SMARTWATCH DT7 PRO MAX Unboxing Review – ALWAYS ON DISPLAY e TELA GIGANTE! – Mas vale a pena? É bom?

Especial eu acho que o do bicho acho no certeza 28 melhor t gostei mais 28 pro mas, o geral um alumnio legal achei, estranho, o botozinho assim um pouquinho pequeno, mas tudo bem, a coroa interage com, o sistema t isso legal eu gosto, bastante desse, detalhe, desse, Lado voc tem aqui, a sair […]

Amazfit GTR 4 Review | Kills Samsung/Apple Watch in one big way

If you fancy yourself pretty much all of the features that youd get in a Samsung or an apple Smartwatch, but with the added bonus of superior battery life, then the amazfit gtr4 May well be what youre after and this latest model also boasts. Upgraded GPS tracking for serious accuracy, so Ive had this […]

Hafu Watch Ultra : Thiết Kế Giống 99% – Rất Đẹp | Quá Nể Pháp Sư Trung Hoa (GIVEAWAY) !!!

I lu hn c na y l, bi nh gi v, con H, Ph Quc Ultra smoke, dp xng, an 11 ca Apple Watch, Ultra Hy xem, ht, video, ny xem, l, n c xng. Ng vi mc gi, hn 1 triu khng, nh Bt; u no m nhc sau 8 nm di Apple lun […]

This Smartwatch has in-built Blood Pressure Monitor! [BP Doctor Pro Review]

It does support measuring your blood pressure, so lets inspect Music. Hey everybody welcome to the channel, michael is my name, and what we do here is to expect fresh and cool tech today were going to talk about wearables and we use them for so many different purposes, like some people use them for […]

Apple Watch Ultra Test. Unboxing / Ersteindruck. Perfekte Smartwatch?

The UPS man actually wanted to leave. It is 520 p.m. and only had until 3 p.m. where his dispatcher said to deliver for it. I was but happened to be on the street When asked about it. He says. Yes, I still have the package, but actually Im not allowed to hand it over […]

Apple Watch Series 8 Review

8.. Why do I stick with the Apple watch because they make so many bands its possible to match any t shirt that Im wearing no seriously Ill talk about what makes the Apple watch good in part, just the fact that pretty much nobody wants to compete in iOS Land for smart watches, but […]

Apple Watch Ultra Review: Worth It Or Nah?

I had ultimate frisbee practice out in new york. A lot of people dont realize how many calories you burned during a three hour practice, but there you go finished that drove home and then went about the rest of my day. I ended that day, going to sleep with about 69 battery. Nice then […]

KIWITIME IWO Watch Ultra Unbox & Full Functions Review-45mm Smartwatch AOD Watch Ultra Copy

Firstly, lets check the box and it is 45 millimeter and at the back and now lets open the box. Firstly, we see the watch and the manual and 9 ohm band and finally, a wireless charger, then lets check the watch and we can simply move the watch from the cover no need to […]

Fitbit Inspire 3 Review | Fitness Smartwatch Review 2022

. It has a new color screen and it has it always on display as well, but Im going to the pros of the device. The cons of the device and reeling which one is going to be best for you but lets go ahead and get right into it. Music well be going over […]

Apple Watch SE 2 (2022) Midnight Unboxing: should you upgrade?

I really enjoyed the previous apple watch, se as it offered the core apple watch, features at a lower price and the new apple watch. Se2 now comes in at a slightly lower price, 249 or 259 pounds lets see what this watch has to offer. As always, i will leave all the purchase links […]

Apple Watch SE (2022) Review // Running, Cycling, and Weight Training…Tested!

So when apple created, the original sc, their goal is to create an apple watch with all the core functionality that you may need like great smart watch features tight integration with your iphone as well as plenty of health and fitness features. It was basically for somebody who didnt necessarily need a lot of […]

Apple Watch SE Review: Almost Everything I Wanted

The 2022 version has a faster processor, low power mode and sensors that can detect car crashes. The new Apple watch SE is now the cheapest watch in Apples lineup. It starts at 249, which is 30 dollars cheaper than the previous version, but its also fifty dollars more expensive than the series 3, which […]