We have included links in the description, so make sure you check those out to see which one is in your budget range starting at number. One samsung galaxy watch 3. The samsung galaxy watch 3 feels very similar to the previous galaxy watch model. There’S no galaxy watch too weirdly enough opting for a traditional wristwatch silhouette with a clever rotating bezel that you can use to navigate through menus. It looks polished and still has a weighty feel to it. Although samsung has, thankfully shed nearly 10 grams from the largest model through smart trims and tweaks, that the app eco system is lacking and that the price has bumped up dollar 7080 depending on model still samsung’s premium watch is a good option, particularly for android users. However, ios limitations make it a weaker option on the iphone side than the rival apple watch, series 6 or apple watch, say both of which benefit from apple’s tight integration and strong app selection at number 2. Fitbit versa. 3. The fitbit versa, 3 does a capable job of helping. You shift your habits. This latest version of the popular versa, 2 doubles down with more health tools and connected features that will keep you active and dialed in 24. 7. highlights include more accurate, pure pulse heart rate, tracking technology, for both resting heart rate and measuring heart rate in cardio and other active exercise zones. You can also set goals around daily intensity minutes to make sure you’re hitting your marks for cardiovascular health.

When your phone is nearby and the fitbit app is active, you can set reminders to start a workout at a certain time with amazon alexa and even respond to texts and calls if you’re an android user. Android users can also enhance their sweat sessions by downloading playlists. Directly to the device with pandora or diesel subscriptions for now, the spotify app only offers control of playlists, while the spotify mobile app is open and active. At number three apple watch say the apple watch say, is a lower priced alternative to the top of the line. Apple watch series 6 cutting a couple of key features while slashing the price tag in the process, starting at 279 dollars versus ‘9 dollars. For the series 6., the apple watch say maintains most of the familiar feature set from apple’s popular smartwatch, including robust fitness tracking communication features waterproofing and heart rate sensing. However, it loses the always on display from the series 6 and series 5 before it. Turning the screen off to conserve energy, when your wrist isn’t raised, it also lacks the electrocardiogram ecg and blood oxygen sensors, limiting some of its health detection capabilities. There are also fewer color and material options available for the body which solely comes in aluminium in three colors. Still, if the health sensors aren’t a big selling point of the apple watch experience for you, then you can save a lot of cash by going for the same model. At number, 4 samsung galaxy watch active 2.

The samsung galaxy watch. Active 2 is a great choice for fitness, oriented samsung users, who want many of the same assets. The apple watch offers. The active 2 continues to offer the comfortable and close fit from the previous model and adds on a feature that many users requested a bezel. While the bezel isn’t a physical one like on the samsung galaxy watch 3, its touch activated and simulates the same rotating motion of a physical dial. The active 2 now also includes swimming on its list of seven automatically tracked. Workouts and other health focused apps for tracking sleep and guided breathing round out the experience, while the fitness app integrations include big names like strava and myfitnesspal. The broader selection of third party apps from the tizen store continue to be a bit limited if you’re a premium. Spotify, subscriber, though you’ll be able to store playlists to your device and even forgo bluetooth headphones, since the active 2 has a built in speaker. If you have a samsung phone, you have the advantage of wpct wireless device to device charging functionality which allows you to place. The watch directly on your smartphone for a battery boost at number 5 fitbit versa, 2, fitness smartwatch, the fitbit versa, 2 hits almost all of the same notes as the newer fitbit versa 3, which could leave you wondering whether or not to make an upgrade if you’re. Looking for a few deciding factors, though, you’ll find them the fitbit versa, 2 doesn’t offer on board gps, which means you’ll need to stow your smartphone during every workout and you won’t get any fast charging convenience or the same battery life.

But four plus days of longevity, isn’t, shabby and you’ll get the most out of each charge. If you disable the always on display, the versa 2 delivers on all the desired fronts. During the day, it tracks heart rate and activity calorie burn and calculates a cardio fitness score to help users track fitness progress. It also serves as a dedicated sleep tracker with insights on light, deep and rem sleep and offers guided, breathing exercises when you need to slow down the versa. 2 comes with numerous sort after smart features that simplify daily routines. These include connecting wirelessly to headphones, storing credit and debit card info for fast contactless pay and smartphone notifications and replies on android phones. Amazon alexa is built right in as well, and you can store and play deezer and pandora playlists and control spotify tunes when your phone is nearby at number 6 garmin, fenix, 6. Pro solar. This rugged smartwatch is made for adventure and nearly any sport you can think of from high speed water sports to trail, running golfing, buildering, skiing and even gym sessions too. The fenix 6 comes with a tracking feature for that, as proof of its trail ready grit. This device has a 1080 m waterproof rating good for diving, 100 meters and high speed water sports and is military grade thermal shock proof. All of this ruggedness does pose a bit of a fit issue for users with more petite wrists, but since this product does require a hefty investment it’s worth considering the small s version that offers a more manageable fit at 42 millimeters versus 47 and 51 millimeters, the Fenix 6 is capable of storing up to 2000 songs, garmin contactless, pay safety and accident tracking and provides access to an extensive library of watch faces and apps via the connect iq store at number.

Seven skegen falls to three. The updated skegen falls to three has a lot to like this model features improved battery life over the previous generation and will get you through a full day of activity before requiring a charge, even if that’s not incredibly long. This wearable comes with a rapid charger to restore the battery to 80 in just 50 minutes. The false to 3 is also incredibly sleek with stainless steel mesh and silicone band options for daily wearability. This smartwatch doesn’t just look stylish. It also offers the versatility you want in a smartwatch with google assistant and contactless pay, plus the added perk of a swim proof build with untethered gps, go ahead and leave your phone at home while you swim, laps or jog, although, if you’re expecting a call you’ll Still want to bring that along, so you can answer mid workout at number. Eight fossil gen, 5 carlisle, the fossil gen 5 smartwatch, is a wearable that design conscious. Shoppers will appreciate it’s available in leather, silicone and stainless steel band options, including rose gold and blush leather hues. While it appeals to the wearer who wants a smartwatch that fits any daily wardrobe choice, don’t expect it to offer stellar fitness tracking accuracy. It does feature a built in heart rate, monitor and you can swim with it in water 98 feet deep, but the readouts in the google fit app have been met with mixed reactions from users. The built in speaker is another function that lends to everyday convenience.

Use. Google assistant voice commands to check the weather or set your smart thermostat to a comfortable temperature. Other daily use. Conveniences include google pay integration, so you can skip fumbling for your wallet at checkout. The ability to receive bluetooth phone calls as long as your phone is nearby and eight gigabytes of storage for music. This model also offers improved battery life over the previous generation with three battery modes and a quick charging function. That brings your watch to eighty percent.