KIWITIME Wear 3 Smartwatch Unbox & Detailed Function Review-Huawei Watch 3 Copy?

It is the qvtime ware, 3 smartwatch. Firstly, we can see the box, it is a simple black box and now lets open the box. Firstly, we can see the watch and inside there is the magnetic charger and the menu. Now we can check the watch. This watch is a round watch and in […]

Imilab W12 Review – Best Sub $50 Smart Watch with Blood Oxygen Monitor for Covid-19 Detection!

. Luckily, my Imilab Smart Watch W12. Has it covered.. It is an all in one smartwatch that is loaded with 30 day battery life 13 sport mode IP68, waterproof heart rate and blood oxygen monitor.. Alright lets have a closer look now: Excellent, build quality with 47mm steel, frame. 1.32 HD IPS glass screen […]

Realme Watch 2 Pro Budget Smartwatch Review, Unboxing and Accuracy Test!

This is the realme watch 2 pro a sort of budget or middleweight smartwatch looking to compete against the likes of the oneplus watch, or indeed the atmosphere gts2 coming in at around 70 pounds. It really does look the part but looks arent everything. So, of course, we are going to do an unboxing […]

Huawei Watch 3 vs Ticwatch Pro 3: Which is the BETTER Smartwatch?

I think youre going to get your answer in just a while lets begin. Music, hey welcome everyone its where we inspect cool tech. These two containers are definitely cool, looking and very powerful productivity tools, besides, of course, being glamorous addition to your outfit. I know that, right now you may have a lot […]

Garmin Venu 2 vs. Huawei Watch 3 Smartwatch Comparison/Review | Where Are The Differences?

Let me help you out a little bit hey. My name is leonard youre, watching the product review and thats me so, like i just said, both these watches are extremely costly. The garment venue 2 comes at a price of ‘9 euros, whereas the huawei watch d still costs 380, so both watches are […]

Best SmartWatch 2021 Review

So i appreciate for you being here today and today i was planning to review this watch that i had for you today, so basically watches oh wait. So, basically, coaches have been in existence for such a period long period of time. So since way back then watches have been in existence, but technologically […]

iphone Phone 13 Pro Release Date and Price – 120Hz Screen Touch ID?

We also have the latest on what apple are doing about making enough iphone. 13 models to meet demand, and also the latest on the iphone 13 pro release date and price. With a summary of everything we know so far. Hi its Matt here. So the weeks are now counting down until we see […]

Gionee StylFit GSW6 & GSW8 Smartwatch Review – Best Budget Smartwatch 2021-Bluetooth Calling Feature

This is anuj from gadget kick today. We have with us two new smart watches from gianni, mdrd style, fit gsw6 and the gsw8 and guys both these smart watches come with the bluetooth calling feature. So lets begin with the unboxing and show you how they perform lets start with the stylefit gsw6. This […]

It Is HUGE! | Kospet Optimus 2 Smartwatch Review | A Smartwatch with a CAMERA !!!

It rather is a smartphone. What i mean by that, i will let you know in this video hey. My name is leonard youre watching the product review. Yeah thats me, so this smartwatch has all kinds of features. Well, i wouldnt recommend using this mob watch for sleep tracking or sport tracking, since this […]


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TicWatch E3 Smartwatch Review! (Best Smartwatch in 2021?) [$100 LESS Than TicWatch Pro 3!]

My name is jeff and on this channel i do all sorts of different type of tech reviews tips tutorials and more so, if you are new to this channel, please consider subscribing hitting that little notification button and youll get notified every time. I release weekly videos. So last week i released a video […]