HUAWEI Honor MagicWatch 2 5ATM Waterproof 46mm GPS Advanced Fitness Smartwatch: Quick Overview

Even the current weather you've got all kinds of controls here you can swipe into notifications, has pushed from your phone and a few other panels, including step count. Music player weather is in here as well. On the health side, you've got heartrate information with live heart, weight, tracking stress and more. When you […]

Face Unlock Setup for TICWRIS MAX (Like LEMFO LEM T) 2.86 inch Screen Smartwatch

It'S smart watch ticks calm, really glad you're interested in this large format, style of watch, the lympho lem T and the tick wrist max. This video is going to show you how to set up your tick wrists for face recognition, it's a little bit tricky, which is why we're doing a whole video […]

Personal Thermal Infrared Imager shows highest/lowest body temperature of people near you.

com. I have a tool here that I just got that I'm gon na be using in upcoming reviews of smartwatches in particular, to determine whether or not when they're put under high intensity use like game playing or videos that you could actually check them and see how hot They'Re getting now, I know […]

ERGON BAND™ KICKSTARTER LAUNCH: The First ERGONOMIC Watch Band you Wear around your Thumb

Yes, today is Valentine's Day and in celebration of the launch of the Ergun band Kickstarter program. You know that one here's one right here we have a special Valentine's present inside here. Is the box containing the latest organ band? Are you ready for this and, of course, Valentine's red? Remember, they're amazing packaging, […]

TICWRIS MAX (Like LEMFO LEM T) 2.86 Screen 2880mAh 8MP Camera 4G 3G+32G Smartwatch: Unbox & 1st Look

At smart watch, ticks comm we're, starting to see a pattern. Folks, well a repeat of a repeat of a pattern. Somebody comes out with an incredible watch. After a few months, some company we've never heard of comes out with an exact copy of that incredible watch at a cheaper price and maybe a […]

TICWRIS MAX (Like LEMFO LEM T) 2.86 Screen 2880mAh 8MP Camera 4G 3G+32G Smartwatch: Quick Overview

KingWear KW18 Smartwatch Phone

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KingWear KW88 Pro 3G Smartwatch Phone

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KingWear GT88 Smartwatch Phone

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NO.1 G9 Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch

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Deest D5 Kid Smartwatch Phone

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ZGPAX S99 3G Smartwatch Phone

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