Vastking Fit M3 Budget Smartwatch Review Unboxing & Accuracy test!

I feel that its at risk of being severely underrated. This is the vast king fit m3, and there are a couple of reasons why i think this smartwatch stands out. Above the rest, or at least in its price category, so well sit back and relax. Whilst we explore and review the vast king […]

Review Senbono X28 : Pin 7 Ngày | SmartWatch ĐẸP – BỀN BỈ – GIÁ RẺ !!!

0 chng nc ip68 technopath t in thoi, khi m kt, ni c nhn, thng bo A Gi v cc app khc Nhng m con ny th khng c loi, mic m thoi y l cc thng s v, theo di sc, khe thi, My th mnh ly; kt ni, t trc, ri, mnh, ch […]

Mi Watch Lite(Redmi GPS Watch) review | Best budget GPS Smartwatch under $50

You can buy right now at a sub 50 dollar price point. This watch is aimed at fitness enthusiasts, who are budget conscious, but want a premium. Looking smart watch right lets, check it out and see if it is worth your bucks all right lets start off with design uh. The me watch light […]

Cubot ID 206 Unboxing & Review – Alexa Enabled Budget Smart Watch 2021 !?

Now some make it and some tend to be just more of the same. So where does the cubot id 206 sit in comparison to other low budget? Smart watches, whether it be feature set design or value for money lets find out in this review? Unboxing and accuracy test stay tuned, whats up guys, […]

Cubot C3 Smartwatch Review – Only $50 with Waterproofing, Notifications, Heart Rate and More!

Smart watch called the qbox c3. Now this watch only comes for 50 and its got quite a few. Nice features built into it, such as waterproofing, sleep, tracking and heart rate monitoring, so lets take a look and see whether this smartwatch is actually worth buying. Music. Now lets begin with what comes inside […]

20$ Apple watch alternative? DOOGEE CS2 Smartwatch Unboxing/Review/App test/Pros and Cons 2021

Let me block supersaf here. This is the box, the box of this doji smartwatch, again very interesting, very long and, like i said here, it does look like a gift box. So lets see what we have under okay, some manuals of course, operation manual. We have the smartwatch here we have additional stripe, […]

Apple vs. Fitbit vs. Garmin: the battle for your fitness (No, this isn’t a review!)

The first 1000 people to use the link in the description will get a 1 month free trial of Skillshare Premium.. Every day we hear that we should walk more watch what we eat and work out.. So some of us need to keep track.. Fitness wearables exist as far back as 2003., But as […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Quick Review ⚡ A True Fitness Companion

Ive just finished with my workout. And I didnt run much today., As I also had to record while walking, but it was nice. Friends. Todays video is going to be a little different., As you know, its the Galaxy Watch 4. Throughout the day. I do a lot of things where I need a […]


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SmartWatch Màn Amoled Giá Rẻ Dưới 1 Triệu : HoWear HW26 !!!

0 c nghe gi na xe, moto dn hng, dn, kt, ni, rt, n gin, giy Hng, dn s, dng rt, nh, v, kute, ng, h, ny v km, theo mt dy, sc, nm, trong, t nu, mang, em, Ang sc y th n s, ngt kt, ni vi in thoi, giao, din, sc th […]

Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 4 Classic Review: Best of Both Worlds!

Few months later, samsung kills off the tizen os and shows off the new wear. Os powered smartwatches with its galaxy watch 4 series, and it wont come as a surprise when i say that this years galaxy watch series are some of the most exciting smart watches. In recent times, here, samsung has launched […]

Smartwatch DT100 PRO Unboxing Review – Melhor que DT100? Vale a pena? É bom? – DT100 PRO PTBR

L para o review: do DT 100 pro tanto a o smartwatch dt100 pro Na verdade ele t aqui no pulso as mostra para vocs em detalhes, eu j estou sem ver, o da linha toda, a para tua me ajuda de sem ter sem de serem Plus de Tessin prpolis s, faltava o DTC […]