Review Smartwatch Y68

Lo nos vamos, a encontrar nicamente en esta cajita de plstico que es como para proteger el reloj, contamos aqu, con el reloj, o el cerebro como tal que como puede observar aqu tenemos el sistema de conexin de carga que es como tipo usb as que no vas. A contar con un cable cargador […]

🔥Boat Watch Blaze Smartwatch Unboxing in Tamil | Full Review | Best Smartwatch under 3500

Car foreign foreign, sleep data, music player, bpm account activity record on the cartoon side, like a button left. First, button of responding workout features, heart rate spo to activity record sleep data, breathe, training, music message, weather stopwatch, timer alarm settings flashlight find my phone camera and settings options, element requests.

£12 T98 Smartwatch: Unboxing & Review

So ive still got three more left, so make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification. So when i upload any video youll actually be notified, ive not only got these three smart watches, they are all different designs. Ive also got a drone which i need to unbox and review, and i […]

✔ DT4 Plus Smartwatch 🙌 Unboxing / Review

It is the kiwitime dt4 plus. Firstly, lets check the box. The app is the rear pro now lets open the box inside. We see the watch with the silicon, strap a wireless charger and a menu now lets check the watch. This watch is 44.4 millimeter and the screen size is 1.36 inch and […]

FK88 Series 6 Smartwatch: Unboxing & Review

We have got the fk 88 smartwatch. Yes, a lot of people wanted me to unbox and review this, and here it is, but just before i saw people make sure you follow me on one of these social medias, as i always put up sneak peeks on what to expect and as always people […]

Review DG Venus : SmartWatch Giá Rẻ Nhỏ Gọn Pin Trâu !

I g v, nc cc nh nhn gn gng v, xinh xn, gi n cng, rt, l, hp, l, nha V by gi, th mi, em, xem, review ca, ti m nhc givi. Note l, sao n mi nht dnh cho phi n Tip ni, thnh cng ca, DJ address kiu, Giang, ging vi; seven: […]

Vwar Fly4 Series 6 Smartwatch: Unboxing & Review

So here we have the box for the reward fly for uh. Nothing else around the box, except a picture of the watch. Uh youve got a smartwatch series. Six on the side, weve got in the black color and on the back. Youve got as always includes smartwatch band charging, cable and user manual. […]

Fitbit Charge 4 Review 👌 Best Smartwatch 2022?

Listen if youre anything like me, the older you get the more youre going to be thinking about your fitness and there is no better way to track that than with a smart watch thats. Why today were going to talk about the fitbit charge 4 and why i think its the best fitness tracker, […]

W46 Series 6 Smartwatch: Unboxing & Review

Six clone smartwatch uh. You can get me different colors. I purchased this from aliexpress. This is a silver color as it stays on the box. The box is square well as well. You can see so pretty basic box to be honest, uh leading a healthy lifestyle, but just before i get started, make […]

Haylou RT2 Review | un Smartwatch Increíble Calidad Precio 🔥

Donde nos muestra, unos detallitos del smart watch, por ejemplo su diseo su nombre en la parte de atrs algunas de sus funciones y caractersticas nos detallan y al abrir, la caja nos encontramos, con el reloj y realmente, viene, lo bsico el manual de usuario, para hacer, un Poco ms al respecto de cmo […]

FitBit Charge 5 Review / Is this the BEST fitness tracker (smartwatch) for you?!

5. in this video were going to look at some of the cool features to the charge 5 and who may benefit from them, as well as the overall use and quality of this device. Lets take a look at the design. What i really like about this device is look how sleek it is […]

WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY – BOAT Watch Blaze Smartwatch Unboxing & Review!

This is anuj from Gadget Gig.. Today we have with us one more smartwatch from Boat and its the Boat Watch Blaze., And in this video we will do the unboxing and will tell you how the performance is.. So in the front of the box. We have the model name watch blaze, along with […]