At SmartWatch, Mele Kalikimaka, everybody it's the end of the year. We are about to ease into 2020, so I want to give you a roundup on the state of the art of smartwatches. Is we finish out 2019? Maybe help you figure out where we're going and what you might want to get next year now, what I'm gon na do is show you my little one minute clips throughout this little video that gives you a real quick overview of all of them all at once. So that you can kind of catch up with us, so here's a little piece on the LEM tee. This is the LEM tee it's huge it's, the biggest watch in the world. Android 7.1.1. In this 2.86 diameter screen 2700 milliamp hour battery is claimed. However, it's been tested by the XDA folks at twenty eight eighty milliamp hours, this thing's gon na last forever, even though it's as big as it is. You got your standard, Android, seven stuff in here notifications. All of that, including a really nice app drawer, with lots of access to all of your apps it's in beautiful steel, silver, edging or gunmetal black, with a red button now reaching way back earlier, we've got the lympho lem for pro much smaller watch and it came Out in WoW July, a 2018 believe it or not, here's a little bit about this one: hey. Would you dance a little jig if you found out that one of the fanciest best Android smartwatches has been updated to Android 5.

1 has been enhanced with one gigabyte of onboard RAM? Has sixteen gigabytes of storage for movies and apps and sounds, and whatever you like? Has a full portfolio of incredible apps, including the one on the screen right now, that you didn't even know about and is available right now again it's the LEM 4 pro. So those are the large format, rectangular watch that are on the market this year. We also had to square watches, come out the lympho lem 10 and the lem 11, the 10 being an apple look alight, watch the 11 being an actual removable. Little Chiclets comes with an armband, its own power bank and music player check these out. This is the lympho lem 10 rectangular android 7.1.1 SmartWatch with slightly redesigned screen layout, but otherwise identical to all the other Android 7 one one watches we've seen including a set of stock apps that work with the 4G LTE inserted SIM. When you put it in there. Music players, calendars; Fitness that, unfortunately, is not integrated with the GPS on board. You have weather and, of course, translator maps and everything else. It'S. An all inclusive, Android watch step count information notifications in a rectangular package with a little knob here, a little button there and a front facing 2 megapixel camera it's, the lympho lem 10. This is the lympho LEM 11 it's, a standalone, Android SmartWatch phone in a unique package. It has all of your pedometer account information, standard notifications, app drawer Fitness everything else, and it sits in a little cradle on your wrist.

The module itself can be removed and inserted into a standalone music player that gives you access to anything you'd like to play streaming YouTube streaming, music, whatever your choices, things that you can install like tune in radio, all of that available through Android apps directly from the Google Play Store it's, a very unique new implementation of SmartWatch technology. Android 7.1 point one: three gigabytes of RAM: 32 gigabytes of storage and there's, a less expensive, smaller version that has one gigabyte and 16 gigabyte, but it's available right now check it out the lympho LEM 11, now we're gon na turn to the round. Android, watches and boy: do we have a bunch of these I'm gon na try to separate them into categories you can follow, starting with size of screen down this by far is the largest screen the LEM X, and it is over 2 inches underneath this one. We start to go down a little bit and this is called the Thor 4 Pro and one thing you'll notice on all of these. You can't see it here because they're not on, but you will, in the videos there's a little flat tire at the bottom of these round ones. So we go from a very large screen to a large screen and then this gets reproduced in many ways. The Thor 4 Pro had one side camera over here with a large screen. The screen was picked up by the Janus and it added in addition to the side, camera a front camera so same size screens, one more camera.

This one went hog wild into a whole bunch of other similar watches that had exactly the same two camera size screen feature, but slightly different cases until Along Came the newest one, the Thor 5 Pro, which is exactly the same as all of these and has added A couple of features, an ambient screen mode that is always on you can select whatever watch face. You want is the primary face and when it times out or you turn it off, it comes back to an ambient screen, face two cameras, large screen and this time removable bands so let's take a quick look at the little videos on each of these four. This is new technology at its finest new screen size 2.0. Three inches new layout, removable bands; ip67 waterproof. What is it the LEM X pop some bubbles on that the first time we've seen Android 7.1.1. That gives you all kinds of new capabilities. You'Ve got the app drawer. You'Ve got all your standard information, including weather, music and cleanup, and like we're talking about this fancy. New type of watch faces that allow you to use live wallpaper. In the background, Fitness is on board for your step. Count. Distance traveled, calories, burned and all sorts of stuff in the stock outs that come with it check this out a whole different way of displaying them like on the Apple boom. Yeah lots of new features, 8 megapixel camera on this one. True, 8.

