You can find the links of the products featuring in this video at the description below the fitbit versa. Light is one of the best chief smartwatches on the market and offers many of the same features that make the versa our favorite mainstream smartwatch it’s, also more colorful than its higher priced siblings, with marina, blue and mulberry plum options alongside a classic silver with colorful bands. But the versalight also sacrifices some of the features that make the verses so well, rounded, including swim tracking and on board music storage. If those features are less important than price, the versa light is worth buying for the battery life and solid fitness tracking. The mods fitbit is the best cheap smartwatch under 100. It is a stylish touchscreen watch with smartphone notifications, lengthy battery life and built in heart rate, monitor gps and glonass for accurate, workout tracking, cheap heart rate. Tracking devices are notoriously unreliable, but the bip is relatively accurate. You can squeeze out 45 days of battery life from the bip without using any of its smart features, but even using the heart rate monitor and gps to track. Workouts that’s incredible for a smartwatch. The bips 1.28 inch 176 into 176 pixel color screen is in stellar, but the always on display is useful for using the watch. The one downside is that the bib lacks an app store but that’s a small price to pay for such a bargain. Samsung’S first gen galaxy watch, active smartwatch is its most affordable and also one of the best cheap smartwatches for android users.

The galaxy watch active sports, a faster processor and easier to use software than other android watches that run on google square os platform. The only downside, the galaxy watch – active doesn’t have many well known apps, especially compared with the apple watch. Luckily, samsung’s built in apps, including its fitness focused options, are more than capable of handling most tasks. The fitbit’s versa 2 makes slight tweaks on the original versa, including an emul display and built in alexa. Fitness smartwatch offers all of the features in the original versa, such as accurate heart rate, tracking, lengthy battery life, colorful, touchscreen display and in depth. Sleep analysis: the versa doesn’t have on board gps, which would make it a more capable apple watch rival and its app store, isn’t as well stocked as apples, but with five day battery life, cross platform, compatibility, an affordable price and sophisticated sleep tracking features. The versa 2 is a solid smart watch for most people. The let’s hood smartwatch is the most budget friendly option that still gets you. The features you care about it packs a built in heart rate, monitor notification, support for everything from incoming phone calls to snapchat and is actually slimmer and more lightweight than its high end counterpart. The apple watch 6., if you’re, just looking for casual fitness, tracking and basic smartwatch features, the id205l might be the deal for you, it’s, not the most accurate activity tracker but it’s, not terrible, especially if you use it in conjunction with another device, such as your phone, Which you’ll need anyway for gps connectivity, the 38 millimeters apple watch series 3 with gps is the best sheet smartwatch for most iphone owners.

The watch integrates seamlessly with the phone, so you can easily view notifications and respond to messages directly on the wrist. The series 3 also has many of the same fitness tracking and heart health features that are in the higher priced apple watch series 6.. The more affordable series 3 can passively monitor your heart rate and send you a notification if it detects an irregular heart rhythm. It also benefits from the watchos 7 software update, which brings new watch, faces sleep tracking and support for more workout styles, despite being a cheap smartwatch. The mob boy took watch e2 packs and several features that you’d normally expect to find on much more expensive models. It’S based on google’s, wear os operating system, so you can take advantage of tools like google fit and google assistant, which allows you to interact using voice alone. Beyond that, you can download any of the thousands of google play apps to suit your specific needs and interests. The ticwatch e2 also includes 24 7 heart rate monitoring and built in gps for run tracking it’s, particularly good for swimmers being water resistant to a depth of 50 meters and offering swim tracking with data such as lap count, stroke count and swimming style. Well, it’s, not the most stylish watch, it’s lightweight comfortable and still looks pretty good on the wrist. The biggest downsides to this watch are the two day battery life, which is far from the most generous and the lack of nfc.

So the one google app you won’t be able to use. Is google pay as long as those are deal breakers? This watch offers exceptional value at such a low price. Thank you for watching so far and we hope you enjoyed our video don’t forget to hit the subscribe button for more reviews.