. Yes well be talking about the amasfit gtr 3 pro, so this smartwatch is actually cheaper than the huawei watch 3 than the samsungs of this world and the apple watch and many other sport watches and smart watches out there. But its capability, its accuracy, is wow. It is so good and weve got the heart rate test the step test and the gps test to prove that and ill share. The links to those videos with you at the end of this video, but in this particular review well be talking about the top 10 features of this amazing smartwatch, the amasfit gtr 3, pro so without further ado lets get into it Music. So if you have been watching other videos on this particular channel, then you would have noticed that we talked about the gtr 3 as well as the 3 pro also ive, actually posted a video that describes and explains the differences between the gtr 2. So the previous model, the gtr 3, as well as the 3 pro there are quite some differences, especially between the three and the three pro. So, if you were thinking of upgrading from the gtr 2 dont, do it for the gtr 3 make sure to do it. For the gtr 3 pro but ill leave a link, just above me right now for you to go to that video and look at the comparison in detail anyway. Lets talk about the top 10 features of the gtr 3 pro, and these 10 features make it well.

I would say the best value smartwatch of 2021 and the way things are looking on the market right now, i would say that it will probably be the best value smartwatch of 2022 as well. So, first of all, let me do a quick recap of the gtr 3 pro. What does it do? What does it look like and then well get into the top features? So, first of all, it is a round watch its rather thin, its just 10.7 millimeters high on top of your wrist, and that is exactly the same height, as was the gtr2, also its a 46 millimeter case. So it is rather large and if you have a smaller wrist, then youre probably best to go for the gts, which is more square and sort of flies flat and slightly curves around your wrist. The gtr3 pro does look great and because you do have the quick release straps on it, plus a metal watch type cloth. It looks classy, but at the same time, if youre not happy with the silicon, strap its just as easy for you to go out there and get a third party strap, be it leather, steel or whatever. You may like. What makes the gtr 3 pro stand out from the rest of the bunch is the amount of features it offers and some of the main ones well cover in just a moment, but some of the generic ones. Well, it is waterproof 580m waterproof, its got a lot of sport modes, its got multiple connectivity options, so you do have wi fi as well as bluetooth.

You do get inbuilt storage, you get inbuilt alexa, you get continuous spo2 monitoring. You get a huge full hd resolution. Like this thing has so much to offer it even measures your body temperature, but well get on to it in just a moment. So, as you can see, this watch is packed with very expensive, very premium features and youre getting this watch for its full price. At 189, pounds or 190 or just under 200 bucks, but ive actually seen it on discounts on amazon, on aliexpress and just generally on the web. You can get it for as low as 120 pounds today or about 140 bucks, which is an excellent excellent value. Proposition. Anyways now, i think, were ready to get into the top features which make this watch the best value deal of 2021 and potentially 2022 lets do it. Firstly, i would like to talk about the display, because this is the watch face. This is what everybody, including yourself, will be looking at. The fact is, this display is 1.45 inches for a round display. This is the largest, the absolutely largest display you can get on the market today. So this display of 1.45 inches is larger than the previous amasfit uh gtr2, its larger than the gts3, its larger than the huawei watch 3, as well as the samsung galaxy watch 4.. So this watch is huge, 1.45 inches, but its not just larger. It obviously has more pixels as well, so, if were used to the market norm of 326 ppi thats 454 by 454 pixels on the usual 1.

‘ inch displays. This one has 480 by 480 pixels, giving us a total ppi of 331.. This is the highest roundwatch spec. On the market today, number two gtr 3 pro well actually as well as the gtr 3, do offer continuous spo2 monitoring, aka blood oxygen saturation. What does this mean? Well, you know that quite a lot of the smartwatch sport watches out there. They do offer spot readings of your spo2 aka blood oxygen saturation. But if you have spot readings, that means you actually have to sit down, relax, click or tap your screen to start measurement of your spo2 levels, but that kind of functionality will not be able to warn you or spot things like sleep apnea, because obviously you need To be asleep to measure your spo2 now, continuous spo2 can actually do it, because, while your body is at rest, measurements which are automatic are happening are happening periodically and actually giving you a trend of your spo2 over time. And this is the metric that you need to identify or warn you of some kind of respiratory condition you may be having. So, if previously continuous spo2 would be only available on premium sport and smartwatches. While you get this with the amasfit gtr3 as well as the three pro now number, three is great, because this is all about interactivity and the gtr 3 pro has both a microphone as well as a speaker on the watch. What that means is that you cannot only sound your alarms play music.