Megapixel. Definitely something to check it's called the lympho LEM X this. This is the Thor 4 pro Android 7.1.1 SmartWatch with brand new screen technology called LTPS LCD. Look at the angles. You can go to and still read the screen edge to edge totally and a little flat tire on it. It implements the standard Android 7.1.1 OS with all the different things we're used to seeing, including your app drawer and your fitness section. It comes with this 1.6 inch screen and a special band which is leather on the outside hybrid TPU, on the inside. It uses a nano SIM and is able to connect in 4G with most of the different countries, with some more advanced channels, supported by the watch. Again, it's the Thor 4 bro. This is the Janus dual 4G SmartWatch. It has dual cameras here: front facing and side and it's a 1.6 inch supers Android SmartWatch. It runs Android 7.1.1 and it does all the complement of things we've. Seen on this kind of a watch, including all your step, count information notifications, an app door drawer with all the different options and things in it and, of course, your fitness out activity as well. When you drop into camera, you see that you've got a nice side. Camera and a tap on a button brings you to a front facing camera. Hi everybody on a 1.6 inch large screen, almost identical to the Thor 4 duel, but with a much bigger screen.

It'S. A really sweet watch definitely worth checking out the Janus duel for G. This is the Thor 5 pro it's, an Android standalone SmartWatch phone ping with face unlock just unlocked. My watch with my face you've got all the standard information you see on an Android 7.1.1 watch, including cleaning up the background information and a music player weathers on there. As well, you've got notifications if they're pushed from your phone to your watch, you got all kinds of apps in here and you've got Fitness information as well. In addition to all of this, you have your step count: calories, burned, distance, traveled, all on one screen and a weekly average right here now check this out. If you go into the settings which is right here and you go into the display, you can turn on always time and when you have always time turned on your watch face when your watch times out or you turn it off, will pop back up into an Ambient display – and that is always on when you tap to get out of it, bring up your default watch, face, touch it and either input your pattern or have it unlock automatically with face unlock it's, a very robust, very sophisticated five megabyte camera here, another one there Beautiful band on the inside its TPU and on the outside leather and it ships with two bands: a brown one and a black one, it's the Thor five row now all other round, Android smartwatches not covered here with the larger screen ones, have an AMOLED.

1.3 9 inch stock screen, no matter this one or this one. This huge looking watch has exactly the same size screen as this one. So screen aside, if you don't, like those larger ones with the flat tire on them and want the really bright AMOLED screen watches, this collection is a good introduction similar to the Janice and the Thor 5 bro with two cameras is the Thor 4 bro same basically, But with the smaller screen inside non removable bands on this one, however, but we'll take a look at this in a little video clip the Thor 4 bro. If you want that face fronting camera and side camera beyond that, now we get into a better build quality. Here is a solid steel one. This is called the x7 and I have a wire on here because I want to show you some of the different charging concepts as well. Up until now. Most of these letters use a straight 4 pin connector or a curved one or a little dock, but this one has this kind of a funny type of connector, one camera on the side, two buttons and a standard AMOLED screen on it. We'Ll look at this one. Then we go to the COS pet line, a COS pet made some and then they got into this hope line and well. This is the basic cost pet hope, and it has a two pin charging thing instead of four, like all these other watches, that was a mistake.

Honestly, it could only charge – and you didn't have a way to transfer data to a computer, so under the sim cover hidden under here. This is the hope light. This is the original hope. You see there's a sim cover right here when you pull that off with a special wire that you really have to force in there. You can connect up and do data transfer, but you're always having to take the sim cover off on it, but nonetheless, really nice watches 1.3 9 inch screens. One camera two buttons here is the little one minute look at all: five at ease: it's, the Thor for dual that's right, full dual cameras on this watch with an Android 7.1.1 standard layout of all of the different screens. You expect including full app drawer and fitness integrated with GPS and the cameras simple as pressing and holding the side button and getting Wow the front camera or switching it over to the side camera or for dual there. You go it's available right now, it's, a really exquisite watch. It'S got lots and lots of features, including 4G communications, and it works check it out. The Z blaze Thor for dual. This is the final x7 it's, an Android 7.1.1 4G defaulting to 3G standalone SmartWatch phone with Wi Fi cellular bluetooth. All the things you've come to know and expect, including notifications pushed from your phone. Your step count, calories, burned and distance traveled with weekly summaries.

