Instead of having the setting that the feature that i had liked with the small bubbles everywhere, you can change it to this setting right here, i was playing with the calculator. This is something that i use often so i did find this pretty handy while reviewing the watch so here’s the barcode for the video. I actually forgot what that was for um right here: i’m looking at more settings, and they had this brief app um i mean the little flower is cute and whatever, but i don’t see how this is helpful with having this watch. If this is a feature on the apple watch, please comment below and let me know – but here i am just going through some of the other features on the watch to see how this watch could be uh, possibly helpful. I think at this point i was going over the text messages and it really didn’t transfer all my text messages over like some of the contacts had the name. Some of them were just numbers, so that really wasn’t very helpful. You can’t reply to the text messages. You can only send the um pretext so, like i can’t hand, type a text message to respond to any text. I can really just read it right here: i’m playing with the dial pad trying to call a number um. You can make phone calls from the watch that works. Pretty fine, i can receive phone calls pretty fine from the watch um.

I guess that was the okay feature of it. So far, right here, i’m, just going back over some of the other apps. When i asked for some of the other settings of what the watch has to offer to even decide, if i want to keep it or not do so so here’s my review on the what is this t500 it’s a hole here, i know it’s a sticker hold On zero, zero t500 watch um, i found this watch on marketplace and normally before i go buy anything i try to review. However, there was no reviews on youtube on this watch now. It looks a whole lot like an apple watch like it’s nice. However, how i went through it with y’all um, i won’t buy it if i had seen something on it in english. I probably wouldn’t expect i’ll pay 40 for it, but if i would have seen something on it in english, giving me some type of review money, i wouldn’t have gotten it um. As you see everything in the app that comes with the watch. Look at this real closely. Um is in i’m, not sure if it’s, japanese, chinese or korean don’t know, if anybody i’m not sure, but there’s, not even no top way to even change the settings to english. If there were, i probably could mess with the watch um. It does sync your call log i can’t receive phone calls. I can play music i’m gon na try to show as much as possible because i’m filming with my phone.

However, um i mean the charger is cool and everything, but the only thing i can see myself really using this watch for other than telling the time is reading text messages, and i can’t even reply to a text message like the most i can do is call So like, if i receive a text like in the video, it shows several text messages showing up. If i wanted to reply, i can’t reply for my phone. I would have to um. I would have to i can’t reply from the watch. I would have to reply from my phone um that’s. One thing i don’t like i do get youtube notifications so, like everybody, i’m subscribed to for a video post that comes to the the watch um. The text messages come to the watch. The phone calls come to the watch. If i look at the text messages, whether they’re saved or not, it does not show all my contacts saved in my phone so like i would have to know numbers by heart, but once again i can’t reply from the watch. I don’t know if you can with the apple watch, if you can reply to text messages, but from this watch you can, it has templates like uh. It has templates like i can’t talk right now, um sorry same as with, if you’re driving, i think, um. What is it something with the iphone where they have like the automatically automatic automatic templates to reply um, so, i would say, here’s our review.

Hopefully this helps somebody out. I mean it’s, a cute watch, the most you can, the most i would do with it is. Where to tell time and to read my text, messages um, i guess i might just have to play around with a real apple watch and decide if that’s, something that i want to spend my money on. I might ask my facebook friends, you know if they have it. Is it useful and a lot of them who work in a similar line of work with me said, is very useful, especially if they have their airpods and they can reply to text messages. But i know if i have my phone near me and my earpods are in my phone – will read me my text messaging reading my text messages through my airpods and then i can reply um this. The watch just looks good that’s. All i can say it’s nice it’s, a nice watch, but it ain’t gon na do nothing for me, so i don’t know i might give it to my sister or something um notifications text messages. So look for example, view the message view i can see it. I can see my youtube. I stuff another text so view the text what’s up the text says what’s up. However, i can’t reply to the text. I only have the option to delete the text so um. If i was to rate this watch, i would give it a three out of five stars, maybe only because i things that are on here that i can actually it’s like.

I use my calculator at work. I want to be calculating, oh time old time over time. Um in hours uh for my other job, and then i i guess i yeah – i just use it for time, that’s it that’s. All, i think, is the first time someone get this i’m gon na give this watch a 3 out of 5 stars. Have i seen it when i mean had i seen a review on it in english? Instead of every other language, i probably would have purchased, purchased it but it’s, whatever i’ll figure out what i’m gon na do with it. This has been my review. Hopefully you like it um. If this is your first time coming to my channel, welcome like this video subscribe, i have more videos to come, but this is actually my first review and it was on this smart watch. This t500 smart watch was it worth the buy. Was worth my 40 dollars just to have something that can tell me time? I guess so i guess i would have bought it for another watch. I wouldn’t expect it. I guess my expectations wouldn’t have been so high.