This is your most awaited. Review of the apple watch dupe that i got from lasadas. If you want to know more about this product, please keep on watching Music, okay guys. So, of course i have the apple watch right here, the original one – and i will compare it side by side with this smart watch that i got from lazada guys. So i have it right here with me so again, it’s super cute. It actually looks exactly like the apple watch when you’re wearing it in your hands, but the original apple watch just flashed a picture here somewhere. So you can see it and halos guys and even the strap sobrang went on strap even the feel of the strap of the original apple watch. So i kept the original packaging here with me, so i can show you guys so it’s all so very secure apple watch is inside. So i mean the smart watch is inside so yeah and then you can remove the box if you will not take care of the packaging so plus points to seller with a good packaging. I’M very impressed the hotel, guys it’s, either salazada or some they’re, giving value to their customers they’re buying ordinary customers that’s a good job so yeah. This is the the box itself, um color, so pink. And then, when you open the box, mary longshan a manual and then you know again and watch and the charger itself, so your launcher guys with the packaging and then of course, i’ll show you the things inside champaign, i think charger.

So it looks like this well adapter guys, so you need to provide an adapter to charge your watch. This is how the charger looks like pyramid and chunk clip, oh yeah. So this is how the charger looks like inside. You can clip my opinion to charge it. So um, i think, to fully charge the watch. It takes up to like two hours to fully charge it so not really bad at all. Okay, guys, so let’s go straight to the features of the smart watch so against you guys in the interface yeah there. So that’s the interface and you can choose a lot of different interfaces, so you have to long press the middle button Music, and you can do this as well and then make isa yeah. So in total you can choose up to four interfaces of the face of the watch, so not bad and noticed in you guys, i’m pressing the center button for a long time, kasey, hindisha touchscreen, so guys it’s, not touchscreen. You just have to press features so garancha guys and go it’s all you have to long press and wait um for it to function so again, let’s go straight to the first feature of this watch, guys so nahallah di i heart rate. So again you can measure your heart rate. Just like the apple watch: smart watch, nato, sating apple watch, oximeter to measure my heart rate. I compare nothing data, okay, um, smart, watching the shampoo.

I want to give you the best review device so so think. Well on your watch and then we will measure the heart rate now doing right now, so to measure the heart rate, long press, the middle button. So again, a long press cushion and now it’s measuring so i’ll show you oh yeah, because it’s now trying to measure my heart rate and then gaga being querenditos it’s both reading right now, oh yeah, it says here on the smartwatch. My heart rate is 76.. Let’S see on the apple watch and tomata, 77, 78 and apple watch go it’s 98, so i think atom. Smart watch is, i mean it’s not reading instantly like this one heart rate right. That moment is and then you have to wait a few minutes before it reads the final heart rate: um smart watch guys um the first reading, it’s, not the real one, so you will wait for it to vibrate for the final reading so i’m. Finally, reading is 92, so i’ll show you kubernetes and i’ll. Show you the final reading of my heart rate, ayan 92 from the smart watch and then here on my apple watch: 96: Music, sometimes okay. So my heart rate here in the oximeter is 97. 97. Okay, so, as you can see, um heart rate reading from the smart watch that i got for 600 and the apple watch and the oximeter so let’s proceed to the next feature next feature guys is it can measure your blood pressure so that’s a good thing right, Guys, especially semantic monitoring blood pressure, so, as you can see i’m wearing the blood pressure cuff right now, i have the digital blood pressure monitor right here, and i have my watch as well.