Your overall apps that can be displayed in circles or in linear fashion and a whole bunch more it's, two buttons, one being an SOS function when you push and hold that will make a phone call and send a text to a number that you've specified. It'S got a camera on the side, solid, build quality, leather band and solid stainless steel back sides, everything really nice, Android standalone watch the final F seven. This is the hope watch from cos pet it's, an Android watch running Android 7.1.1, with all the configurations were used to seeing on these watches. It'S got full complement of apps it's got full complement of sports. It has step count with a weekly average and your daily information, but beyond that, this watch is amazing. It has three gigabytes of RAM installed in it. It stores 32 gigabytes of data. It has nano SIM and a two point charging system and it has removable bands and is fully waterproof it's, really something to take a look at the COS pet hope. This is the hope, light it's, an Android standalone, SmartWatch phone that's, identical to the hope which we reviewed earlier. The Hope has three gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of total storage. This one is the same watch, but with one gigabyte of RAM and 16 gigabytes of storage other than that all the apps are the same. The fitness is the same. Everything else is identical. Really, nice watch really nice construction.

Waterproof removable bands check it out. The hope. Light this is the COS pet optimus pro it's, a sweet, android 7.1.1 SmartWatch with all the typical applications. Your step count information, your notifications of pushes from the phone a complete app drawer with a lot of fun stuff automatically built into it and fit in a section as well. The Fitness is not integrated with the GPS, however, so you're not able to track anything like one's and walks and cycling and hiking against GPS. It uses speedometer for now. There should be a firmware update coming later and with that eight gigabyte camera on the side. It supports photography and also has a thing called long standby, which is a new bracelet mode. In these dual processor watches you can get two from the app or from pressing and holding here you can activate an always time option which will keep the time screen on. If you have it turned on and when you switch to it, you have access to three different screens, the first being the time screen with heart rate, steps walked and calories burned. Another press gets you to your fitness information and, finally, a heart rate screen: it's, a sweet watch, carbon fiber construction, nice TPU band and what's mr. ticks absolute favorite round, Android SmartWatch. So far, this one the cost pet prime. This is the cost pet prime it's. A new technology, Android SmartWatch that offers instant face, unlock it's, got the standard, Android characteristics to it.

You have a 4G capability and I do have a SIM card in this. One. Bluetooth, connectivity, your power level, all in color, with brand new page of color icons as well, for your sleeping and silent mode and brightness and airplane mode, and twist your wrists and cellular connectivity, GPS, Bluetooth and Wi Fi you've got a clean up section and you've got Music and one more swipe, get you to weather. You also have your notifications, your app drawer here, which can be in linear fashion like this or you can switch it over to the Apple bubble style, which is really cool and really works like so. In addition to all of that, you've got your step count. Information, summary daily activity, information in here and, of course, you've got fitness as well built into here, and the Fitness is integrated to GPS. You'Ve got a side and a front facing camera and with that camera you're able to do the video chatting and hello come here. Camera video chatting video log. This is the side camera right here and I can switch it there and, of course, it's got the face. Unlock capability as well it's, a basic 2 megapixel, camera 8 megapixel camera both being up interpolated and it works really well, it is the COS pet prime face unlock 1.6 inch, IPS screen 3 gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of memory, and an amazing 1200 plus milliamp Hour battery I'm, getting about twice the life out of this one, as I do out of any other ones check it out.

So where are we going for 2020? Well, it's, anybody's, guess but I'm gon na make one I'm gon na guess: we're gon na refine? What we see already here in these watches, we're gon na add some more incredible watch faces like this one from Al rod, by the way check the show notes for all kinds of faces in different sizes for square rectangular round, watches from Al rod and others. Custom faces are definitely the way to go to supplement what you've got so we'll see more watch faces will see more refinement on these Apple look alike, kind of square watches, hopefully, and perhaps the bigger rectangular ones as well in the round arena. One thing I know for sure is coming back as this screen you notice. This is an alarm, the bright sunlight. It doesn't completely wash out the colors wash out. It goes to kind of a gray, blue and white appearance, but it's still fully visible outside. This only made an appearance on two watches, the sore Pro and the i3, and it never showed up in 2019 we're looking for 2020 to bring back. This watch bring back more cameras, definitely not just a side camera but a front facing one say you can do video chat, outdoors, yeah that's, one thing that's coming and a lot more. If you've got ideas of what you'd like to see on a full, fledged Android, SmartWatch put them in the comments down below our vendors are watch developers.

The tech community read these things and you could have your voice heard. I know I know we all want Bluetooth, calling coming back to these Android 7 watches. We want Android 8 we'd like 5g, when it's available and definitely removable bands fully waterproof, yeah 2020 should be an incredible year. You guys have a beautiful season and we'll see you again soon thanks for watching this. This. This is the i3 it's, a full Android SmartWatch running android 5.1, with 16 gigabytes of storage and a 1.5 4 inch extra large screen, color and under direct sunlight still readable.