Amazfit GTR 3 PRO Smartwatch REVIEW | Great Allround Smartwatch for EVERYONE

If you ask me, you can track just about every sport mode. You have a one tab measuring which measures all of the four major half steps. At the same time, you can call friends right from your wrist or you can flirt a little bit with alexa. Of course, this watch has a lot […]

Amazfit GTR 3 Full In-Depth Look: Still Damn Good. Here's Why.

Im super excited because i get to share with you my experience after using the amazefit gtr3 here for the past two weeks. Now, when amazing malaysia first reached out to me two weeks ago – and they asked me if i wanted to check this out – definitely i was super excited because you […]

X8 Max Smartwatch Unboxing Review

Okay, we have here, okay, the upgrade of the popular x8 smart watch. What we have here is the 8x x8 max smart watch. Okay, so, as you can see here, we have a new packaging, okay, im going to show you the previous x8 okay, the first version we have here and, as you […]

KOSPET Magic 3 Smartwatch Review

Three ive actually been using this for over uh two weeks, so i want to tell you more tell you all about it. So lets get started all right guys, so here we have the magic three from cospec, which is uh similar to the cosmic rock uh. But now they gave us like a […]

Huawei Watch GT 3 (46mm) | Unboxing & Full Tour

This is the gorgeous looking stainless steel model, some very slick stuff packing that some upgraded tech, including freshly, but a sensor action for your fitness, shenanigans uh. You got upgraded gps on there as well a new, healthy living shamrock to help you not go crazy and just murder. Everyone anyways, you can probably […]

SmartWatch Cấu Hình Quái Vật : Lắp Sim 4G , Dual Camera | Review LEMFO LEM15

L di l, 16mm y l eo s thy hi th v, dy cm trn tay dy eo, lm bng nha Pu, o rt l d, tay, vo gn lng tay, v, kh, th, mnh, eo, c hng, ngy v, hi cm anh, em, ln, thay, th, gii, khc, Eo thi khun mt trc bo […]

Huawei Watch GT 3 Unboxing & Review (Full Walkthrough)

That does see a lot more satellites, its supporting up to five different systems and dual carrier frequency. The heart rate, monitoring, theres, a big area of improvement, theyve doubled the amount of sensors on the underside of the watch. So, instead of having four sensors like the watch three and the watts three pro, […]

Wertige Optik, Gute Funktionen – Nemheng Smartwatch für unter 50 € Kann das sein ? TEST REVIEW

03 meter, wasserdicht und ansonsten. Alles dabei was man, so braucht allerdings sogar noch was dabei. Was man nicht unbedingt, berall, bekommt, nmlich ja? Ich will kommt hier noch ein extra schutz lies ist kein schutzglas eine schutzfolie zum aufkleben die wird mitgeliefert dann hier natrlich bedienungsanleitung und das, ladekabel das ist usb usb auf […]

Geht es noch besser? Apple Watch Series 7 (review)

Farbe polarstern die ich unheimlich schick finde und ein etwas wrmeres silber ist welches in bestimmten lichtsituationen auch etwas gold, mit einem, hauch rossi schimmert wie ihr, bestimmt, schon, gemerkt habt habe ich das grere 45 mm gehuse welches aus eigener erfahrung, fr dnnere, handgelenke schon fast zu gro Ist weshalb ich gerade auch in […]