Review Smartwatch: Garmin Venu Sq Music 2021

My name is donovan and in today’s video we’re going to be talking about the garmin venue sq and my experience after using it for the past 72 hours. So, roughly around three days at this point and uh so far, there’s a lot of things i really like about it and a couple things […]

Review Fossil Gen 5 Carlyle Stainless Steel Touchscreen Smartwatch (Case size: 44 MM) 2021

This is the fossil gen 5, which was just announced. Of course, it runs. Wear os and yeah, i really am excited to get this thing on the wrist, so what we thought we’d do is unbox it. We first look tour all that stuff we’ll even do a little bit of a comparison to […]

Review SUUNTO 7 GPS Sports Smart Watch 2021

I know this has kind of become a regular thing here on the channel. This one’s different though this is a this – is a serious sport watch uh. You know what it is uh you might have recalled this from ces. This is the sunto7 not familiar with sunto serious fitness watch brand uh. […]

Unboxing & Review TicWatch Pro 4G LTE / Smartwatches 2021

That is, if you’re looking for a watch running google’s wear os platform. At the moment you have to go to samsung and apple to find a really good cellular smartwatch. Until now, mobvoi is releasing a 4g lte version of its ticwatch pro, and that means it’s the most feature packed wearable smartwatch to […]

OnePlus Watch Review after 1.5 months! I like it but…

So i have the oneplus watch here which received a lot of negative reviews and it was quite surprising for me because i was expecting oneplus watch to be fantastic and i started using the watch. The watch did not have always on display and when a watch costing more than 10 000 rupees does […]

W26 Smartwatch Upgraded Version Review + Comparison Vs Samsung Gear Sport| #ayaanwaseem

This thing and i’m gon na show you all around um mr price and i’m gon na. Just tell you more about the upgrade from my first ever video, which i made, which was on this thing as well so i’m, just gon na um. Tell you a bit more about this watch and i’m. […]

Review TicWatch GTH / Great Budget Friendly Small & Powerful Smartwatch 2021

Now this is in fact a smart fitness watch with a number of cool features like all day heart rate sensor, skin temperature monitoring. You have sp02 5 atm water resistance and automatic workout detection and quick look inside the box. You will find a user manual a magnetic usb charger and, of course, the […]


This is josh here and welcome back to our channel and for today’s video guys is we’re going to have the unboxing and our initial review of this u78 plus smartwatch. So i got this one guys for around 1100 pesos, so that’s around 20 dollars. Yes – and i got this one guys at […]


Algumas atualizaes bem interessantes, nesse, j, se inscreve no canal clica, no Sininho d aquele, like a pra t, ajudando a gente e comenta embaixo se voc gostou se voc achou interessante essas atualizaes aqui do ficar 99 Lembrando que no outro relgio, o mesmo relgio galera simplesmente ele Sofreu algumas atualizaes n que vo […]

Smartwatch DT100 Unboxing Review – ÓTIMO SISTEMA e TELA! Mas vale a pena? É bom? – DT100 PTBR

Boa carregamento uma greve que eu mostrei aqui o sensor de batimento depois eu fao, um teste para vocs: com, o oxmetro tambm, tem aqui, a pulseira removvel simplesmente, no tem a travinha mas assim, no to porque fica, bem, firme e, para remover as no to difcil t A quando t no posto fica […]

OnePlus Watch review | Smartwatch tussen wal en schip | SmartphoneMan

Verwacht hij is ook. Al een, tijdje uit inmiddels en ik heb ook al een, tijdje maar toen, die net op de markt. Kwam was de software, echt nog wel heel, erg matig en ja, vond ik eigenlijk dat, ik, dit apparaat, niet fatsoenlijk, kan reviewen vandaar dat ik, even gewacht hebt er zijn nu […]

Review Smartwatch OASE Horizon W1! Fitur Lengkap Dan Tahan Lama

Si Iwan 14 yang dibilang itu chipsetnya, adalah chipset yang low energy, jadi dia lebih hemat akan baterai dan bluetoothnya, itu sudah, 5.0 cara piringnya, gimana, nih, gampang, banget, cara, piringnya, kalian harus ehh, install dulu aplikasinya namanya, glorified itu tuh, eh Nanti kalian akan, dibuat, dibantu, atau, dipandu, Untuk connect ke si Smartwatch dengan […]