Oneplus Watch Full Honest Review! Premium Hardware, Half Baked Software. Watch Before You Buy!

Ringgit, malaysia it’s actually a mixed feeling using this watch, because there are some parts that i like about this watch, but at the same time there are some parts that i think oneplus could have done better to improve it so let’s dive into it. Shall we first, this is a huge watch, 46 […]


0, atau lebih, dan Android, 4.4, atau lebih ya, Guys Oke Enggak ada tulisan apalagi, diatas, cuma ada, the warna hitam dan barcode nya Hai, guys Langsung aja, kita, Unboxing, ya, sama, hai hai, Oh ya, ini, dia, untuk, isi, dari, hak, 80t, kalau kalian, beli, ya di sini, ada, boxnya, ada, buku, panduan, ini, […]


Um i’ve been wearing it for over a month now, and just very, very impressed with this watch so without further ado, let’s introduce the koros vertix Music. Before i get started with the review, though i just wanted to let you know that this is not a sponsored review. Koros did send me the […]

REVIEW So sánh HW22 với HW22 PRO đâu là phiên bản APPLEWATCH CLONE tốt nhất tầm giá 600K-REVIEW HW22

I dng np griffiths, Ok, th mnh s, nhanh cho anh nghe, em, cho, anh, em, ci, nhn, tng, qut, nht, rng liu vi, con ph ny n c hay, khng, th; u tin, mnh, kch, thc, nh, kch, thc, th, 2; em ny; u l, kch, thc, 44m; Kch thc chun 44 mini lun […]

iWatch SE Sports Review | After 48hr

Last time i charged it was when i actually received the box uh, and i did the unboxing. That was the last time i charged this, and it has been about 48 hours, because this is the review after 48 hours guys, the battery is almost zero it’s about to die and that’s. Why? I […]


Um boxe do smartwatch de 20, ouo 68; Ok, esto, gostando agora, que procura brigando com, a embalagem, a embalagem composta de manual Ele t em, mandarim e t, ingls n, as duas pulseiras e, a caixa do smartphone n ento eu vou, estar explicando, para vocs, o passo. A passo como est montando e […]

Unboxing and Review Mibro Color. The New Smartwatch From Mibro.

tv, Hai, yakni, stoknya, terdapat, tulisan, mybro, kemudian, dibagian, belakangnya, Terdapat tulisan 20 mm ukuran scrubnya nih 20 mm Hai, kemudian jika, saya score kebawah, ada model Mbak, Enes, hai gmail.

SmartWatch Siêu Bền Bỉ Giá Ngon : Amazfit T-Rex Pro | GPS Xịn Như Garmin Fenix !!

I theo ti chun qun. I l qu 15 bi kim tra c th chu, nhit cao nht, ln n 70 v thp nht, l, m 40 C, vn c bluetooth, 5.0 mn, hnh, amoled dung lng tin li ‘0mm, cho thi lng pin, trung bnh xi, 18 ngy v, nu xi cc; sc, L […]

FT80 Smart Watch in Sri Lanka | Sinhala Review | Lanka Geek ngebet tahu di memiliki repot repot mereka melawan teorema memilih rantini geblek Ghazali Junior fans, meeting epidose information Are not pianika galau unbox, kalau, kamu, hai, hai, Hai Hoi, dengan box, karakter, wajah, penuh, mulai, memiliki, hp, mewah, clip board Based Learning strategy, ini membuat, cedera, dan perkalian v36og mereka, tahun, hingga, hai, […]

Wyze Watch 47mm Review, the Just OK edition #wyze #techreview #review #tech #smartwatch

To date, no one from wise even knows these exist, so my reach is minimal anyway, we’ve been field testing. The wise watch, an apple watch, look alike that undercuts the apple version by nearly 94 percent. But can it possibly be any good keep on watching as we talk about its design, functionality, battery […]

Honor MagicWatch 2 – DETAILED REVIEW After One Year – BEST Smartwatch

Gt2 the only difference being in design as it has an edge to edge glass, whereas the gt2 has metal borders. I like the honor glass design more as i think the metal borders with white engravings make the watch look cheaper. The watch comes with an included magnetic charger which tops it up in […]

Redmi watch review | Best smart watch?

There are endless options in the market right now and how well the features function and is it worth the money so without further ado, let’s start the video Music first of all, we’ll talk about the design and display, and i have the black color variant with me And coffee elegant looking watch here […]