Apple Watch SE Unboxing and Specs // Best Budget SmartWatch You Can Buy?!

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DT78 Smartwatch Review – Elegance for Under $40?

This is the dt78 smartwatch. Now this smartwatch is not for myself. This is a smart watch that i’m gifting for my dad and he did indeed loved it. Anyways let’s get going with the video and check out the product itself. Now this watch kinda looks like the amazing gtr, the design wise, but […]

Smartwatch HW16 Unboxing Review SISTEMA MUITO TOP! Mas vale a pena em 2021? Especial 300 inscritos

So inscritos no canal, galera, aproveitem e se, inscreva no canal, para vocs. No perderem nenhuma novidade eu que t a conversando, a tambm, no mundo na importao e t, sempre trazendo os produtos a do Aliexpress da shoping um produto logo, aqui, eu j, mostro para vocs t a com o meu estoque Zinho, […]

The BEST VWAR Smartwatch: CLONE Vwar FLY 5 Series 6 Smartwatch With ALL THE FEATURES YOU NEED!!!

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Review Smartwatch: Garmin Vivomove HR in 2021

Today, i recommend to everyone: the garmin vivomove hr smartwatch. Thank you for watching the video product link below the video description. Garmin has bombarded us with fitness, trackers and running watches this year, but the garmin vivo move hr might be the most exciting of the lot. The first vivo move was essentially a […]

Wyze Watch 44 Review

Now before i even get into this. I just want you guys to keep in mind 20 dollars all right, okay, good! Now that we got that out the way um, i actually just put my galaxy watch active down here it just for a quick comparison, because there’s one thing that i really hate […]

XIAOMI MI BAND 6 AMOLED Screen IP68/5ATM Waterproof SpO2 Fitness Band: Unboxing and 1st Look

com and inside this rack box that you just hang at a department store? Is the xiaomi me smart band? 6.? Yes, it is a super sized increase of the band 5, but exactly the same shape and size, tiny, tiny little bit difference in size, but what's huge is the screen. Yeah there's been […]

Smartwatch IWO W26M – Unboxing e Rewiew (Especificações e Desing)

Bem vamos parte aqui para uma Box, levanta na Caixa, j temos de cara, o relgio e um relgio muito bonito e um timo acabamento acabamento muito priminha mesmo essa, muito, bonito, l, mesmo na verdade, um, tipo, um Gold com, a essa mescla de Rose aqui da pulseira N e no tamanho, 42mm se […]

OnePlus Watch Review – What happened?!

Now there are some pros and cons for essentially sitting back and waiting to enter into a saturated space and taking some time in doing so. The pro in a situation like this is that you get to sit back and observe and see what works so, for example, this market is relatively dominated by […]

Bakeey FG08 Bluetooth Calling Music Storage IP68 Waterproof Sports Smartwatch: Unboxing and 1st Look

com. A lot of you guys have been asking for a watch that can hold music. You like to get out there and exercise. You want to be able to listen to tunes, but you’re kind of frustrated with these music players that are on the watches, but they’re not really music players. They control […]


Un prodotto adatto davvero a tutti ea tutte le situazioni dal punto di vista costruttivo, anche qui vale, a dire la costruzione eccezionale non c’ uno scricchiolio da ben per senza impanature e in questa variante da 41 mm che ora io ho al poggio e che. Stop recensendo il tutto abbastanza minimale da non […]


This is my first time reviewing a smartwatch and it’s, not an apple or samsung. Galaxy watch, it’s from a generic brand, primarily made in china, so let’s get started. The one i am holding right now is the so called t500 plus, which was released last year as an upgrade for the popular t500 […]