Apple Watch Series 7 REVIEW (STARLIGHT)

Now, of course, what you have right now is young apple watch series 7 in starlight now caller, which is and young size nathan guys is in 41 millimeter youd shout out pala guys to be on the box, all the new iphones and, of course, the new apple Watch and even the ipad mini […]

Haoqin TS03 Smartwatch looks Stunning!

Thank you so much for clicking here is where i review smart watches, smartphones and all sort of tech. So, if into tech, you must consider subscribing everything is time for it along the video timeline for ease of viewing lets start with price and availability. How quinn sent out this ts03 smart watch for […]

Jam yang saya pake kalau pengen keliatan kaya – Review Huawei Watch GT3 Indonesia!

, Sekedar info aja, selama ini, kalau, lagi, nggak, ngereview, wearables, saya, memang, sehari, harinya, pakai, Huawei Band 6., itu menurut, saya, smartband, terbaik, Buat tahun 2021. lesannya udah pernah kita bahas di 1, video khusus yang kita, banding bandingin sama Mi Band 6, itu lho., Buat, saya, pribadi, smartband, itu lebih pas daripada smartwatch […]

Apple Watch 7 Review | Best Smartwatch of 2021?! | Smartwatch Review & Tour

The apple watch 7, a smartwatch with which you cannot only listen to music offline, receive all kinds of messages and reply to them, but it also has a great gps and a whole bunch of health features. Hey folks, my name is leonard youre watching a product reviewer and thats me. The design of […]

Is this the best looking smartwatch? Nemheng Smartwatch review

But every so often there is an exception to that rule and thats. What weve got today a potential exception to the rule when them hang reached out to me and said: hey check out our newest smartwatch. I was very, very dismissive. I was about ready to drag this into my recycling bin and […]

AMAZFIT PACE – Smartwatch GPS – ( Review )

2 gigahertz memoria ram 512mb memoria interna de 4gb pantalla de 1.34, pulgadas resolucin 300 x, 300 Msica certificacin y p, 57 batera de 280, miliamperios y gps su pantalla hd con una resolucin de 300, x, 300 pxeles Le dar imgenes de alta calidad y color profundo el cristal de proteccin corning gorilla se […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Review: The Best Android Smartwatch?

The samsung galaxy watch. Four series are the first products to come out of the google samsung partnership. Now these run where os and prices start at 23, 999 rupees in india. So do the galaxy watch 4 series offer the best of google and samsung, or will you still have to wait for an […]

Smartwatch Harmony OS Pertama di Indonesia! Mewah & Serbaguna. Review Huawei Watch GT 3 Indonesia

t., untuk, kesan, pertama, gua, ngeliat jam ini, tuh, lumayan, kaget, ya, karena, lux itu, memang, kelihatan, mewah, dan mahal, Bahkan kalau kita bandingin sama jam analog lux itu cakep, nggak kalah, gitu, brader, untuk, Korea, 4 warna m yang, kupegang ini, memang, kelihatan, lebih, cowok, banget, sih, bisanya, terus, nih, kalau, sanggul, lihat, lihat […]


It is the nike apple watch edition, and for those of you that dont know i am the biggest nike fanboy to kind of exist. I am decked out in nike clothes every single day, especially since the pandemic im rocking athletic wear almost every single day. You can see series 7 apple watch and […]

Amazfit GTR 3 vs GTS 3 | Budget Watch Review & Comparison

They work with android, 7.0 and above as well as ios 12 and, above so heres. My review of the amirs fit gtr3 and the gts3 and a side by side comparisons you see which one might be best for you and for more on the latest and greatest tech. Please do poke subscribe, ending […]

Samsung Watch 4 Review नेपालीमा: Best Android Smartwatch

So one point two in super amoled, most family. You know forty forty mm billion months. Another brightness diamonds are like you interaction government. There is anybody lets move on to health tracking sensors, so this would like the samsung lenoir. 3 imbalance monster hell. I know this is like uh even weak electric current, […]

Huawei Watch GT 3 First Run review: Early verdict on Huawei watch with big run features

Gt3 and im gon na be doing some indoor running. I think uh with some guy called mo faro. Apparently um so im gon na get my hands on the device. Um see whats new, how it compares to the wireless gt2. There are some kind of new running features here to kind of check […]