The band is 12 bucks and i will include a link amazon link to the band in the description below after the video posts. Uh. Definitely like the band uh. I am hard on watches so for this watch to look only as beat up as the way it does is exceptional for me in my watch where so let’s talk about the watch first off morning of the ninth day, the wise watch was down to 15. So i just think that’s exceptional, hey who’s, watching if you wouldn’t mind, give me a thumbs up i’d appreciate it and just say in the comments who you are chris bullis: hey chris how’s it going so this watch will last like a day and a half. Maybe if i baby it or pull some apps off it, two days realistically um, i don’t use the watch for a whole lot. So having a watch like near 200 watch um is okay and – and i i’m not trying to throw this watch under the bus, but 20 watch with a 12 band. This thing lasting for 12 days is is i’m. Sorry not 12 days for 9. 10 days is really exceptional, so the question is uh. The short answer is, i count this as a buy with with a no brainer buy. I i don’t like plastic bands. I, like metal bands, um, definitely digging this watch so one the big plus is the battery life. The thing is, it does almost everything you want and the things that it doesn’t do.

I don’t necessarily care about and save one item, so i can pay for things with the watch. So when i was at the supermarket, i had a thought like hey. Let me pay i’m, like whoops can’t pay for it with the watch. The other thing um, because the watch is on my wrist and it connects to the phone. It knows uh to let the screen unlock, because the proximity to the watch so that’s one of the unlock keys so i’m, not sure i hadn’t noticed it but again, i’m, home and being home is one of the unlocks for the phone. So it knows the geography anyhow um. I can make phone calls on the watch and i can reply to text. I think i can reply to emails uh. You know it and it’s not like you can rotate the bezel and you can select a letter in you know, reply there’s, some canned responses for texts that say like okay or you know a couple of things and you can put your own in there, but all In all the the call feature on this, i can pass on uh being able to make and receive calls from the watch um. It does give me notifications, so one of the things that i like on the watch is, i can look at my wrist and see who’s calling and whether i actually want to pick up and just because you get a lot of spam calls, and so you know, If you’re busy with something else hey, is this urgent, like is this my wife or daughter calling me do i need to pick up, and so i do appreciate that and, like i said maybe day and a half, maybe two days, if you nurse this puppy, but Getting 9 10 days out of a watch is just crazy to me.

It’S also lighter weight, so if you’re concerned about the weight – and this is pretty much exactly like an apple watch – only difference between this apple watch is you – don’t have a rotary dial here. You have a push button uh, you get your menus, so that’s notifications, um different data, stuff and apps going this way so weather that kind of thing. So you just got to get. You know you’re swiping up down whatever to get to places so just different user interface. I mean heck this watch, you know you got the rotary, you have this button um and you have this button, which is supposed to bring you to pay. So you can like count uh, i don’t know if you’re supposed to hold push and hold so if you’re gon na pay for something, and then you type your pin in and i’ll do that off screen, then it brings up samsung pay. Is it going to show my credit card number it’s, not good yeah? It shows the last four digits anyhow i’m going to skip off that screen. I don’t want to show all that stuff, giving hackers any extra help. So this does do heart rate pulse oximeter uh. So it does your oxygen saturation. What i noticed is when i was biking uh. This picked up that i was biking and started tracking it, whereas this didn’t know i don’t know if it was monitoring my heart rate, while biking, but it i thought i was kind of impressed that it actually knew.

I was biking and that’s just using sensor data to figure out. You know what’s going on, i guess maybe it doesn’t detect me going up and down. Otherwise it would have thought i was jogging and probably the speeds relative uh were relative to biking. So it kind of did that analysis to figure it out. I i got ta say 20. Bucks for this watch is really a no brainer in and it might be like if you want to watch all right. So it’s 32 is sitting here with 33. I don’t know if the band was 12.99, so 33 bucks, as it sits here for the wise watch. This is the 47 millimeter watch this i don’t know if i paid 160 or over 200 for this watch and then you know 12 or 12.99 for the band. If, if you want to get watches for the whole family, i’d say get this watch, hey g23 how’s it going, man so definitely liking. The watch definitely uh. Let me just put it on and let’s do some functions with it. So if i grab the apps and we’ll do heart rate, if i have a heart and again, this is the 20 wise watch, 47 millimeters, so it’ll i don’t want to do that again. So is it swipe right and where is the pulse out to there? It is so it’s actually going to calculate the oxygen content. Chatter on the wire how’s it going man i’m on lunch.

Am i allowed to do whatever i want to watch, so it works with android and apple phones so that that’s kind of the cool thing so it’s a cross cross platform cross species whatever you want to call it, and i guess i have no oxygen in my Blood, otherwise it would record oh okay, now i’m gon na throw this on here and my left wrist is a little bigger than my right wrist, so it may be a little tighter and all right. So let’s go to heart rate. Oh okay, so i got ta click measure playing hooky, no, no i’m on lunch uh. So i get a 90 minute lunch. What 76 all right! Now now we have a dispute. We have dueling heart rates going on here. So is the heart rate, on my my left hand, any different than the heart rate. On my right hand, i’ve noticed like one or two beats per minute: different let’s, see that says: 85.. Okay, all right, oh wow, wow we’re, both 83. okay go so uh. Is this a higher end watch blah blah blah? It only lasts for a day and a half, maybe two days. Yes, can i pay for stuff with this watch? Yes, how often do i do it? How often does it work and how often do i find it annoying? I don’t know if it’s a feature, i would say that would exclude me from getting this watch, so it works with apple works with android looks like an apple watch i’m, not an apple fanboy.

