Microphone. Slot for a physical SIM, card., Brutal appearance., Moisture protection, IP67. 3 gigabytes of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory. Daytime processor and even more ancient bluetooth.. This is definitely a toy for schoolchildren or masochists.. Why should you know about this? Forewarned is forearmed. Plus I will play one such clock and the conditions will be in the video. As always, I’ll tell you now. Tube 738. Hello, everyone, you are on the Benefit NET channel.. My name is Sanya.. I upload at least 5 reviews per week. Every month. I play 5 bands of the 5th series for like subscription and comment to any video. Terms of contests, of which there are always many at the end of the month, and my contacts are in the description in the attachment, my telegram channel with promotional codes in Ali.. All draws on the 30th of every month on stream., And today I will tell you about the not new Lemfo LEM 12 smartwatch.. I tested it for about two months.. I waited until they die of old age., But no, they survived.. Therefore, while a neutral review. And at the end, there is a separation. Inside the package is the most interesting Phillips, screwdriver included., More precisely a screwdriver for mounting a SIM card in the Nano SIM format inside the clock, A charger for smart watches, which, by the way, Has a built in 900 mAh battery, combined with a 900 mAh power bank, which is enough to charge the watch almost completely.

2 built in cameras of 8 and 5 megapixels with support for photo and video shooting a voice recorder support for unlocking the clock in the Face full Android, 7 version, 3 gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of built. In. Supports 4th generation. Cellular networks. Support full fledged calls using the watch without the need to connect a smartphone., Sensitive vibration, feedback 9 sports modes, including running walking, treadmill cycling, basketball, football ping, pong badminton, jumping rope. Supports GPS, Wi Fi, Bluetooth, 4.0. Protection according to the IP67 standard, but it seems To me, this business is not for long.. If you look only at the characteristics, there is an irresistible desire to acquire a copy for yourself, since none of the competitors has such a set of hardware and functions for this price. To the above, it is worth adding support for measuring heart rate monitoring, sleep quality.. The 1.6 inch screen with a resolution of 400×400 pixels has a physical size of 50 mm is made using IPS technology. It is indecently huge here. Even the pixel density is decent.. You can now see the dimensions and weight. It will look wild on a woman’s hand. And not all men’s hands will be delighted to put on this thing. Serious massiveness is needed, here., The strap is standard. Quick detachable has a width of 22 mm hybrid leather, top rubber bottom. Brains, 4 core processor, from Mediatek MT67′, with a frequency of up to 1.5 GHz.. The manufacturer claims to support immersion in water up to 1 meter deep, since the watch is protected according to the IP67 standard, but I did not swim in it after drowning.

They lived, although I did not gain confidence in this statement. The SIM card slot is unscrewed with a simple Phillips screwdriver and has a small rubber gasket under the cover.. The built in 900 mAh battery, according to the manufacturer, allows the watch to work in standby mode up to 72 hours and up to 24 hours in active mode.. In reality, the lifetime of the clock is much shorter. In standby mode. The watch lost about 11 of its charge in 4 hours in the absence of a SIM card and connected only via Wi Fi., So the owners can count on a working period of no more than a day.. It all depends on the activity of using the watch.. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge the watch.. True, there is an optional charger with a built in 900 mAh power bank, but this is all a poultice for a corpse.. In fact, for charging hours they have to be removed from hands and hold, for example, on the table since the thickness of the battery charger about 18 millimeters and in addition to the thickness of themselves, hours in 17 mm obtained sufficiently thick quotsandwichquot on the hand, is, Do not vilify the product., You can talk on the clock using the built in speaker and the speaker and microphone are not bad. In principle., The manufacturer speaks of camera resolutions of 8 and 5 megapixels, but the AIDA64 program claims that only the rear camera has a resolution of 8 megapixels declared by the manufacturer.

While the front camera has a resolution of 0.3 megapixels.. Judging by the quality of the photos, this is how it turns out, if not less., The clock measures the pulse, like all such devices, with a rather large error.. There is support for Google maps, but like most of the existing applications, they are not optimized for a round clock. Display., GPS module is, of course on board. Edges of messages, inscriptions signs and symbols often disappear beyond the border of the screen. YouTube. Is there but cut off at the edges.? There is support for instant messengers, but for the answer the keyboard is partially outside the screen. And it becomes quite difficult to read anything in an application that is not optimized for a round screen.. Of course there is a Russian language. Face id on board, but more for show.. It can be unlocked by almost any person. It is smarter to use a picture. Password., Wi, Fi, bluetooth and the network is working.. Applications may be clumsy, but installed. Dimensions are immoral.. Of course, you can watch photos and videos from them.. In fact, the battery capacity is only 630 mAh and it degrades very quickly.. You can watch YouTube and tik tok. The screen is nice and large the way and not optimized. Everything has a problem with notifications.. Marriage is the sea. Reviews for Ali are wound by the seller. You cannot trust them.. The price on the link in the description for the video is 129, with free, shipping.

And, of course, when using a promo code. Now the sale is on Ali. My promotions for a discount in the telegram channel using the link in the attached comment.. Let me summarize. Exactly 400 reviews ago. I had a review on their Lem 10 4G model. In principle, nothing has changed.. I advise you to bypass this or give it to the enemy to suffer. And in order to win such a new watch, you need to write in the comment the answer to the question. Quot Should I review thisquot Thanks for watching. Review tomorrow, gaming tvs. The day after tomorrow at rest, m3. Thanks for watching Like your work and subscribe To the device, yes or no benefit. No, will answer Good luck.