Đánh giá chi tiết: HAFU GT3 | DT3 Smartwatch Đẹp Sang Chảnh Phiên Bản Thép Pin Trâu – REVIEW DT3

I th 70 mnh cng, va mi review cho anh em y th trong ny anh em cng, a Xem con y ri ng khng Th y hm n, cng bn, ngoi, n ch, mnh ci ng, h, thi Con ny th lm theo, Ging, nh, l, thit k Con Huawei watch 3 ch cng […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review!

Theres going to be a lot of questions so lets see if i can help answer some Music hi everyone tau here just so you know: ive been testing the smaller 40 millimeter galaxy watch in black for reference. My wrist measures exactly 14 centimeters, and this is what the watch looks like on my […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 review

With a relatively robust third party, app library from google and samsungs popular and intuitive system, the platform promised to get even more useful and now the galaxy watch 4 and watch 4 classic are the first devices to run the new wear os powered by samsung. But software isnt their only intriguing new feature: […]

KAILANGAN BA ng Smart Watch? | Fitness Coach Reviews Xiaomi Mi Watch

Welcome back to the channel jacob oliver humbaga. This channel is all about fitness, health, lifestyle and self development. So title this video is going to be about fitness. Trackers watch so huge shout out to the people over at xiaomi 4 sponsoring this video in order for us to stay accountable with our goals. […]

Smartwatch Murah Fitur Mewah! Review Maimo Watch! #maimowatch2021

doc kalau saturasi Oksigen yang normal adalah di 90 keatas dan saturasi oksigen tidak, normal itu adanya di bawah, 95 smartphone nya juga bisa, mengukur, denyut, jantung, angka, digit, jantung, saat, istirahat, berkisar, 60, 100 denyut per menit, artinya digantung, gua, nih, normal ya, Hai, terus, Bisa juga buat bukur tingkat stres, fitur ini, cocok, […]

Galaxy Watch 4: Realmente el MEJOR SMARTWATCH del año | Review en Español

No ve s que es por all ve, a ver las de las dejen, las destacadas de todo. Lo que ya estado probando y como, lo voy, a seguir usando pues se le vamos, a estar sacando ms pruebas de aparte de todo. Lo que veas por ac oyentes. Si ests buscando conocerlo y todo […]

Đánh giá chi tiết: DT70- Smartwatch đẹp như đồng hồ cơ Pin Trâu Màn Đẹp Như Amoled- REVIEW DT70 KK70

I l, lu, lu, qu, l, lu lu, khng t li th mnh mi quay tr li vi, anh em y rt xin li anh, em v, anh em phi ch. I qu lu, nh, vy v hm nay mnh xin, gii, thiu, vi, nghe mt con ng h, mt trn c thit k, va […]

Blackview H3 Review: 25€ Smartwatch mit OLED Display – Wie geht das denn? 😋- Moschuss

Nicht das was mich berzeugt hat berzeugt dass ich hier 13 zoll oled touchscreen, also erstmal ein touchscreen ist nicht ber den staaten im preisbereich wir manchmal eine, kapazitive, taste, damit, begeben, wir, uns das, gesamte system, das, relativ aufwendig, aber auf der anderen seite ist die display technologie Denn normalerweise ja, ganz frh und […]

H76 Smartwatch Unboxing and Review

com the premiere set for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay, we are happy to announce that we already have here one of the latest smartwatch in the market and one of the unique okay and trendy design for smart watches this year. Oh, we have. What we have here is the h76 smartwatch okay. […]

M26 Plus Series 6 CLONE Smartwatch With Payment/Business Card Function & Many Other Feature's!!

Just before i get started, make sure you follow me one of these social medias, as i always post, sneak peeks on what to expect on all sorts and, as always, make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification. So when i upload any video youll actually be notified, lets get ahead. So […]

Watch 7. W37 Smartwatch. Smartwatch Murah. Review Singkat + Tes Heart Rate, Blood Pressure & SpO2

I wear vitpro Indonesia, Hai Musik nene nene nene nene nene nene suara speakernya mantap Hai karakter, cewek, yang terbaca, tidak turunnya, Hai, kemudian ini, butuh, gol, yo, yo, halo, halo, tes 123 loh banget Adha 3, Indonesia, Musik hai, hai, KYT, hai, hai, KYT, hai, hai, hai, hai, Hai hai Musik hai hai hai, […]

[ENG🇬🇧🇺🇸] T500 Plus Smartwatch Unboxing & Review – Apple Watch Series 6 Clone!!!

There are so many apple watch series 6 clones in the market and the T500 plus Smartwatch seems to stand out because it is affordable at 25 and yet still packs some interesting functions.. Is this? The best apple watch series 6 clone for you well lets find out. Inside the box. You get the […]