realme Watch 3: MOST Affordable Smartwatch with Bluetooth Calling?!

Now real me just launched their latest real me watch 3 and the real me watch series has always been about affordability, and it is still the same case here with the latest watch 3.. Now this particular device is going for rm199 here in malaysia, and definitely that still puts it in the affordable […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 & Watch 5 Pro | Best Android Smartwatch?

As you can see, this is the regular version and uh. The 40mm version is what samsung had centers. We also get this one in a 44 mm variant and, as you can see, the pro is the one that im wearing. Actually, i was wearing this for the last five days and uh. The […]


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Galaxy Watch 5 Pro review: The BEST on Wear OS!

. Just how does the galaxy watch 5 pro stand up to scrutiny? Well, this is our full review of samsungs latest and greatest and high end smartwatch thanks for watching 95 google. Here on youtube, remember to thumbs up, hit, subscribe and then tap the bell icon to be among the first to watch […]

Galaxy Watch 5 Review: The All-Round Android Watch

A gorgeous screen new temperature sensor, a better fit on the wrist than before and a bigger battery. But even though this is still the best android smartwatch, you can get right now. Im still left wanting more this year. There are two additions: a 40 and 44 millimeter regular galaxy watch 5 and a […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro review: The best Android watch gets a modest update

Most of the changes here, arent immediately visible, like a more durable build, and software updates samsung also tweaked the curvature of the underside to make the watch 5 hug your wrist, better and added a skin temperature sensor. That does nothing for now. The most notable difference about the watch. 5 is the new […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Review | INSANE BATTERY!

Having now spent a good solid week with the watch 5 pro, i think im ready to answer that question. Hi ben from sound mobile, if you enjoy new and exclusive videos like this, then be sure to like subscribe and turn the notifications, so you dont miss any new videos on youtube with sound […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Review | Stellar battery life?

The galaxy watch 5 pro boasts a battery thats twice the size of the regular model, plus a super rugged design, so its theoretically ideal for people who love heading off into the wilderness for great outdoor adventures. Very much not like me, but naturally like more samsung gear. It doesnt come cheap. The asking […]

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 PRO vs Watch 5 vs Watch 4 – Smartwatch Comparison – Which one should you buy?

So we have the galaxy watch. Five pro versus galaxy watch 5 versus galaxy watch. 4.. Now full specifications is on screen, so pause the video right now, if you want to study the specs for yourself or let the games begin and if you already own the galaxy watch for this, this video will […]

Amazfit GTS 4 Mini Review: MORE Features, SAME Price! 🔥

Now, amazing, malaysia just launched the gts4 mini now. This watch here is very cool because it comes with a lot of new features compared to the previous gts2 mini. There is no gts3 mini by the way. If you are wondering the two jumps straight to the four, so a lot of cool new […]

NEW GALAXY WATCH 5 PRO (Samsung's Toughest Watch, Hands Down)

In years, past samsung has sort of been making two lines of watches a classic version with a physical rotating bezel that looks nice in any occasion and then the active or sport version, which was lighter and smaller, but delivered the same internal specs and performance in a Sportier looking watch so with the […]

Galaxy Watch 5: If only it had a battery

After years of hoping dreaming and waiting, we finally have an android smartwatch that can give the apple watch a run for its money, with the galaxy watch. Five faster performance, a refined touch, bezel, excellent battery life and no more compromises for android users who dont have a samsung phone after just one short […]