I really do appreciate it. In today’s, video we’ve got something a little bit different i’ve, never done on the channel. Today we have a care package from watched and watched specializes in you’ll. Never guess, watches Music watched hit me up in the dms and asked me if i would like a watch – and i said of course i would love to do a review. Unboxing video on this product, so here we have it right here in this box. Can’T lie to you guys. I have opened this. I just started filming i opened the box and i saw the watch and realized that my mic was not working. So this is take number two, but i hadn’t turned it on or anything like that. I had just seen it, but for dramatic effect and for you guys benefit i’m going to open it again, so you guys can get the full effect. So it comes in this little cardboard box, full of peanuts and in a very sleek and clean box. I didn’t know what color they were sending me, but obviously because i’ve just opened it. I know what color is but i’ll. Let you guys be surprised. Take a moment right now to comment in the comments down below. Do you think it’s gon na be black gray or rose gold? Quick go comment, so here we go when you open the box, you get a little leaflet of how to work the watch and you get the watch itself and if you comment in rose gold, congratulations, you win nothing.

So first thing in the box that you get after the leaflet is the charging cable a little usb to charge the watch, and then we have the watch itself here. Is it looks so so nice it’s a lot nicer than i expected, not that i was expecting trash but it’s very, very clean. I think it’s just because i’ve never had a smart watch myself. My girlfriend has a smart watch, but i’ve never had one i’ve never been a watch kind of person because i feel, like my wrists, are far too skinny for a watch, but we’ll soon find out. If i like this and if i actually keep wearing it. I think i will, i think, i’ll really like this, because it’s a smart watch and i do a lot of social media work and work online. So i need i need a little phone on my wrist at all times, so i am a total newbie with smart watches but i’m going to try my best to review this, for you guys, we’ll see how it goes, but don’t judge don’t judge your fire. If i say anything wrong to turn on and off hold the side button for five seconds, let’s see if it’s got some charge in it, i think it’s dead. This is pretty satisfying. I love that. I love that little little snap i’m going to try plug it in and see if it’ll come on when it’s plugged in i should have thought about this before i started filming i should have guessed it would need charge.

I should have guessed there. We go it’s charging it’s on it’s going we’ve we’ve got somewhere all right i’m gon na let this charge for a little bit. Then i will come back in an hour or so and complete my first thoughts and review. Video of this watch. I’Ll see you in a bit, you guys got ta. Forgive me, it is the next day and the camera angle has changed, because i am in the progress of rearranging my setup time just slipped away from me yesterday, while the watch was charging and i didn’t get back to filming the video so i’m, very, very sorry, But this does mean that i’ve had more time with the watch to do the review on because i’ve had it on for about 24 hours. Now my first initial thoughts are, i love it i’m, going to say it now that watched didn’t pay me for this video or they didn’t, tell me to say good things about it. I am being 100 honest in this video on my opinions of the watch, and i will say that my only downside to this watch is that it is a bit big for my wrist. I have very skinny wrists and amanda said it looks like i’ve got an ipad on my wrist. The strap is a little bit loose as well on me, but that can be fixed with getting a smaller strap. Let me take this off and show you guys what the watch itself actually looks like and what it does.

So when you first get the watch, you can scan a qr code on your phone from the leaflet inside the box, which takes you to the app so yeah. The watch does have an app which you can control and have a look at everything that goes on on your watch on your phone. You then enter all your personal details, like your height and your weight and your goal setting. I don’t currently have a step goal set. It says 6 000, but i am not trying to lose weight or get fit. I actually would like to get fit that’s a lie, but i’m, not too concentrated on losing weight. If anything, i probably need to gain weight, but i just had to set something so that’s what i put, but you can change it to set what your goal is. It does have a place in the app which you could select different wallpapers and you can also download your own. That is why i made my own with my shaker on the front. There we go the clothes shaker beautiful. You can also customize, where you put the time and the date, the font color all that good stuff and my favorite function. I think with the app is this one just say you misplaced your watch. All you got to do is click this and you found it. So this watch has a whole load of really cool functions. It attracts like your heart rate, your oxygen, your sleep, your blood pressure, your temperature and you can set for when you’re doing different sports.

So it could see how much calories you’ve burned, how much support you’ve done that day. It also keeps a history of it, i’m, not sure for how long, maybe a month i’m, not too sure, but last night i wore this to bed, so it did track. My sleep, if you slide across this way, it shows you all your sport activities that you can select just say: i’m going to play basketball. I could just click this and it would start my training. I guess it also then saves that so you have a history of that. Like i’ve said before, i have never owned a smartwatch, so this is probably what every smartwatch does i’m just telling you the feature that this one in particular. Has you swipe the other way you have all your apps in the one place which you can change, the layout of you could put nine apps on the page and then flip through or you can have it like this kind of smart feature here from here. You can see your calls, your notifications, your sleep, your heart rate, all that kind of stuff, a calculator. How many steps you’ve done that day. All the options are there to look at let’s select the sleep one and you’ll see here what my sleep was like last night, i’m, a very bad sleeper. I only had an hour and a half of deep sleep. The rest was light. What’S going on you slide down, you get all your kind of information there.

Your battery, you set alarm, really quick, your information and, if you slide up, then you have your notifications that come in. I am really really impressed by this watch. I was kind of thrown off when they got in touch with me and i had a look at their website of just how cheap these watches were. I thought they were going to be cheap quality and not that great, but i was pleasantly surprised for the price that you pay for. This watch is a lot cheaper. These other competitor watches are almost double or tripled the price of this one and for the price you’re paying off this it’s great. I love it. Yeah i’ve only had it 24 hours, i’m really enjoying it, and i think i will be wearing this every single day and i’m very happy that they sent me one out, because i would have probably never wore a watch before this video. But now that i’ve got one i like it. I feel like a new woman watch where i are now. Not only were they kind enough to send me out a watch, they also gave me a discount code, which is chloe for you guys to use on their website, which i will link down below in the description. If you want to grab a watch for yourself or just go, take a look at what their website has and if you do find yourself checking out, you can use that code for a little bit of a discount.

Again, i have not been paid to say any of this stuff. They just kindly send me out the watch and gave me the code there for you guys if you wish to use and i’m happy to share it and i’m happy to share my thoughts with you. Guys that i genuinely do like this watch, it sounds like i’m pushing it on you now, i’m, just genuinely surprised and hyped about it, because i’ve never had one. You guys do have any questions about the watch. Please leave it in the comments down below and i will try to get back to you or they do have a faq section on their website to have a look at again. Thank you so much for the people over at watch for sending me one of these.