Today, video is going to be an unboxing and review of the 20 y smartwatch um. I just got it in the mail today, so we’re gon na see what this is about, see how it’s looking you know see if it’s up to par it was only twenty dollars. As i said, a very cheap smart watch, but wise products are usually very good. I have wise um camera and it’s only twenty dollars it’s a great camera, so i only expect the best from wise um. This is not a paid review or anything i did buy this with my own money. They did not give me this for free or nothing. So uh this smart watch is 20, as i said, is a lightweight aluminum, smartwatch um. You can use this smartwatch to turn off your wise, smart products such as the lights that you know, use it for the camera and stuff like that. It also is a smart watch, so you can use it for messages on phone calls. It also is a fitness tracker. It has nine day battery life, it has a oximeter monitoring and um other products and stuff so let’s see what this watch is about. All right. Let’S get into the video okay, i’m gon na open this up, and this is how the box looks: wise watch sleep, tracking, customizable screens, waterproof woman’s health tracking activity in the heart rate, tracking blood oxygen, the wise watch, everyone, okay, let’s unbox.

Once again, this is a 20 smart watch, so very affordable. Trying to open this package and excuse me y’all, i don’t want to just be reckless with it. So in the package comes the cord to charge it charger cord um. Let me see how you get this out and then i will show it: okay here’s the watch i love the size of it. Size of it seems very nice black. I love black, so one of my favorite colors, of course, so it’s a nice size, 47 millimeters. Pretty nice, i, like it, okay, let’s, see if there’s anything else in the package, um nope that’s, all that comes in here with a quick guide, the charger, the quick guy and the watch all right. The quick start guide is just telling you how to set it up. I’Ll do that later um, but the quick start guide the charger and the wise watch has wise on it. This is how the inside of it looks. The camera just focuses so yes, this is the inside very nice. Looking watch so definitely pleased into the eye. I love it so far. Uh look wise, definitely enjoying the look of it. Um gon na put it on my wrist, see how it looks so far. Okay, i like it, definitely looks good i’m liking it. I think it looks great. It fits great it’s, a great fit, not too big, not too small i’m liking it so, okay, um i’m, going to set this thing up.

I’Ll get back to you and let you know how the setup process was and um how i think the watch is all right. Okay, i got the watch all set up. I’M gon na take this little plastic off all right. As i said before, i love how to watch look. It looks amazing, um. I really like how it looks. It looks great. I got it all set up now, so we’re going to check it out a little bit. This part here is to charge it, and this is the sensor for this sensor, heart rate and stuff um, so let’s check it out a little bit see how it is: okay, here’s, all the apps, when i swipe right the sentence as any watch change, wallpaper heart Rate brightness do not disturb uh, raise to wake system control. Compliance about – and i know swiping left – is to go back. I already read that in the instructions so that’s how i know to do that, so you go back by swiping left. You can change this interface. Um you could change it from the watch, i believe, or in the app the app have a bunch of faces. I already checked um the app have a bunch of faces that you can change it to um it’s very easy to it only takes a you know, it’s very fast, to change it so to set up the watch also, it was really fast. It only took literally about a minute it had to update after me, setting it up after that minute it had to update.

So the update took about two minutes, probably um, but it wasn’t a bad setup at all. It was very easy, straightforward right to the point. I really you know, commend wise for that, making it easy to set up um to turn on the watch. You hit the side button on the right and that’ll turn it on uh. It has the charge here when i swipe left it has the charge it has. The brightness uh notification and Music – i think that was very cool. It just bring my phone um, so that’s great. I liked it. I like the phones, i mean i like the watch so far. I really do like the watch so far. I think it’s a great watch, for you know the twenty dollars. Uh wise definitely did a great job with this from what i see, i’m gon na definitely add more uh things. You swipe down this messages. Uh you swipe up it’s. You know the same screen: okay. I’M, trying to figure out how to get back i’m. Sorry, oh there we go okay data when i swipe left let’s, try to tap it and see what that does. I know long. If you long tap it you long hold. It goes to the changing of screens to changing the screens um. They let you save three. At a time it looks like you, can uh save three at a time and change from those three. So if you want to change the three, you can go into the app on your phone and change and add a different one, but uh they only allow you to keep three at a time.

So far from what i see uh, i really like the watch. I have to really you know, figure out more about the watch. I have to play with it a little bit, but definitely after i play with it. I’Ll definitely come back on here and give more of a review of it, but my initial reaction in unboxing and everything of the watch – the wise smart watch is great. I think, it’s. A really good watch, i’m gon na definitely be adding more apps to the watch and testing it out to see if the heart monitor and all that really works and um yeah that’s my reaction. I definitely think so. Far from what i see the watch is worth it. I will, as i said, come back and do more review uh review later on of the watch and we’ll see. That was my initial unboxing and review of the y smartwatch.