Last week i was looking for smart watches, and i found this very nice looking smartwatch on aliexpress. I wanted something fresh and durable design. So this one not only looks cool, but it’s also got some easy functions and the best part is just for 30 dollars. This smartwatch is the tagobi reload, now i’m, going to give an honest review about the smartwatch i’m, not just going to sugarcoat the hell out of it, but i will also mention the downsides of the watch at the end of this video. There are only few but don’t miss out and we share the link in the description below, but before you buy it let’s check whether it’s worth the price or just an ugly dent in your pocket. So, ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you, takobi reload, first let’s see what’s inside the package as we strip open. We see the box is not very fancy and has specification on the back with details of processor, some features and battery life. It slides open to reveal the front of the watch inside. We have the watch, a charging, cable and a very nice user manual. Why? I said nice because it’s a detailed one like a mini book instead of a leaflet, so you can save it for the future and pocket it whenever you have to read it later. That’S all about the package now let’s talk about the design. This smartwatch has semi professional, look beautiful metal body with two physical buttons on the side.

It has a simple design with quarter markings on the bezel. The matte black metal body somewhat gives it a cool, reggae kind of look, make it look quality and compares them to mid range. Smart watches, like samsung galaxy and huawei gte. The back looks cheap as it has a plastic look, but you cannot complain when you just pay 30 dollars for the watch. They have to save the cost somewhere. Still the plastic feels soft and functional and keeps it sealed maintaining its ip68 rating. Next, we have the interchangeable straps. The cost of the interchangeable straps are between three to ten dollars: good value for the straps in the market. The smartwatch has durable sporty silicon strap, but it also is available in tpu material, which is part silicone and pot plastic. The strap is interchangeable, but it doesn’t have a quick release. Pin and you have to unscrew it like a rugged. Smartwatch compatible straps are easy to find and only experiences where you find a lot of third party straps. Then we talk about the water resistance. The watch is an ip68 certified water resistant, so it splashes and dipping into one meter of water once in a while will not break it. So that’s a good thing to have you can dip in the water once in a while and go for occasional swims, but the manufacturer recommends that the hot water will damage the watch. So it will be dysfunctional. So unless you have peter mckinnon stay away from the hot coffee spills now, let me tell you about the display at 1.

3 inch. This watch has a fairly large display. Ips lcd screen provides a sharp crystal clear viewing using super retina technology. The screen has a resolution of 260 pixel and full touch. Of course, the screen is readable and turns on with simple movement of the wrist. It gets fairly bright in those and i have no problem viewing it, but as we step outdoors, it becomes difficult to read comfortably. The display is accompanied by high definition, watch faces for download from the internet, almost 3 000 of them, and you can customize your own using the fed app. That can also be downloadable from the play store comment below. If you want me to show you how to do it, speaking about the hardware it’s powered by the nrf52a32 and it’s, an advanced chipset with low power consumption sensors include our acceleration sensor, heart rate, motor blood pressure, monitor blood oxygen, monitor and lots more. The watch can store up to 512 mb of data and has a ram of 64 mb. The wearable has a bluetooth 5.2 compatible with android 6 and above and ios 9 and above it uses the fit support app. It also supports bluetooth calling, but the bluetooth call can either be ignored or rejected, but if you want to answer the calls, the smartwatch cannot do it for you. Therefore, you have to pick the phone and receive the call manually now let’s see what features the takobi smartwatch has for us. First of all, the smartwatch has 10 sport mode and waterproof man watch and calorie count.

It has a high performance motion. Sensor can measure your heart rate, it accurately tracks 24 hour, heart rate and blood pressure, and sleep monitor. This sport watch can record your sports era and all the daily activities, such as running walking, hiking games, cycling, etc. The data will sync to the fit app where you can make better adjustments by analyzing these information. You can also connect the gps wire, your phone and track fitness with your phone. The app will give you notification and analyze. Data is displayed on the fitness watch asynchronously. The watch will also provide you alerts on various phone notifications, such as incoming call, sms facebook, whatsapp email and other apps, and you will never miss any of these messages. One of the features that i like the most is the remote control camera function, where you can turn the wrist quickly or lightly touch the camera icon on the screen to take a photo amazing isn’t it now there are a lot more features that i would like To discuss at the end of the video, but before that we will go into the battery life. The tegobi reno smartwatch has a 230 mah battery with a standby time of 20 days and with normal usage of about 6 days. This watch does not come with an always on display. Therefore, the screen will be displayed when it’s shaken the charger comes with fast charging function that can charge the smartwatch within 1.5 hours, which will last about 6 days and standby time could be around 20 days compatible with 2 smartwatch charger.

The watch, however doesn’t, come with wireless charging like the samsung apple watch or the huawei ones, but you cannot expect much from the smart watch when it’s priced only 29 with discounts. Now i tell you that the watch is doing already too much than it’s, actually priced for for just under thirty dollars, it’s definitely worth the buy. If you want to buy this watch, you will find the discounted links in the description below now. As we spoke about the good features, a lot of features are still missing in the watch as well, which could be the differentiator from the good to the grid. So here are some downsides number one. It doesn’t have nfc now, if you’re the type of the person that wants to paint style by just swiping your wrist forget about it. You cannot do that with this watch number two, the gps can be connected through the smartphone. Only and doesn’t have a built in gps. Now this can be a good feature and a bad feature, because when you have a built in gps, it tends to drain off all your battery life through the gps to make it working. So i would say that this is not really a downside, but in case, if you don’t have a smartphone on you, then you require the gps. It will not work number three it’s a bit bulky for the ladies race and sometimes weaker male waist it’s made for muscular wrists and that’s it so it’s like type of rugged watch, which has a black display, so you can wear it in the office.

It’S mainly made for outdoor use so that’s the quality of the watch now it’s the most important part, which is my assessment of the smartwatch. I practice on an average three sport sessions a week and i find the watch great it’s a quality product and the strap feels very nice to wear. The dial is neat and well finished. Once unpacked the watch is loaded. The app is easily downloadable on your smartphone, and this thanks to its qr code. The app offers an extremely easy grip. You can see your numbers on daily basis, the weather, your heart rate, your tension, your auto saturation. Everything is great during a sports session. I i don’t want to keep my watch now. I just have the ability to change the watch faces all the time. The three watch faces that are available and one of them is actually editable, but you can download up to 3 000. You know you can imagine that figure i mean i can. I can also put my watch face over there. You know i can take my picture and i can make my own watch face so that’s that easy it’s really easy to do right. All you need to do is take a picture and then upload it to your watch so that’s that simple and a watch for that price makes it just effective as much as the other expensive, smart watches that are there in the market, which are probably 10 times More expensive than this one, so with the same features there might be a few more features, but you know you’re already covering like 90 of the features with just 10 of the cost.

I believe so. This is an amazing watch and it’s a good buy, plus if it runs for approximately 6 months, or so you can always replace it with the new one which has more functions and more features so i’m sure that tagobi will be coming up with new models.