We made this list based on my personal opinion, that’s a result of research for our. We rank the products based on their quality specification and all other important facts. We have tried to select them from various price range, so you can easily find the best product for you. You will also find product links in the description. You can check everything about the products through the links: Music, Music, number, five brand name: rockbit rockbit brave, supports 4g nano sim card which allows you to make a separate call receive or send a message when your phone is away. 3Gb plus 32gb large operating storage allows you to download more applications. It uses a 1.69 inch ips touchscreen with a resolution of 450 into 450, and the display is clear and easy to operate with a battery capacity of up to 1360 milliampere hour. It is the highest battery capacity in the world, allowing you to use it longer. Moreover, it also supports face id unlock equipped with dual cameras. You can make video calls at any time supports all google apps and phones with iphone operating system. 9.0. Android 5.1 or higher rock bit brave is a real leap in smartwatch performance number, four brand name: jing, tighter 2.88 inch, tft touch screen, rectangular full touch, bring a unique and innovative visual experience. High definition and comfortable large screen sensitive touch, smooth operation experience smoothly play the apps you need. It supports the manual selection of language on the watch answering and making calls phone book sending sms downloading third party app video call photo taking alarm clock calendar calculator, recording local music playing weather voice, search step, counting heart rate, multi exercise mode.

Looking for mobile phone stop watch music control, holding up the hand to light the screen, changing the dial, pushing messages, etc. Music number three brand name: lympho high definition: large screen display large memory, independent card calling gps application, download browser music, heart rate test, step, counting multi sport mode, find mobile phone, take photo tape recorder with a 4g support, build and sim card slot. Now you can enjoy hands, free calls and use various online apps anywhere and anytime, on your bigger display, flaunting with its stylish metal body and curved edge screen, makes it one of the prettier smartwatches around standing, apart from the crowd with a slick, metal design. That involves several hours of quality workmanship, enjoy your favorite news and entertainment on your wrist. The large 640 into 480 resolution display allows you to seamlessly scroll through different web pages. Music number two brand name: xiaomi 1.78 inch color display that pushes 368 into 448 pixels resolution on a mold screen water resistant rating up to 50 meters, and it also comes with built in heart rate, monitoring focus on your health, built in heart rate record. Sleep monitor sedentary reminder, etc. Support eason virtual card. You can phone call with the watch and download various apps also supports. Qr payments via lipay allows you to make contactless payments directly from your wrist supports voice commands, and this can be utilized to control your smart appliances. At home come with a 570 milliampere hour battery and it is rated to last 36 hours on a single charge.

You can use it to record real time exercise and set goals based on specific training, accurately recognize your movements and capture heart rate changes every second. It also locks the motion track in real time. Your wonderful performance can be accurately presented. Human body is just like a battery with a body energy function. It helps to monitor the data of the body. With this watch, you have a body energy to remind you in time to help you quickly adjust your body problems. Number one brand name: cospit 2.1 inch full round display with ips wide viewing angle technology with 480 into 480 pixels. It produces 16.7 million colors and high pixel density. Android 10 is google’s latest operating system compared with the previous version. Android 10 has made thousands of optimizations in terms of new feature experience, user, privacy and security. It is by far the safest and most feature rich android system. Kospit prime 2 has been greatly optimized and upgraded based on the android 10 system. We have retained the night mode of android 10 redesigned the entire system, interaction and all icons, added various interactive special effects and added a menu interface, similar to android, wear equipped with 4gb ram and 64gb ram memory, which allows you to run large scale, 3d online games And play various videos smoothly on the watch. Larger storage can store more music videos, files etc. On the watch face id, unlike calls sms music sync function, map weather, alarm, google play store, sound recorder, calendar voice, search, youtube, chrome, calculator, pedometer, heart rate, monitor, etc.

We once again creatively increased the battery capacity to 1600 milliampere hour, which has increased the capacity by 70 compared to other brand products, and the endurance has been even more upgraded. We improved the camera on cospit prime 2 at the best position at 12 o’clock so that it has the same photo effects as the rear camera of the phone.