So i’ll show you again measure bp and guys, as you can see, you can measure your blood pressure. So so i think, watch and we’ll see digital blood pressure monitor, and this is, i think, watch it’s a good thing to have for only 600 pesos. Let me measure your blood pressure, more that’s, good, long press to measure your bp just like no heart rate and now it’s stigma, nothing guys so tapos. I think blood pressure, digital blood pressure, monitor so um reading is what 99 over 57 so usually need a round off to 100 over 60, which is my normal talaga guys again and dito static watch grab 135 over 81 mejo malay, you guys 133 over 83.. So i therefore conclude: hindi cannot so it’s a little far from i know from the reading of the legit blood pressure and monetary debt, so that’s that for the blood pressure and then now let’s proceed to the next feature. It can also read your oxygen saturation. So now you guys because of kovid oxygen level that’s why i bought this oximeter. So i can check my oxygen level every now and then so nothing reading. I is smartwatch spo2 level, so long press again guys long press again it’s reading right now and let me go to oximeters and let’s wait for the result smartwatch. So you will have to wait a few more minutes. Okay, so it symmetra beginning reading 99 oxygen level and 93 and acting heart rate let’s see you adding watch ayan, um oxygen level, so oximeter that i have young blood pressure.

Um blood pressure 133 over 80, usually 100 over 60 hundred over 17 and i’ll. Show you again, 97 and dito. Satin oximeter in a man is 99 99. I know um smart watch balance, heart rate in canada, 99, 97., actually, usually um states, usually so reading new oxymeter yeah and just like this watch 97 new results. It can also track your exercise, guys so um. It will show you you um bits per minute: habanero, workout, ca, heart and, of course, the k calories that you’re losing while you’re doing the exercise so again guys and, of course, to show you the result. I did some testing, so an exercise and smart watch so again guys watch this okay, guys, i’m ready to start my workout and compare the two watches. I have my apple watch and the watch that i got from lazada. The smart watch so again to start doing a workout, so this is mix cardio, so press to start and and then this one a man. So we have to struggle looking for the data first, oh yeah, so, and young free workout and then long press to start it. It will vibrate and then you’re going to count down. So there you go that’s the start name countdown and also the countdown on this watch is starting as well so and guys right now, i’m catching my breath. I just finished with my first: you work out and i’m comparing the data right now.

Guys 156 beats per minute. I lost 91 active calories and lito. My heart rate is just 60. that’s too low and my calorie spurt was 37, so i own i don’t know. If i chose the wrong setting lam, i tried to change the setting to a different one, so i’ll stop it right now: water, guys, okay, so before anything else, but i thought i’ll send you a water juggle, so i got this from shopping for 569 pesos. So i mentioned i’m sorry, my motivating words good morning i’m, so and so where’s my motivating words like good morning. You’Ve got it and then well done about 11 30 uh almost finished. This is only 569 pesos i’ll put the link down below so yeah mermaids. As you can see major struggles, guys um it measures your steps better, not thoroughly and, of course, measurements adding um apple watch. So i don’t, if you’re into workouts like me, but don’t, watch that oh accurate when it comes to the exercise feature period, guys um edition player mode, so ayan you can connect this um watch as well to your phone, if you’re an android user, so manchang app, Which is the wii fit app i think hold on. Let me double check it, so i can record the right app for you. You can see a whole india whole android there, so indicating um and there’s an we we’re fit app and there’s a qr code here on the and a manual.

So you can search the app on your um app store or the what you call that bbs android play store ayan and then you can download the wherefit app and then again you watch the app of course. Information like the heart rate, blood pressure, blood, oxygen level, ghanian tapos, american sleep, module watch, nato guys. So you can wear this watch while sleeping and they said that they can measure um how many hours you’re sleeping for the day and how many steps um. How many minutes kind of deep sleep, shahana glide sleep, so paranoia apple watch, go actually pillow up. It can measure your rem, your light sleep, your deep sleep, so magenta um is because it looks like an apple watch fashion watch guys, which is for me, it’s. A good fashion. Watch, if you just want to you know, have a good watch to tell you the time to the weather and etc and it’s a good watch to measure your heart rate and spo2 level. So if you’re gon na ask me for six hundred pesos okay, i got this for 450 pesos right and for 600 you will have a watch na pamporma and then you can also measure your heart rate and your oximeter level. So it’s a good um thing to have that in guys, although i’m getting honest but like what i said, if you just want, you know a fashion watch that’s, also useful, then you can get this watch guys and guys.

Thank you so much for watching this review of the smart watch and um. If you want to um to check this out, of course, the link is down below you can read, reviews guys and there’s a lot of reviews and photos posted on the seller at the link of the seller so and guys. Thank you so much for watching this.