Die Uhr, die gerne eine Smartwatch wäre: Xiaomi Watch S1 (Review)

Mit dem lederband auch noch, das, nicht, mal, gestunken hat also optik ja, super wenn, euch, optik, wichtig ist dann knnt, euch, auf jeden fall mal die. Show me what s 1: an was jedenfalls sehr solide und schne system, akkulaufzeit schaue mir selber gibt ja, hier eine, laufzeit von rund, zwlf tage, im, smart […]

Review SmartWatch Blitzwolf BW-HL4- Ezequias Relojoeiro

4 ns vamos, dar uma chance. Para esse smartwatch aqui j que como eu colocando na capa Ele parece um relgio mecnico vamos ver o que ele tem para oferecer fica, a voc curtir o E, a e olha d, um recadinho para voc, tera feira, temos, nossa primeira Live as 1950 tera. Feira e […]

Apple Watch Series 7 Is Still the Best Smartwatch | 6 Months Review

But how does it stack up long term lets find out ive been wearing the series 7, since it was released so going on seven months now, and i genuinely feel that it is more than the sum of its parts like a larger screen or faster charging. You can jump straight ahead to any […]

Poco Watch Review | Premium Smartwatch On A Budget

This watch right here in fact, which ive had strapped to my arm for just over a week now the simply titled poco watch boasts some premium specs and features, including a punchy amoled screen all the usual fitness tracking tools, including built in gps support, and some please And battery life all packed into […]

Fiypo FY16 Plus Review, The Most Affordable Smartwatch of 2022

Welcome to another honest review video today i have this fipo smartwatch. This one is fy16 plus this one is the newest from this brand. Actually i have a long story behind this video. But okay, let me tell you quickly: a few days ago, one of my friends came to me and told me […]

Xiaomi Watch S1 Active Review: a Smartwatch with Fitness Tracking Features

In this video, you will see what to expect from the s1 active smartwatch, and i will share with you tips and tricks to get more out of this xiaomi smartwatch, so lets get started Music. The s1 is certainly not a new and innovative design. One thing that theyre definitely good at in the […]

POCO Watch The BEST Budget Smartwatch Of 2022 – FULL REVIEW

The watch was just announced at the pocos global event and comes with a lot of cool and useful features. This may be the best budget smartwatch for 2022.. The watch comes with heart rate, monitoring, blood, oxygen monitoring, gps, a very bright 1.6 inches amoled display and much more. We will go through all […]

Kospet Tank M1 Rugged Smartwatch Review | Best Kospet Smartwatch 2022

This watch is water resistant up to 5 atm with holds 5 tons of pressure, fulfills all the military standards, and you have 15 days of battery life. Alright, guys today in this video, we will cover everything. This budget smartwatch has to offer – and the very first thing that we just have to […]

Skagen Falster 6 – das soll die beste Smartwatch sein ? MEIN Fazit !

Situationen das erste anzeichen dafr dass wer wo es noch immer eher beta ist nach wie vielen jahren genau wie immer findet, ihr rechts, neben dem watch, fest die widgets, leider ist die anzahl derer die er, anzeigen, lassen, knnte, noch immer begrenzt, natrlich ist der google ist tief. In die, eu integriert, alternativ knnt […]

Garmin Vivosmart 5 // In-Depth Review & Tutorial

Like your heart rate, 24 hours a day, your calories burned your steps and even your blood oxygen saturation levels, along with the fact that it can also track tons of different activities like running cycling, weight training as well as swimming all in a small lightweight and comfortable Wear band, so the new vivosmart […]

REVIEW: Xiaomi Kieslect K10 Smartwatch – Budget Round Display Smart Watch! [$35]

Even though functionality is relatively limited and today were taking a look at yet another smart watch, a budget, one that is from a ecosystem brand of xiaomi, its called the kai select k10 and the name itself is not quite as well known as halo. I would say, but, like i said, theyre all […]

The Garmin Vivosmart 5 is Deceptively Simple | Full Review

It looks like a standard fitness tracker on the outside, but inside it packs many of the same features from garmins more expensive smartwatches lets check it out. Music ive been wearing the vivosmart 5 for a week and i think its a really good tracker, but at 150 it is a little bit on […]