SMARTWATCH com 24 Funções de ExercÍcios, SERÁ…

Os vdeos todos os contedos foi, vou, estar postando, para vocs, t bom pessoal se gostar do vdeo at o final deixe aquele like que incentiva bastante, a gente, trazer vrios contedos, para vocs, a t, bom pessoal, como, havia, falado, para vocs: esse super smartwatch, aqui dentro, a Das replays vou deixar em rpido […]

Unboxing Haylou SmartWatch LS02

So last time i used a xiaomi, hello, earphone, and this time they also come out a smart watch. So the reasons being on buying this smart washer is. I want to like track my daily steps. Even can track my sleeping patterns over here, so this is a smart watch over here i’m, going […]

Unboxing smart watch and review

I abone ol bu download before starting download Aptoide btn an Apo telefonu Telefonu, a bu Couple Dream League Soccer, dkkan kyllerinin onlar bir tane, glp Ben Vur, olmalarn, download rengini bunlar da nerede sancaklarn yzn 42 apr download size, bu robot, o Bir vapur downloada, fiki, fiki, nallar, Doan afazili 42 kapa da Instagram […]

Colmi P15 VS Colmi P8 Plus – Qual Smartwatch inteligente vale apena comprar?

69 polegadas a sua bateria de 220 miliampere hora, a resoluo de tela de 240, por 280 EA certificao de gua, ip67 t vindo aqui para o come p8 Plus ele tambm possui aqui uma tela de 1.69, polegadas sua resoluo tambm de 240, por 280 e, a certificao Ip67 sua bateria de 190, Miriam […]

Amazfit GTR 2 Smartwatch – DETAILED REVIEW – A Worthy successor

This is an in depth review as i’ve been using the watch for a few months, and i want to share with you guys why. I think this is one of the best smart watches. You can buy right now: Music, Applause, Music Applause, so Music, not sure. If you all know that amazefit is […]

boAt explorer smartwatch unboxing and detailed review

So after a long time we are going to review next gadget in the queue which is the boat explorer watch. Now, as you can see, i have the box in my hand and all the specifications and features are mentioned on this box itself. So first we are going to go through these specifications […]

Boat Storm Smartwatch||₹2,499 Must buy||Warranty-1 year

I compared the features with other watch uh, but i liked both product it’s, an indian brand and it’s long lasting and there won’t be any problem because i’ve been using both products since a very long time and for the new subscribers new members. Please do like comment and subscribe to my channel, and […]

NoiseFit Active SmartWatch | Specifications & Detail Review…!

Rizwan – and you are hearing me on this talk – is in this video. We will have a gallery overview on the specification analysis of noise fit active smartwatch. This noise fit active, smartwatch was launched on may 21st from noise and my dear friends, both specs as well as price. This smartwatch looks […]

🔥El Smartwatch IDEAL‼️ Con OXÍMETRO y 3B🔝 Bueno/Bonito y BARATO – Rogbid Rowatch 2 Review en Español

Lo que necesitamos si hacemos ejercicio ya, que pues cuenta con prcticamente todo lo esencial o todo lo que es necesario para monitorear. Lo que es nuestra actividad fsica y pues tambin incluso cuenta con todos, los sensores como por ejemplo el sensor, para medir, el ritmo, cardaco el sensor, para medir, el oxgeno, en […]

Garmin Fenix 6 Smart Watch Review

Smart watch you’ll find the links to the product in the description and you can use the links to check the latest prices and other user reviews. Garmin fenix 6 smartwatch overview phoenix smartwatches are a range of devices designed for outdoor fitness and adventures. The 6 series comes in a number of variations, starting […]

Garmin Instinct Solar Smart Watch Review

You can find the links to the products in the description and you can use the links to check the latest prices and other user reviews. Garmin instinct, solar smartwatch overview, the instinct solar smartwatch from garmin is more or less an updated version of the 2018 instinct smartwatch, with solar charging being the main […]

Wyze Smart Watch Review – Totally Worth it!!

This is the 47 millimeter variant. This one is 25 and some change plus tax it’s about 27 for 27. It is phenomenal what they give you honestly. Nine days of battery life you’ve got five different sensors. You have, you can change the the face of it itself. They give you a lot for […]