We’Ll be doing an unboxing and hands on review of the huawei watch fit Music. So, as you know, the huawei watch fit was released in 2020 and what we wanted to do on this vlog episode is to revisit. Do a re, unboxing and check whether it’s specifications, if and features, are still good enough for 2021. So i know you’re as excited as i am to do this review. Let’S not wait any longer, let’s get down to business because it’s about to get Music matched Music Music. So here we have the huawei watch fit box together with the huawei watch fit so again. I’Ve been using the huawei watch fit for more than a week now, so i can actually tell you more about how i feel about it. So let’s do a re unboxing of the huawei watch fit so as you can see it’s a box itself. You just have here the photo of the device and there’s not much to see besides yeah, except at the back, where you have here. Huawei watch fit and some of its specifications like it’s 1.64 inch amoled display long battery life 12, animated fitness courses, 96 workout modes, scientific workout guidance, full health monitoring built in gps and 5 atm water resistance, certification, so basically that’s it so let’s open it. Obviously, and as you can see and then when i remove this, i think originally by at all i mean young charging and another cradle and here and then on the right side.

So manga paper works long, so manual, warranty card, so there’s not really much to see. Watch itself and the tongue charger so continue charger, so it’s all white and then it’s usb type. A na akamdullo is a proprietary charging cradle or charging port. Basically pogo pin magnetic so it magnetically attaches to your huawei watch fit. So if you watch as to the bus except sugur from huawei it’s, not like other manufacturers, apply the montgomery wireless charging, vito hindi, so let’s move on to the watch itself. So i don’t watch ayan as you can see. Uh it’s your typical smartwatch, at least on appearance, Music materials, basically, plastic, it’s, elastic it’s, light it’s available in three colors specific variant. Black. Then, if you look at the watch itself, so ayan, as you can see very vivid at brighton display, so this is amoled at the back. You just have here for charging and of course, the heart rate sensor on the side swallow my kita aside from this one, which is the only button that you can use to navigate this one aside, of course, from the touch, controls and then there’s a hole for. I think this is microphone, so yeah that’s it – and this is also made of plastic metallic, finish pair of plastic landing shop. It says pros and cons it’s, not as premium looking pero it’s light and it’s also less prone to dents, especially so, if you look at the watch itself, so you have here main interface and then, of course, young stress levels, mode that you can also monitor using Some algorithms, and at a young number of galleries that you’ve burned so that’s 249.

. We have the time the date, the temperature next at the moment, perfect temperature, and then we have here 79 in battery life remaining and then four thousand twenty four steps in at the taco. So that’s it if you scroll to the right. So you have here the history of heart rate: sensors. As you can see, almost 200 beats per minute at Music. Then you can also play music here, where it doesn’t have a speaker. So basically your music sassaform musa. You can just use this to control it. So when you have a bluetooth, headset or any earphones – and you can use this as your controller – if you don’t want to use your phone, then it also monitors your sleep. Then i think mana steps and i take oh i’m – not pretty sure about the other two icons when i click on this one, so la la basantini options available in my breathing exercise so again and inhale Music, exhale, basically so work out, workout records, workout status, heart Rate spo2, which is uh oxygen, saturation levels, a blood mo activity, records, sleep, stress, breathing, exercises, music notifications, weather stopwatch timer, alarm, flashlight and find phone and then for settings where you can control the display settings. You can watch facebook, Music options, huawei store to set this up. You have to download first the huawei health app on your smartphone that’s it from huawei watch fitmo and then maxis is software update. So i think the other features are very much self explanatory.

What you can do on your smartphone? You can also do it here. The semanik is just like a legit smartwatch well for me, it’s more like a glorified fitness tracker, fitness band, smart band now beginning display, which is actually one of its advantages or highlights pero. Of course, it doesn’t have like its own os full blown os, wherein you can like get more applications aside to someone abstained. Basically, it does the job for for many things. In fact, i realized like, for example, i have to move for india breathing exercises, so let’s see among uh work out available, so basically meeman built in shanghai exercises fitness courses surrounding courses so try nothing, but fitness courses, uh let’s, see it on exercise at work. So if i just click click on start again, so yeah butt kicks and then there’s jumping jacks Music. You can actually see it. Doesn’T have a lot of features as you’d expect from more expensive smart watches, considering this one retails for 499 pesos, so it’s, 5, 000 pesos, so it’s, very affordable and for the features that it has. I think it’s one of the better buys in the market. In particular, so it’s very vivid, it’s, bright, it’s, crisp and clear, even under direct sunlight. I think main advantage, and aside from that, i really appreciate in battery life. It promises up to 10 days of battery life with normal usa, and you can about in 10 days per, i think, from about 109, more than 90, so which is good enough for for a smart watch.

Smart band, hybrid or, if i have like one gripe huawei watch fit, is for some reason. If you lose that one, then i so yeah, basically that’s it for our review. If you want to see like detailed information, you can just go to the huawei health app, which i said download on your smartphone. I think it’s available in ios and, of course, google play you just have to create a huawei id and then that’s it madeline. Here are the technical specifications of the huawei watch fit Music, and here are the reasons why you should get or you shouldn’t get the huawei watch fit Applause, so i hope you guys enjoyed this vlog episode and san andreas is a huawei podcast that you know i’m. Currently wearing so let me know if you have questions just feel free to comment in our in the comments section below so yeah. Thank you so much guys for tuning in if you enjoyed watching this video don’t forget to give it a thumbs up.