We made this list based on my personal opinion, that’s a result of research for our. We rank the products based on their quality specification and all other important facts. We have tried to select them from various price range, so you can easily find the best product for you. You will also find product links in the description. You can check everything about the products through the links: Music, Music, number, five brand name, lympho model number, lem, 13, 8, megapixel rear camera plus 2 megapixel front camera. Support flip snapshot 1.6 inch, ips touchscreen 400 into 400. High resolution display allows you to face video chat with your family through smart watches, precise structural design, deep waterproof, worry, free wearing on rainy day and easily adapt to various environments. 9 sport modes, different modes, accurate calculation, up to 9 kinds of exercise methods. Let you choose freely support bluetooth. Pairing can be adapted to support ios 11.1 and above and android 6.0 and above equipped with a large 1280 milliampere hour battery. It can be used normally for one to two days number four brand name: lympho model number lam 14, like the previous lens series, watches this new len 14 smartwatch also got a round shape, but with a different outlook and design, it looks stylish, classy and suitable for Men and women, the body is made out of zinc alloy with a ceramic gazelle, while the strap is removable and available in leather plus pew. On the right side of the display, you will find two buttons to switch on off the watch and between them a camera with 5 megapixel, while the other camera is embedded in the front with 2 megapixel.

On the back side of the dial, you will find the sim card slot heart rate, monitor and magnetic contacts. Lengthvol m14 smartwatch has a 1.6 inch full round display with 400 into 400 pixels and supports the face. Unlock function, number three brand name: lympho model number: s20. 1.4 inch tft lcd screen has a 240 into 240 pixel resolution. It provides sharp display, bright colors. The screen is protected by a 2.5 d, curved glass with anti fingerprint oil plating on the surface it has bluetooth 4.0 compatible with android 4.4 and above ios, 9.0 and above the smartwatch has 240 milliampere hour lithium polymer battery with 60 days of standby time and 5 To 10 days of normal usage in just a single charge: Music number 2 brand name lympho model number y20, lympho y20 smartwatch keeps track of your all day activities and informs you about your health condition. 1.7 inch. High definition, full color display, brings you high quality pictures. This smartwatch monitors your heart rate, blood pressure, sleep condition and fitness activities. It supports multiple sports modes with data analysis to make your exercise more efficient, informs you about accurate records of mileage, steps and calories to analyze it and improve it. Lenfo y20 smartwatch informs you about messages, calls various app notifications, long lasting battery life, with five to seven days of usage and 20 days of standby time ip67. Waterproof rating allows you to wear it in every weather conditions. Smartwatch’S ergonomic design with adjustable soft silicone, strap, makes wearing more comfortable download the duffet app on your phone to use a lot of useful functions.

Number one brand name: lympho model number iow46 1.57 inch tft lcd, color screen. All your fitness data is clearly graphical. Our sturdy 2.5 d glasses make your smartwatch more scratch resistant. It is easy to operate and respond smoothly. Our smartwatch records your daily activities in detail, including steps, distance calories, burned, mileage, exercise, time, heart rate, sleep, etc, get comprehensive statistics and gain insights into your health. Smart watch includes nine sports modes, walking running hiking, cycling, treadmill, climbing, etc.