0 e, o Bluetooth, 3.0 para as ligaes que Ele atende e tambm faz ligao conecta Android e IOS T certo, vocs podem ver que a tela dele tem poucas botas, no um, padro agora, desses novos Matthew at ele tem as bordas aqui, bem Pequenas e telas IPS mais de muita qualidade T certo […]

AK76 vídeo REVIEW (vale a pena comprar?)

Tem vrias watch Faces deixei essa aqui mas normal como se fosse um relgio analgico mas clicando sobre, a tela voc, consegue selecionar os que tem aqui ento, so vrios so vrios modelos que voc pode escolher e at o. Do Mickey aqui E daqui a pouquinho eu vou falar mais ele vem com, o […]

Top 10 Best Android Smartwatches in 2021

The sleep and restlessness sleep score helps you better understand your sleep quality each night also track your time. In light deep and rem, sleep stages and get personal insights control, your spotify, app download, pandora stations and add deezer, playlists plus store and play 300 plus songs on your wrist subscription required pandora is […]

DM12 1.9" 3D curved screen IP68 Waterproof Blood Pressure Health Sports Smartwatch: Unbox & 1st Look

com got a smartwatch box, obviously, and something that’s really a fun design. A lot of you guys have been giving feedback when we have a watch that looks a little different than all of the others, either like an analog kind of a watch or a squirrely looking shape uh, and this is one […]

Review XIAOMI MI BAND 6 | Smartband rasa smartwatch, dapat dari Banggood

com dan link, nya juga, udah, saya, sertakan di deskripsi; Oh ya, BTW di awal, bulan ini, banget, lagi, ada, samrtfren, sel, ya, jadi, lagi, ada, banyak, promo, sampai, dengan, tanggal, 10, Juli sok point; aja, linknya, udah, ada di deskripsi, Ok, lanjut, Dan seperti inilah penampakan box dari, My band man, ini, serba, hitam […]

El MEJOR Smartwatch COMPLETO Y ECONOMICO⌚💰 (Smartwatch MX5) Review Completa en Español

A la tienda del express que tiene su tienda oficial en tan express y que puedas comprar varios smart widgets que ya analiza algunos del canal por ejemplo el de mx, 11 creer que me gust. Un montn y en este caso me enviaron para que pueda probar el mx 5 que la verdad que […]


Satu kekurangan yang kedua cukup krusial dan ganggu sia Bro karena applewatchstuff ini, memang, daya, tahan, batere, tuh, nggak, pernah, bisa, lebih dari, satu hari, mungkin, buat, teman, teman yang pernah, make apple watch, ini, memang, menjadi, titik, Dimana, lu, merasa, kekurangan, itu kadang, suka, bikin, ganggu, sementara, disisi. Lain memang diluar sanggup banyak banget […]

Bonkers Android 10 Smartwatch, Upgraded! | Kospet Optimus 2 Review

it’s, an android 10 watch, that’s full fat androids not wear os. It comes with a rotating camera, all kinds of mental battery craziness. Well, if you enjoyed that one, for whatever reason, the good news is those crazy mothers are back at it again with this bad boy. Here, the cospet optimus 2. it’s, […]

Smartwatch MIBRO COLOR Unboxing Review – 5ATM e BOA BATERIA! Mas vale a pena? É bom? – MIBRO PTBR

0 funciona com, Android funciona com, iPhone uma, caixa, melhorei, tambm, bem, bacana E organizada t bom quando voc, abra, a caixa Voc j se depara com, o smartwatch fica aqui nessa janela, vem, tambm, esse, plstico, aqui, para proteo, a tela gostei que vem essa aba para voc, puxar ir ter acesso, a ao […]

Top 5 Budget Smartwatches 2021 | Best Smartwatches for Android & iOS

6. Fifty five of fifty 5 price you get it on on on on.

T500 Smart Watch Review (2021 Version)

We also did an unboxing on this already. Also with the t 55. The video of the 325 will be uploaded soon, so let’s get to the opening of this box. You just push your finger right here push and it just slide out like a jar very easy. It also has a safe packaging […]

Top 5 Best Smartwatch for Beginners

They must come with multiple os compatibility, necessary health monitoring, sensors and, indeed, an easy to use companion app. These features can ensure a better and convenient user experience for an entry level user, and if you are looking for a watch with such capabilities, we have got the perfect video to help you out. […]