realize that each of these also has 12 different settings that you can choose between. There are certainly tech junkies who will love messing with these settings and maximizing their battery use, but most of us would feel better with fewer options and the trust that the watch is smart enough to give us a functional amount of battery life. The watch comes with features that are pretty standard for this generation built in nfc, gps, heart rate, monitoring and speaker with the cardiogram map. Fossil claims, the ability to detect sleep, apnea, diabetes, hypertension and atrial fibrillation. The watch is water resistant to three atmospheres of pressure making. It more than enough for showering bathing or even active swimming.the primary app for fitness tracking is the google fit which works both with an android phone and an apple phone. It tracks your performance using heart points and move minutes, which is great for those who don’t like to be bombarded with too many technicalities on their smartwatch display.

if. You want finer more comprehensive stats, though you’re always welcome to install a third party application check out the description for more information and latest price coming at number. Two samsung galaxy samsung’s line of galaxy watches is another entrant on our list with an always on option. This makes sense as its direct competitor is the apple watch 5.. These are both great watches and if you don’t mind spending the money and are looking for a generalist watch with lots of apps, the real decision between the samsung, galaxy and apple watch 5 is which os you need. Apple 5 is for apple users, samsung isn’t, odd. Another difference is the style like all best smartwatches samsung’s galaxy has fitness tracking capabilities with a wide array of sensors in the samsung health app. These will nudge you along when you get too sedentary and can auto detect six different exercises. It also has a sleep tracker and is waterproof for a maximum depth of 50 e problems with this watch are mostly on the software and rather than the hardware. For starters, some often used arguably important third party apps are missing, including facebook, messenger, google maps and whatsapp.other issues include not having any of the fitness apps that come with wear os, such as google, health and others. The only apps you get are those that exist in the tizen ecosystem, which is not as diverse as those in wear os or even ios.t.h.e voice assistant bixby is also less than satisfactory.

It has issues understanding most voice commands a problem that could be resolved with time. As the company upgrades its algorithms and number one of this list – apple watch series 5, apple’s latest smartwatch – is no doubt the best smartwatch for iphone users, because it won’t work with an android phone.the. One major upgrade. This watch offers over its earlier version, isn’t always on display. There are, of course, other upgrades to the software and hardware, but from a user perspective, this is the one you’ll notice most. This helps the watch feel more like a real watch and less like a novelty athletic tracker. Of course, the new watch 5 has a bunch of new display drivers that make things more efficient and a better light sensor than its predecessor, but it’s, really, nothing that couldn’t have been done to the watch, for one major upgrade is the compass which tells you where You’Re going and works out your elevation in collaboration with the gps. This is a great feature for hikers, joggers or cyclists, though maybe of limited use to other people.only feature. That should be noted. Is the ekg monitor that came out with the series 4 and still functions on the series 5. for more on that read our review of the apple watch 4., despite the fact that there aren’t many new features in the apple watch, 5 it’s. Still an awesome watch for fitness with everything working just as well as in the watch for the gps is super accurate and so is the heart rate monitor dot.

When you swim, the watch will count lengths and durations accurately, though the watch might have trouble accurately telling you what strokes you’re doing all of these items are available on amazon. I have included all the links in the description you can check out this links for more information and latest price. Thank you for watching. If you like this video, please hit the like button below share with your friends and be sure to subscribe.