This is josh here and welcome back to our channel and for today’s videos. We are going to have the unboxing of our 119 plus smartwatch, so guys. I actually got this one from shoppie for around six dollars and i got this one because i was quite curious about what are the functions, and it also reminds me of our 116 plus smartwatch that we got last year so now guys let’s open it. So guys. Here is the box of our 119 plus smartwatch alright. So it really reminds me of the 116 plus smartwatch that we had – and this is the 119 plus i’m – not sure if they are, you know related, but with the packaging and also with the naming of the product it’s somewhat it comes from the same company. Okay, so here it is guys upon opening the box before i forget guys so let’s look at the box and on the sides we have the different colors and in my case i got the green one and here are the specifications, so the display is 1.3 inch. So 240 by 240 tft screen and it has a battery – is 150 milliamp and the charging time it’s about two hours and the strap material is cpu. Okay, so let’s. Do it guys alright? So here is the strap guys in green in neon green? I believe so. It looks nice, it looks premium and it’s also smooth, and i like the the design – yes so it’s our first time to have that one and what else so we have here.

I believe that charger okay, so it is easier for us to charge. Yes, okay, and here is the lock, i believe, of our strap. Okay, and here is the watch guys yeah. I forgot the manual okay, the manual guys we have here it’s in chinese and also english, and if you have any problems or if you have any questions, just refer to your manual as well, okay, so here it is guys the 119 plus smartwatch so let’s. Take this one out: okay and uh – guys it’s very light, so i think you really get what you paid for, and it looks really like a plastic yes from the back and also the front. It’S it’s really really light guys, and this is, i believe, the sensors and the charging pins are here as well. Okay, so let’s try to turn it on guys. Okay, i think it has low battery so i’m gon na charge this one, and i will be back in a couple of minutes all right guys. So we have here our power bank and let’s connect our charger to our power bank and let’s. Just connect the pins to each other okay and make sure that they are perfectly fit okay and boom. You can see that it is already charging guys so let’s just wait for a couple of minutes. Okay guys so we have already charged our 119 plus smartwatch and i already turned it on so for you to turn it on guys, it’s.

Just you have to long press this circle icon here. Yes, so yes, as you can see there, it is not really visible, but when you look at it closely, there is a kind of circle icon there. So, just long press that one and now let’s put our strap on okay, okay, let’s wear it and you can just easily. Actually there are no holes guys. So all you just have to do is you need to just press that one longer so that it will make a hole it’s weird, but it is like this guys: okay, okay, so in that case we have already put a hole in there and yes, so here Is the watch when you wear it and now let’s try to look at the features of our watch? Okay, guys so it has also equipped with the blood pressure monitoring, as well as the spo2 and the blood pressure, now guys, it’s very strange, but the blood pressure here. The result is really funny because they are reversed, so the the 118 should be on top and the 79 should be at the bottom. Yes, so it’s just a correction, guys yeah because of the systole and the diastole, but for six dollars uh! Yes, what can you expect and also the esp82 is 98 that i already tested this one and my heart rate was 71 percent and for the sports guys so let’s try to long press this one. So we have here the i think this is walking and this is jump uh like skipping sit up.

Yes, only three features, only three features and also the message guys. So, whenever you are going to to synchronize your phone here, the messages so it will be activated and let’s click on more guys. So in the more function, there’s sleep monitoring – and this is – i believe this is the temperature. I will test this one later on music control. Yes, camera control and that’s it in my initial review, guys so it’s really light. But for me i, like light smart watches, because you can just feel that you’re not wearing any smart watch, yes or any watch at all. Yes, but my only concern is that whenever you tap this one, so it will turn off uh quickly and you will have to go back to the home screen and tap this circle icon again. Okay, so, but for the price, guys it’s, not bad, and if you want to give this one as a present, yes, you can do so, but just don’t expect so much, and especially with the blood pressure monitoring and the espirito. I don’t recommend this for medical purposes. Okay guys so once again, this is josh and if you like this video, kindly click the thumbs up and also consider subscribing, and if you have any questions, just comment down below okay. So once again, this is josh and i’ll.