So the question is: should you buy it? Should you check it out, lets start with the design, and i do like the design of the v200 quite a bit its simple and clean, and you cant go wrong with a simple round face nothing wrong with it, and i personally think it looks well […]

REVIEW IWO X8 MAX Smartwatch Série 6, Unboxing e Primeiras impressões, VÁRIAS CORES e Tela infinita

Para ser um relgio, enorme, desse, relgio, mais baratos que a gente tem aqui, no canal uma, caixinha, bem, simples, quadrada, n aquela, coisa, mais, simples, essa, no vi; um cassino, bem, bonita, gostei, demais aqui, a gente tem, o relgio e se, o legal que ele j, tem Tela infinita n ento por um […]

Garmin Venu 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Watch4 // Features & Accuracy Comparison

Review is whats the difference between the galaxy watch 4 and the garmin venue 2, so thats. What this video is all about, so both of these are smart watches with great looking touchscreen displays both have gps for tracking outdoor activities and both of them also have heart rate sensors for tracking all those […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review: Apple Watch Killer?

For now, a lot of people have been asking me about this: ive been doing the phones, ive got so many products, and you guys know this time of year is crazy, especially all the samsung stuff came at once. Ive been trying to do some a lot of stuff with the fold and then […]

KIWITIME DT100 PRO MAX Smartwatch Unbox Review-1.78 Inch Screen/Voice Assistant/GPS Movement

It is the dt100 pro max. It is the best dt 100 series model till now and we can see the box is black box now lets open the box. The inside we see the watch and also a wireless charger and the silicon gl and the menu now lets check the watch. This watch […]

⌚ BONITO Y BARATO! Smartwatch E13 Review en Español | Reloj Inteligente E13 Smartwatch | KING GORY

Un reloj que seguramente te va a gustar si buscas algo econmico que se vea bien y que adems puedas personalizar con muchas cartulas como siempre te dejo en la descripcin el link de compra para que si te interesa lo puedes adquirir de forma segura y ya de Paso suscrbete y activa las notificaciones […]

Fitbit Charge 5 review

Oh yeah and, most importantly, it costs a lot. Less Music in a world filled with smartwatches fitness, trackers feel kind of liberating theyre. Smaller, they generally have better battery life and theyre easier to use for most people. Looking for a do it all fitness tracker, this is the fitbit to get and its […]

Best Smartwatch Of 2021 – Which One Should You Pick?

True, smart watches are a relatively new phenomena in the consumer electronics industry. These modern devices typically include features like touch screen. Biometric monitoring and internet connection, consumer electronics, giant apple and samsung are the biggest names in the industry on todays video. We will check out the best smart watches, such as apple android, […]

Found a Good Budget Smartwatch! | 4x Giveaway 🎉🎉

A few weeks back pebble an accessories brand from india sent us. This smartwatch called the pebble cosmos that retails for some 4 000 rupees in india now, while most of the affordable variables offer only the most basic fitness tracking features. The pebble cosmos that i have right here has a few extra interesting […]

iPad Mini 2021 Review: Pocketable Power!

Just because i always wonder who buys them and who uses them and what they use them for and why they chose it over other options like i know my dad uses one but my sister and i got it for him as a gift, so he didnt really Choose it, it kind of chose […]

Garmin Instinct GPS Watch – Smartwatch review

Welcome to the latest video from ourselves. What were going to do is look at the garmin instinct watch, but very much as a smart watch as you may or may not know. A couple of weeks weeks ago i went and did a 25 mile walk with this gps using a gps watch to […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 In-Depth Review for Sports and Fitness

But, along with the move to wear os, theyve, also added some new features like the ability to take body composition, measurements on the wrist itself, as well as an updated heart rate sensor, which is supposed to be more accurate than previous generations. So if this is your first time, the channel first of […]