This is a 20 smart watch. They have a 44 millimeter and a 47 millimeter. This is the 47 millimeter, which means that it has a 1.75 inch lcd display with a resolution of 320 by 385 300 milliamp battery and 16 megabytes of storage, just right, 16 megabytes, gps tracking and support for voice assistance. So let’s open this up i’m going to set it up with you guys and give you some initial impressions, but yeah 20 bucks is pretty crazy for a smart watch. You’Re not going to get. You know like apps that you would expect on here. It’S going to be kind of a bare bones, watch experience there you go, it’s got a square face. It kind of looks like a apple watch in that regard, peel. That off in fact looks almost exactly like an apple watch, it’s pretty wild. So we see you got a button right here. It doesn’t look like there’s any other buttons on there and then obviously you put different straps on here. If need be, it comes with this one which you know typical. Silicon type, strap nothing too crazy. You got sensors on the bottom, there here’s the charging cable usb on one end and then it looks like a kind of proprietary connector. On the other end of it, i haven’t seen any video so i’m. Assuming this button on the right is the power button it’s a pretty it is so it’s. Definitely a big power button and it’s giving me a little uh qr code there to scan so i’m, going to open up the wise app on my phone, all right, here’s, the yzap i’m, going to hit the plus sign i’m going to go to add device i’m Going to go to lifestyle, i guess yep wisewatch47, all right! It’S, now pairing keep your watch within your hand.

Alright, so it’s saying please choose which wrist you, where you wear the watch, it’s going to be. On my left hand, my left for sure next on that swipe left to see apps swipe right to see data swipe down, to see notifications swipe up to see shortcuts swipe right to go back long press to restart or shut down. Let’S. Add the button on the side there it’s saying and long press the screen to select the face continue all right enjoy your wise watch and in here let’s see what other settings looks like it’s upgrading the watch instantly so i’m going to let this do its thing And beyond that, you can see it’s upgrading it so i’ll. Let this uh finish: upgrading the watch and then i’ll come back and show it off. So, while that’s doing its thing, i put the watch on my wrist here very simple to do. If you know how to use the watch um, you know no problems with that at all, but you get an idea of uh. You know how high it is off the wrist while it’s still updating. I mean it’s gon na be the easiest way to uh trick people thinking. I have a apple watch, but little do they know this watch is a 20 smart watch all right, so we’re back on. I kind of just wanted to run through this. You can go into notifications and allow notification access if you want, so that it can access the notifications in here.

So when you do turn that on you’re gon na have to find it’s, probably at the bottom there wise so i’m gon na turn that on allow. I guess i’ll allow it for this one as well i’m gon na go back here, and i can allow notifications for some of the apps like, for instance, phone calls. Allow allow allow for my text messages allow for my wise cameras, because i have a bunch of wise cameras in there for instagram i’m. Fine with that for facebook, for messenger, twitter, spotify, yep, gmail’s, fine, yahoo, mail and fine calendar there’s other applications. It seems as well. So pop that open real, quick um, so you can basically do it for almost you know any app you have, but those will be that’ll be fine for now. I also have notifications to stretch. I can turn that on and it’ll remind me to stretch, because this does have some fitness things in there activity goal you can set activity goals do not disturb. You can turn that mode on. If you don’t want it to disturb you at all, raise to wake that’s automatically turned on start time. At 7, 00 am 11 pm. You can turn that on and off and set a schedule for it wearing wrist left hand uh running in the background. This is why keep running in the background there you go get my weather, okay, i’m, fine with that and you get shortcuts as well here.

So you can add up to 10 shortcuts, so let’s do uh, create a shortcut see what this is all about. Add action and i can okay, so it’s, just stuff for my wise products, so i know i like to look at my street cam fairly often so i can click on that and i can turn on and off the camera. I can upload a short video to the cloud turn on notifications, restart the camera. Okay, so there’s, nothing terribly! That i’d want to do in there for those actions, so that’s good that’s. Basically, the app in here you’ve got data check your your calories burnt and your heart rate. All right. So here is the watch turn that back on. I would like to turn the turn the watch, so it stays on longer it kind of closes. So that’s got 56 battery life. I can change the brightness with a tap of a button to medium to high, for me. I’Ll probably keep it at high, but for this video i’ll drop it down to uh medium, so it probably looks a little bit better on the screen. I’Ve got this button, which turns on do not disturb. I have a button on here that will find my device starts ringing, my phone, so i can find my phone turn that off it’ll stop in a second there. You go there’s, nothing else in here, seemingly for for that, so i’ll go back swiping from the right to the left.

I have all my apps and it’s. Basically just fitness type apps. I can check my heart rate, so we’ll check that it’s checking it right now. I’Ll rest, my arm down, so maybe i’ll get a better heart rate. I got 72 a second ago now it’s at 80, but i did get that uh just a second ago earlier um there is. I think this is like data yep, so it’s just data. This is a blood oxygen level, let’s see what that says. Give that a second to uh to go. I don’t know how it’s testing that, but it is, i guess, probably not supposed to talk when you do it. I don’t know i don’t know how long it takes either it’s taking a while longer than i expected there. You go 99, i don’t even know if that’s good or not. Now i did the heart rate. This is step count or is it a step count? What is that? Okay, it’s like to uh, if you’re, going to work out or something i’ll, do cancel that? Usually this is shorter, yeah we’re, going to end that exercise. You got your heart rate. You got your uh sleep right there. If you want to track your sleep, you get your add an alarm, you have your timer, you have shortcuts. If you want to add shortcuts, you have your weather, get your weather, which is nice to get. You have your settings, which i am going to take advantage of this right now, so i can change my wallpaper if i want really easily go into heart rate and do continuous monitoring, if you want, you have brightness, which i’ve done earlier, do not disturb compliance info About so yeah that’s, fine and that’s, pretty much it for for that swipe down from the top.

You get your notifications. I have a twitter notification that i can come in here and scroll through and read. I don’t have the ability to respond to it, which is a little bit unfortunate, not the end of the world, but it would be nice to do that. I can delete that notification. Let me see if that went away now it didn’t go away. Let me just tap there, you go, it got rid of that notification. One thing i notice is it’s not completely uh responsive like like, i should like yeah there. You go finally went back and then they got some data and that’s pretty much all you know. The other thing is to um to uh. If you want to change your home screens, real quick, just press and hold it – and you have a couple to choose from there – are nothing to write home about nothing that great but yeah. That is the uh. The wise watch in its glory glory um it’s. Not that amazing, i would, i would say you know, after just using it, it seems like it needs an update which i feel like it does need an update. So i don’t know if you want to pick it up, i’ll link it down below it’s. Currently, at the time making this video you can’t buy it, but maybe you will, by the time uh uh. You know by the time you watch this video so check it out, but otherwise uh it’s, nothing too amazing.

It feels a little bit laggy. It needs an update i’d like to see more controls in terms of like extending how long the watch face turns on.