LOKMAT COMET 3 Sports smartwatch ⌚️ | Bluetooth calling & TWS Headphone support | Unboxing & Review.

We are looking at comet 3 smartwatch from lockman. With this one. You can store music and connect a bluetooth headphone, as well as make a phone call straight from the watch. If you are fancy getting one, please check the link in the description below and without wasting any time. Let’S get started Music […]


Do Aliexpress que o Ivo w46 que uma atualizao a do Ivo w26 av Est, apresentando esse smartwatch a para vocs: falando se vale a pena em, 2021 preos aqui! No Brasil o preo, no exterior e tambm algumas funes a do: smartwatch, Beleza, meu, nome, Rafael, para, quem, t chegando, a no canal, agora, […]

Review my watches || Classic Elegant to Modern Smartwatch Apple iwatch

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Smartwatch RM600 Yang PERFECT? – GTS 2 Review

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Beneran Mirip Mi Band 5 – Unboxing Smartwatch M5

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G-Shock Casioak GA-2110SU-9AER Unboxing and Review

Yes me, the bloke off twitter that nobody interacts with anymore because i’m shadow band, or something like that anyway, right this is another watch video um. Unfortunately, um this purchase was inevitable. Um ever since they’ve come out, i’ve quite fancied one and thought about it and thought about it and i’ve looked at […]


I love it Store que a loja parceira aqui do canal uma, loja de Total confiana voc, pode parcelar, o seu produto em at 12 vezes e na hora de finalizar sua compra utilize, o cupom, Smart Tech que voc, vai ter um super desconto e se voc precisar Eu te dou um suporte, a […]

W13+ Smartwatch unboxing n Review By (A.J STORE)

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déballage smartwatch #kospet_Raptor

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Under $50 Smartwatch – Is it worth it? (Unboxing and Review)

I don’t know, but this video will definitely answer the question for you today. What is up boy s4, so glad you’re here with me today. Oh look here the sign the essence of leadership. Okay enough with that, i first of all have to thank you guys so much for hitting the subscribe button, […]

Fossil Hybrid HR: The Most UNDERRATED Smartwatch?!

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Review OASE Horizon W1, Smartwatch yang Masuk Rekomendasi Nih!

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