So i really don’t care but i’m guessing the software is going to get better in the future. So will this be able to detect that on bike riding? Oh, hey, great great uh been great and much nicer yeah i good good band. I it’s not like. I tried a whole bunch of bands. I got one and liked it so, yes, i got both these bands for these watches and they’re super easy to do i mean back in you know, prior to, or you know, i stopped wearing watches with a cell phone and so there’s just a pin here. Where are we focusing and it comes out, so you just you know, note it’s tool, free, which is very cool, and my only issue is trying to find the find where the pin inserts into okay – and i heard a positive snap, so yeah. Definitely i i i don’t know about you if you have more than one watch or whatever. Even if you have you know a 200 watch uh, whether it’s an apple watch or a samsung watch or whatever it may be, and you may be low on battery well help. This is good for 10 days. Oh and i 3d printed a stand for it, which is kind of cool, so i found that on thingiverse. So if you search on thingiverse for wise watch, you’re definitely going to find it. Why did the thumbs up go up and down i’ve seen one zero we’re back to one, so anybody have any questions about the wise watch versus samsung s3.

Aha, our personal trainer has requested. We zell her money. Oh now, i got three thumbs up. Thank you guys. So any questions out there other than i should be working. I mean it is lunch time for me. It’S my lunch break, hey ruth how’s it going so ruth. I don’t know if you’re an apple or an iphone person, but i got this wise watch from it’s 20 bucks and it lasts 10 days on the battery and it does a lot of smart watch stuff. I can’t pay for things like i can. With this watch, and i can’t i mean i got weather i’ve got all of those features: um it’ll hook into the wise product infrastructure, which is kind of cool uh. I do have a wise camera, so i can have it go off or on depending on you know, when i’m there or not we’ve got alarms, there’s timers, which is i i like this. So i could just say: hey set a five minute, timer and uh. You know so you have presets, you have custom. Actually, haven’t tried this, so you just drag it around yeah, so that’s, nice, uh, so yeah you can’t originate a text or a phone call from it like you can, and i i have not texted, but you can receive text in your social media so um. Definitely like that um i i have not sent reply to text other than they have like the quick reply.

So if you go into your text, you could say yes, no something like that. So there is a way you can rotate the bezel through the alphabet and click and select the keys and send a message like you can originate a message from here. I haven’t done that i haven’t used that feature. I mean, if i’m going to do that i’m. Going to pull my phone out of my pocket, so there there are things the watch is useful, for there are things that i think just kind of add ons to make it look like it has more features than i really needed. So i really don’t care that i can’t send texts or receive and make phone calls for my watch i’m. Not not that excited about that feature, but definitely digging the watch. Uh let’s see dmx passed away i’m, not sure who dmx is and – and i do have a wise camera – make a good mod. Well thanks, i i don’t know if you like my hairy uh hands whatever, but um vanessa kitty how’s it going jumping in here i’m. Just talking about the wise watch versus my gear, s3 frontier and so for 20 bucks with the 12 band i i’m calling it a win. Uh, definitely a keeper, and i would have no issue if my wife and daughter wanted one of these. Just because the battery is good for, like nine plus days um, it uses less than 10 a day.

So i i would expect the watch to be good for 10 days. Easy and you know it’s going to vary with your use of it. So anybody have any questions about the watch that i could answer and i mean definitely liking the features. Uh see what’s the night. Oh all right, that’s, sleep tracking, so it’ll do sleep tracking, so that’s. Another cool thing so does heart rate sleep, tracking, uh blood, oxygen levels, so all of those are available here and you’re mentioning in the comments, the wise camera. I have an indoor, wise camera and i keep it in the garage. I have eight cameras on another system around the perimeter of the house just finished. Pouring acrylic resin vanessa is always doing really cool stuff. She used to post a lot on instagram and i don’t see your post like he did. The barbecue, which i was watching so uh let’s, go back there. So you wear the watch at night on your wrist and so it’ll show you uh based on movement. Like light sleep, deep sleep, so i had two hours: nine minutes, deep sleep, five hours, 21 minutes of light sleep, and i was awake for seven minutes that’s. When i got up at 3am to go to the bathroom uh. You also see this on the phone. So you don’t have to look at this, so there’s a wise app and it connects on the phone and you can see that there uh definitely really cool.

I mean the this watch does the same thing so there uh, i don’t know. If i can get the sleep on the watch, i think i can get it. What was that park? I don’t know. If so i get news i i’m. Probably i probably can get news there’s an altitude barometer. I can do all sorts of crazy custom faces, but i really don’t care about that. So there’s a number of things on here. Like i said i just don’t, use the weather doesn’t seem to update all right that looks up to date because let’s see let’s click. Oh all right! I i know i’ve checked earlier. It was 82, so it’s, saying 70 and cloudy. I think this watch is winning. Can you view cameras? Oh you know. I. I haven’t tried that out. I do have the wise camera and the wise watch i’ll have to give that a check blood pressure, yeah blood pressure, you can’t, do oh. This looks like an old pocket watch face. Or are you saying this one looks like a pocket watch face. You have the you know the oxygen level, oh that’s, where it does. I never swipe that way, that’s funny, so i guess you can adjust the brightness uh and that’s the battery power. I think i’ve been wearing this since monday, monday or tuesday, not sure what’s that do does that find my phone. I can’t answer it. Alright, it went away i’m, not i’m, not going to hit the other button, because i don’t know what it does.

But it looks like the temperature hasn’t updated anyhow. So what do you guys think 20 bucks for a watch? 200 bucks for a watch both have the same 12.99 band i’m gon na call it quits here and jump off uh. You guys have a happy friday.