Just like this, but today we’re going to be talking about a smart watch with a very uh immense range of features on it. So i’ve been using this smartwatch for a few days now, since the 26th of april, which was last month. So you know i’m saying we can get a good idea of the activity that i’ve been getting so that’s around about seven to six days, uh the 20. I started tracking from the 26th, so that was the first day where i got activity from to pair from my smartwatch to my smart app now this device um right here is called the let’s fit iw1 and it works with an app called the let’s fit app. So there’s an immense variety of um features and colors that you can get this thing with, so they do have it in black blue gold. You know i’m saying purple and and the pink one and the purple one have like this rose gold color on the um. The the the edge, so it looks really premium. This one is actually like a anthracite, solid, gray color, which looks really crazy as well. You know i’m saying i really do like this app, because it definitely has like a really nice um layout. It has uh. It tells you all your days at the top, so you don’t get um confused about where you’re looking for your your tracking. So let me talk about some of the things that it’s gon na be able to track for you.

So um right now, i’ve been using it since the 26 and we’re actually at nine percent. So i figured i would do this video since it’s been roughly about you, know i’m, saying seven days or so like a week and i’ve definitely been using this thing. Out of the box, i i i um didn’t completely charge it all the way up, so it probably could get a few more days, maybe like 10, all together, instead of seven but um i’m, definitely on the last bar of juice right now, so i definitely wanted To show you guys, my opinions on this watch it’s at um nine percent right now, so you know that gives you an idea how it will last um. You could use it for your notification alerts when you’re getting messages sent in or reminders, or something like that. Let’S say you want to be reminded: you have an alarm that you can set on this guy stopwatch. You can control your music that you’re listening to on your earbuds that’s attached to your phone through the um music control thing, which lets you control the volume and switch tracks forward and back so i think, that’s really convenient about this smartwatch also, i also have been Using it in the shower um multiple times, i never take this thing off, so i like the fact that it’s waterproof it allows you to take showers without having to take the watch off so that’s really convenient as well um.

Now another thing that i did like about this watch is: it has some new features for 2021 um from let’s fit so let’s talk about some of those features right now, but um. The main one is the spo2, which is the um it’s, basically going to take your blood saturation and oxygen level and give you a score that score will determine how healthy or you know, i’m saying how well you’re doing compared to other people and um. You know it’s a good test to have because a lot of people who train go use that that score to measure. You know i’m saying how they, how healthy they’re doing at that very moment, and so i think, um it’s not like something that you would use in a hospital or something like that, it’s just something that gets you a quick, estimated um. You know i’m saying blood tracking level and they do have an option on the phone inside of the app where, if you go into settings – and you just click my device right here, um it’s gon na tell you you can get notification alerts, do not disturb night Mode which is good for the night time it dims the screen. You can also control the brightness. The watch faces the sleep alarm, the vibration intensity and the blood oxygen which it says right here after switching on your device, will continuously detect your blood oxygen levels. When you sleep, please note this may affect your device’s battery.

To a certain extent, accurate detection of blood oxygen levels require the watch to be worn. The watch not to be worn too loose, so you want to put it a little bit tight around your wrist when you’re doing the oxygen levels. So just keep that in mind. We do have a firmware update on this thing, but because my watch is lower than fifty percent it’s like at nine percent right now, it’s. Not let me do the update right now, but um you can choose many different languages. It does. Let you choose between english. Dutch um and several you know, i’m saying several other other languages uh as well. So you know that’s in everything is here they they give you the option to con track. Your sleep now that’s one of my favorite things that i like to track on here, because not only does it track your rem sleep, but it tracks your deep sleep and the time that you are awake and your light sleep as well. It also does have my blood saturation levels, while it’s tracking my sleep, so um that’s, that’s, really really really detailed right. There it’s also got my distance, walked every single day, calories burned heart rate as well, which it does track quite accurately um. So everything that i do on here it even tracks your distance that you’ve walked through gps. You could set that up as well, so we can track that when you’re walking it’ll track the activity, the calories burn, the steps walked um.

You know what i’m saying things of that nature and all, while tracking your heartbeat and your blood oxygen at the same exact time. It tells you your workout minutes so it’ll tell you how many minutes you worked out and then how many active hours you were working out and um. You could go anywhere from the time when you first paired it to your watch till the time when you are, you know i’m saying using it currently, but it lets you use your email address to sync up to the let’s fit app, which is cool, because if You change devices it’s all going to be through that profile that you originally created, so i definitely think that’s pretty cool you get this share button where it lets. You share your activities, uh your steps, your workouts and your active hours. So um, the only thing this this watch is missing is weather. It doesn’t notify you of the weather, but you can also do 14 different workouts. I was able to choose between uh strength, training, indoor, cycling and more strength, training. Those those are some of the things i tend to be doing, but all inside of my workout attract the calories. I was burning my cardio, my fat burning. It says i had a warm up area here and it tells me where my heart rate was going and fluctuating averaged about 103 beats per. You know, i’m saying a minute on in my cycling, workout and then, while i was lifting weights, my heart was at 112.

So i was exuding more force and effort when i was lifting the weights versus using the cardio. So you know it’s pretty cool, to note that you do get that information and that data right at the touch of your fingertips, um, all the things that you were doing throughout the day, your steps, your sleep, it kind of helps. You track your kind of gives. You peace of mind to know how many hours you slept and how much um for me, i like to look at the deep sleep a lot, so i could see. Was it actually good sleep or was i just knocked out like um? You know i’m saying like a hibernating bear or something like that, but i definitely like the fact that this thing does give you notifications on your wrist, really easy. You you can’t, respond to text messages on here, but you can view text messages on here and it does give you this option right here where you can raise to wake up, turn that off to save battery, and you could also have a do not disturb option. If you don’t want to get reminders at a certain time, but it has this little button on the side. The last prior model had a dial on the side, but i really like the fact that this also does allow you to control your music straight from your smart watch to from your to your phone, so very um awesome watch in my opinion and um.

It gives you a lot of features all day. Heart rate monitoring track your routines as well, when it’s connected to the gps we’ll, let oxygen easy alarm, clocks and reminding clocks as well. All types of you also do get a relaxation mode as well as a sedentary. My reminder to remind you to stand up um. It does come with a proprietary cable, so make sure that you don’t want to lose this thing because it’s, like the only cable that charges this thing. So you know i’m saying i have a bag of these that i just keep nearby. The best thing to do is to label them, which is which so that you don’t get those mixed up, but they do give you a one year, warranty, which is actually free of charge and extended a one year warranty as well. So you have a full year that you could do that with them through the customer service, which is pretty cool but um, like i said my favorite feature is the fact that, if you want to use this without any of the features that it has, you could Use it 30 days standby time, um the of course the straps will come off the the watch, because it has this this mechanism, where you can unclip it and just buy 22 millimeter straps and they should be compatible with any 22 millimeter strap. So the price of this thing is uh 40 dollars. I’Ll leave the link down below um.

I think it’s gon na be always gon na be fluctuating in price, because that’s just the nature of these things with those 14 sports modes, you will be able to take a um control over your workouts and kind of see what improvements you’ve been getting week to Week month to month, but let me know what you guys think about the iw1 from let’s fit smartwatch and uh.