So if you’re, looking for a budget, android smart watch with bluetooth calling or a more premium android smartwatch that’s feature packed, including an fda approved, ecg, monitor we’ll have the product for you. If you want more information and updated pricing on the products mentioned be sure to check the links in the description below okay, so let’s get started with the video. The fifth product on our list is the veritech nimble 2.. This is our best budget, android smartwatch. If you’re looking for one of the cheapest smart watches available that even has some great features found on premium watches like bluetooth, calling right from your watch, then the veritech nimble 2 is a fantastic budget option for you currently priced under 50. The nimble 2 smartwatch sets itself apart from the slew of cheap, smart watches on the market, with an integrated mic and speaker like the samsung galaxy watch 3. That lets you make and answer calls right on your smartwatch. You can sync your phone’s contacts, so they appear on the smartwatch and just select who you want to call plus you’ll, also get all your phone notifications, so you won’t miss anything important. There are even preset replies, although, depending on the app it can be a little limiting the nimble, 2’s health and fitness features are also quite comprehensive for a budget. Smart watch you’ll be able to monitor your heart rate, ecg blood pressure and blood oxygen levels as well as track for eight different fitness activities.

There’S also an automatic sleep monitor that tracks and analyzes, not just your sleep time, but quality of sleep with the companion, app you’ll get valuable, metrics and insights to help you achieve better overall health and reach your fitness goals. The fourth product on our list is the garmin vivoactive 3.. This is our best value, android smartwatch. If you’re looking for an affordable, smart watch option that’s very value driven, then the vivo active 3 from garmin offers some essential features and functions found on their more expensive models. At a great entry level price currently priced to 130 dollars. The vivo active 3 provides a range of great fitness features as well as everyday conveniences and smart watch features at an attractive price point: it’s not as comprehensive as some of the other garmin smart watches, but since we’re, not all training for the next ironman marathon you’ll Find the vivoactive 3’s feature set more suited for most people with everyday conveniences and health and fitness it comes with on board gps, so you can easily track your best jogging or biking routes. Plus there are over 15 pre loaded sports apps for yoga running swimming and more it’s, not a bad looking smart watch with the stainless steel casing, but it does feel a bit plasticky and on the cheaper side it also comes with garmin pay for contactless payment, but Keep in mind, garmin pay is not as widely accepted as apple or google pay. The third product on our list is the fossil gen five.

This is our best wear os smart watch. If you’re, looking for one of the best looking smart watches that doesn’t look like the common blocky fitness trackers for everyday wear, then the fossil gen 5 is an extremely stylish option for you currently priced at 255 dollars. The gen 5 provides a great variety of applications for your daily life, with plenty of fitness functions to track all your workouts all, while looking slick and stylish with a wide range of customizable watch faces and styles, while most smart watches focus on adding great health and Fitness features the gen 5 focuses on some excellent features for everyday wear like the earlier nimble 2. You can take and make calls right from the smartwatch without even taking your phone out plus you can send and reply to text messages and not be limited to preset replies. It runs on wear os, which is google’s wearable os. So you not only get google assistant right on your wrist with the integrated speaker and mic, but you can access google assistant hands free and even have it speak back answers you’ll also be able to control your google smart home hands free as well. The wear os does have some hiccups at times, but gives you, google integration, like no other smartwatch, including apps from the google play store. The second product on our list is the fitbit sense. This is our best android smartwatch for fitness. If you’re looking for the best fitbit smartwatch to track your health and fitness, then the fitbit senses the most advanced health tracker from fitbit and a great option for you currently priced at 280.

You won’t find a more advanced health. Smart watch than the sense it’s feature packed, including an fda, cleared ecg app in the usa. That not only shows you your heart rate, but you can get notifications if your heart rate is very high or very low, which offers great peace of mind. There’S. A new pressure, sensitive divot with haptic feedback which may take time to get used to, but it keeps the design streamlined without a physical button. On the side, the squirkle amoled display looks good but it’s not as snappy as the samsung or apple watches. It also has an integrated speaker and microphone, so you can take calls and use voice commands and it offers support for both alexa and google assistant plus you’ll be able to store and play music right from your watch for offline listening if you’re interested in a premium. Smart watch that offers a bit more on the smart features then stick around for the samsung galaxy watch 3. Coming up next, with some pretty innovative smart features. The first product on our list is the samsung galaxy watch 3.. This is our best overall android smartwatch. If you’re looking for one of the best android smart watches around then the samsung galaxy watch 3 has to be on the top of your list currently priced at 400. The galaxy watch 3 may be the most complete package in a smart watch for android users. Much like the iwatch 6’s to ios users, it packs powerful tech and is feature rich all in a stylish design with premium leather bands for daily wear.

The amoled display is extremely bright and easy to read even in broad daylight, including the always on feature. The response times are fast launching and switching apps was fast and fluid, especially with the rotating bezel. It even features motion gestures, to silence, alarms, take photos and answer calls simply by clenching and unclenching. Your fist. Samsung really goes all out with fitness and health features, including fda, approved, ecg, monitor, keeping pace with the latest apple watch, automatic sleep and stress monitoring, as well as oxygen levels, besides being able to track 40 different activities, it can also track several of them automatically. So you don’t have to remember to select it beforehand: samsung’s tizen os offered impressive performance, customizations and numerous useful apps.