You can also take calls right off your wrist because you can hear the other person speaking as well as you can speak into the microphone on your wrist. Of course, theres no lte version, so theres no e sim in the watch. But as long as your watch is connected by bluetooth with your smartphone, you can actually take calls off your wrist and weve tested the sound quality its great both for you to hear the other person on the line, as well as for the other person to hear You because the speaker and the mic do work really well, even if you listen to music, its also as if youre playing it on your smartphone, its that good number four is music storage. So we just mentioned that you do have a speaker. Well, the fact is, on the gtl3 pro you get music storage on the gtl3. You dont so make sure that if you do want to download music to your smartwatch, you will have to get the 3 pro you get 4gb about 1.6 to 1.7 gb will get used up by system files, but the rest of it about 2.3 gb will be Left for you to play around with to download faces, to download photos and, of course, your audio media. So when you are running or training, and you didnt take your smartphone with you, you can be actually listening to your audio number. Five is all about your health. Well, the fact is you get a smart watch, not just for the smarts and the watch, not just for the connectivity options.

You want a smart watch that will be able to accurately measure your health stats or your health metrics, and the most important metric that you do get is the optical heart rate sense on the back of the smartwatch, so the gtr 3, as well as the 3 Pro actually have a new biotracker. This is the biotracker version 3.0, and this is different to the 2.0 that was found on the previous versions, so the gto2, the gtr 2e, as well as the gts2 and the 2e. Now, if you recall, or have been watching the previous tests ill, actually leave a link to them. Just above me, right now and thats to the gts and the gtr 2.. You will have noticed that the biotrack was not great lots of functionality on the smartwatches, but the heart rate accuracy was lacking, even though amasfit did release quite a few upgrades and updates still. The biotrack at 2.0 was not great full stop now with the gtr 3 and the 3 pro buyer. Tracker 3.0 is absolutely awesome. Now i was comparing the gtr 3 as well as a 3 pro hardware accuracy versus the polar h10 ecg chest strap, which is on my chest in every exercise. I did be it boxing in the park playing tennis or running even just workouts at the gym, and always the gtr 3 pro, as well as the gtr 3 would show results that were almost unbelievable. The variants versus the polar h10 ecg chest strap would be within one or two percent.

That is absolutely great, and i havent seen such accuracy even on way way more expensive, smart watches, as well as sport watches for number six. I would like to mention pie. Pie is the personal activity index, so you would see this statistic on basically any xiaomi as well as a mass fit sport watches smart watches and trackers this pai, the pi, is one of the best metrics available on a smartwatch. No other manufacturer does it and what is pi. So this is basically a single value metric, which tells you quite a lot about your cardiovascular health. It takes into account your steps, the activities youve been doing over the last seven days and the intensity of those activities. So how hard were you particularly putting out there while you were playing tennis, basketball, running walking, jogging or whatever you were doing, and the general rule of thumb is that as long as your pi score is above 100 points, you are 20 percent less prone to getting Heart disease, as for number seven, i would like to track back to bio tracker. Three point: zero because with the biotracker 3.0, with its new and improved optical heart rate sensor on the back of the gtr 3s as well as well as the gtr 3 pro, the manufacturer is saying that now the watch can actually measure your underwater heart rate. Now i didnt test that myself, but i will be doing that in upcoming weeks, but with the heart rate accuracy that weve seen during the normal exercises, not including water.

I wouldnt be surprised that maybe this watch can actually do what the manufacturer is claiming. Number eight sport modes, 150 of them, have you heard of this many sports modes on any other watch i havent now. I know that theres a lot of people out there saying well, who cares about the number of sport modes? Well, i can say it does matter, because every single sport mode has a different model in place for measuring the amount of calories, youre actually burning and, in my heart rate, test. Ive actually found with watches like samsung. The samsung galaxy watch active 2.. When i was trying to record a tennis game, there is no tennis. I had to use the aerobic mode if im using fitbit also they have very few sport modes available now, with 150 sport modes, you got basically everything covered now: number nine, with the amazfit gtr 3 and the 3 pro is the battery size. Well, as well as the charging, so both watches actually support wireless charging, but if the gtr 3 has a claimed life of 21 days on a single charge, the gtr 3 pro claims 14 days now. I dont quite agree with the 14 days because ive been testing the gtr 3 extensively and i can say that it does last you anywhere between seven and eight to nine days but thats with extensive usage, including always on display. Now that is still amazing. Consider samsung! If you get one half days out of that, you are lucky here: youve got at least a full week, but usually its a week, plus some more and now number 10, the cherry on top, and that is of course built in alexa.

So this is great. This is a fun option to have on your smartwatch and its not just fun its actually extra useful, because you can record your alarms. Just by talking with alexa, you cant ask for a joke. You can ask for the weather, you can ask for directions. You can basically record your shopping list on there having alexa on your wrist at all times is so useful, especially when youre used to referring to your online assistance anyways. I do hope that you found these top 10 features of the gtr3 pro and, in some cases, with the gtr 3 very useful. If you have, please drop me a like, if you do want to see more of the tests that we have performed with the gtr 3 and the 3 pro. If you want to look at the comparison, video between the gtr 2 3 and the 3 pro, then please make sure to hit the subscribe button below the video and watch the links that ive left at the end of this video.