So would you like a watch that looks like an apple watch and has an interface that is kind of similar as well and costs just 2 500.? Well continue watching, because today we have the zep fit 120.. So this one comes with a heart rate sensor: spo2 sensor, fitness tracking, all the usual stuff and it’s priced at just 2 499. On I have two units with me: black and white or white and black. Either of these, i shall be doing a giveaway for both so make sure you watch this video till the end to know how you can win these let’s unbox. It let’s review it and see how it works. I know: are they look the forward kurkey see that giveaway the quotes, but i suggest you watch this full video. If this is your first time here subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon, so you never miss an update. Also follow me on my social media handles for more tech info. This is your friend tech singh. Let’S get Music started. So here is the zebronics zeb fit one two two zero ch. Now we have two units with us. One is black: one is silver and white. We’Ll have a closer look at both of them. So first we’ll have a look at the box. We have a nice big box. We have the picture of the watch on it on the side. Here are some of its features.

Blood pressure monitor spo2 sensor ip67, waterproof rating full touch, color display, customizable watch faces heart rate monitor here you have the compatible app. The zip fit 20 series app, which you can get for the android play store and the iphone app store here are some of the more manufacturing details and the mrp. The mrp here is ’99, but i’m sure you can get this for a lot cheaper, so let’s unbox this, and if you see this one here, this has silver and this one is black, so let’s unbox, both wow that looks really nice we’ll open the black one. As well, okay, so we have a user manual and a proprietary charging dock Music. So let’s have a quick physical overview here are both the watches and it has a square dial. The frame of the white one has a matte silver finish. While the black watch is matte gray, it has a single button on the side to access the menu and it has a green accent on it looks really cool. The back has a glossy finish with all the sensors heart rate sensor, sp2 sensor and the charging terminals. The charger is magnetic this time, unlike the clip type from the z920, it aligns with the terminals as you bring it closer and starts charging. The quality of the strap is also really good. Extremely soft, silicone rubber. It has a buckle, loop design. The loop design is a smart idea where the end of the strap goes in and gives you a very clean look.

It can also be replaced with any third party bands, but i found it harder to remove them as compared to other watches moving to the display. So it has a one and a half inch lcd display with a resolution of 240 by 240 pixels. The color reproduction is actually quite good, surprisingly, vibrant for an lcd display. The viewing angles are decent. The images text are crisp and easy to read. The display also gets bright enough and can be adjusted from the quick toggles, but remember more the brightness lesser the battery life. The rays there is to wake. The display is quite responsive, not the fastest but possible. So the watch comes with ip67 water resistancy ratings. So you don’t have to worry about splashes and sweat during workout. It can measure your heart rate, your blood pressure and even your spo2 sensors. Now all these work fine as long as you use them just for reference and not for medical monitoring, you can check it, but not depend on it completely. It also has a breathe app where it will tell you to do a short, inhale, exhale exercise to calm. You down, there are seven workout modes available, walking running cycling, skipping badminton, basketball and football, not too many, but i can say it should suffice for most test it briefly, and the pedometer results were fairly accurate. All right, let’s have a quick look at the interface so swipe from the top to access quick toggles.

You have theta mode, brightness, vibration, torch and settings swipe from the right, and you have access to the pedometer further in sleep tracking beats per minute, exercise, weather and music player swipe right and you have access to all the apps in apple like format. Yes, you can see apple bubble like format, and all these are accessible. You can click on the heart rate. It will take you to the beats per minute. You can click on the o2 and it will take you to the o2 coming down. Finally, you click up. You get all the apps, you have step tracker, sleep measure, heart rate sports measure, bp sbo2 message and notifications. Whether shutter nor shutter app is to take pictures from your phone music player, breathe, app, flashlight and others in others. You have power of about an app qr code. Now, if you press the home screen, you get access to four pre installed watch faces and if you notice carefully, all these four are actually zebronic logos, Music. So really nice. You can install more from the app which we’ll see in a moment, so the os is quite smooth. I didn’t experience any lag and above that it’s easy to use the device works with the zip fit 20 series app so make sure you get the correct one. There are a couple, so it might get confusing once paired. The watch collects all your data steps, sleep tracking heart rate, it’s, a simple interface without too much fanfare.

If you come to the second option, you can see the battery percentage watch faces. The list of watch faces is huge check this out, Music. You can also custom set your own pick as a watch face from your gallery Music. You can go into notifications and turn on for your phone or apps of your choice. Set alarms use the watch as a camera shutter in others, you can change the time format from 12 hours to 24 hours, change, the language, drink, water, reminders, weather and, finally, the upgrade option for os update. It receives call alerts with vibration. You can see the caller’s name and you have an option to reject the call and silent the ringer, but it would only reject the call when i press the silent key. Only the vibration on the watch would stop, but the phone kept rigging. I guess the silent feature is just to stop the watch: vibration, not the ringer on the phone. It receives app notification with the app icon and the message tested it and it worked fine. It comes with a 200 mah battery that takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. To fully charge now, zebronics claims that it’ll last for about five to seven days with medium use, but if you’re going to keep the brightness slow with all the notifications turned off, you could get a little more. The zeb fit 1220 is a really good watch for the price. It’S got a good display.

It’S got a good design. It’S got basic tracking stylish traps. Over 100 watch faces. It’S got a heart rate sensor, sbo2 sensor, with ip67 rating can’t. Ask for more in that price range it’s, several in black white and gold. You can get this from amazon dot in for 2499.. I’Ll leave the links for all in the description. If you like to buy one, you should definitely check it out all right. I know time for the giveaway three simple steps. One follow me on my instagram handle mr tech singh. Second, like the post of the zep fit 1220 ch and third comment on the post, why you should win the zebf fit smartwatch? I would love to hear some interesting answers. Make sure you complete all the three steps, or else the entry won’t be counted. Two winners will be announced on instagram on the 10th of april 2021, so don’t waste any time follow like and comment and increase your chances of winning this watch. Since you are watching this, you better do the same for my youtube channel like this video and don’t. Forget to subscribe, if you haven’t for more fun videos like these.