Amazfit GTR 2e Review – Best Smartwatch Under Rs 200$ Review 2021

If you have a fever or not, otherwise, we still have the same 1.4 inch amoled display, which offers very vibrant punchy. Looking colors sensitive to use as well as 2.5 d curved glass and makes the ui feel very responsive. It still retains the built in gps. It can actually map your location, really. […]

Smartwatch DOOGEE CR1. Mirip AMAZFIT GTR 2? Unboxing & Review.

com Awards, hai doji Hai, Yasaka, membuka, kotaknya, yah, Ya, udah ini, semua, masnya, Hai, yang dinaungi, kotanya ini, ada, smawas, nya, saja, magnetik, Hai, yang Duapin, Hai, kemudian, ada, buku, petunjuk Manual, Oh ya, saya ke, mencoba, chargernya, kepgub, nomor, seni, rayanya, tentu, kemajuan, ngapain, sih kita, perfecting menggunakan PPSSPP screen dengan resolusi 240 […]

TOP 5 Best Aliexpress Smartwatch 2021 | 5 Best Budget Smartwatch on Aliexpress

All the links of the watches are in the description below the video subscribe on my channel and click on the bell to stay up to date with the latest technology reviews. This video is sponsored by Here you will find all flash deal offers and coupon discount codes from various popular e commerce […]

XIAOMI MI BAND 6 AMOLED Screen IP68/5ATM Waterproof SpO2 Fitness Band: Quick Overview

Uh, brilliant amoled display you've got weather your status wow, look at that their new computation of pi, which is kind of a single number that tells you how you're doing with exercise and heart rate. You do have heart rate in here: continuous heart rate blood oxygen. It can measure stress level for you […]

YoYoFit Fitness Tracker Smartwatch

This watch right here in front of you. This is going to be a yoyo fit smart watch. This is a fitness tracker watch. This is what it looks like straight out of the box. I haven’t done really anything to it, but yeah. So let me tell you why i’m, i guess i’m excited […]

Letsfit SmartWatch IW1 Black unboxing | Blood Oxygen, Ip68 waterproof, & more!

Just like this, but today we’re going to be talking about the newer version of the let’s fit fitness tracker. Smart watch Music, which will track your heartbeat measure, your sleep measure, your steps, uh calories, burned things of that nature, heart rate well. Well, this one in particular has music controls. This is the […]


Do vdeo vou falar e qual que eu achei melhor eu testei os trs n os o vdeo do w26 O Do lado 26 Plus n que fala pro Plus ele tava, no canal, antigo, antigo, antigo canal, Caiu, n e eu, no tenho vdeo, mais, o da 26? No d, para vocs Plus mas […]

Apakah lebih baik dari T500 biasa ?? | Review T500 plus Smartwatch

00 dan Adapun settingan yang saya, gunakan adalah, Smartwatch, yang tersambung, ke, smartphone, brightnessnya di level, maksimal gesture screen, webnya aktif screen timeout nya di 60 detik oldest continuous hatred, nya saya, aktifin dari, jam 08.

Honor Band 6 – Hybrid Fitness Band / Smartwatch – AMOLED – SPO2 – Amazing Value

Today i’ve got my hands on the brand new honor band, six, now priced just under 49 pounds. This smart fitness watch has some pretty amazing features for the low price, including amoled, display 580 and water resistance, and lots lots more. So, first of all inside the box, you will find user manual a […]

$20 Smartwatch | Wyze Watch 47 Full Review, Guide & Featyres

Is this gon na be your next one stay tuned for the full review Music? If you guys, like this video and my other videos, helpful, please click on the thumbs up button down below. It really helped me out a lot if your new panel, please click on the red subscribe button and the […]

Haylou LS02 Smartwatch

Let’S begin so, first of all i’m going to slide this container out of this cardboard piece all right now. This is a very mysterious looking box Music, and that is our watch. Oh that’s, the sticker. I forgot to put on the stickers great all right, so let’s pull this out. Oh um, all […]

Cubot W03 Smart Watch REVIEW & COMPARISON with Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Let’S go. The instruction is multi lingual. The watch is available in three color modifications. Here are the main features of the watch. The body of the watch is made from aluminium alloy back color is from plastic. There is only one physical button which corresponds for switching the display on the watch on and […]