Wait what Music all right enough! Joking around welcome! Back to gadget, conquest, everybody – i am here today to show you this. This is a 20 smart watch by wise the same company that brought us the smart scale that i looked at the security camera and also the fitness band so wise, very well known for producing low cost or value products that are actually pretty good and really punch Way above their weight class as far as price to performance, and this smart watch frankly is another accomplishment of theirs. I would say so. This thing is 20 us dollars. It is actually 19.99 on their website. It is currently, i believe, sold out. I will have a link to their website to their store. It is currently sold out, though, because this thing is actually pretty great for the money. However, it does have its shortcomings which we will go into, but we will start with the good points just to get it off on a a nice uh just to get to a nice start right. So good point number one: this is an aluminum body with a glass front. Uh the design is very reminiscent of a certain apple watch, if you will in fact co workers and even family members. While i have been wearing this, i have been wearing it for the past week have been asking me if i had bought myself an apple watch, and i have not. This is a wise watch, uh significantly cheaper.

This is the 47 millimeter variant. They also have a 44 millimeter variant and it has a heart rate sensor, along with a blood oxygen sensor, which is pretty cool and they are actually two different sensors it’s, not like they’re cheating, you out with the heart rate sensor and saying that it does something That it doesn’t it is actually a separate sensor, and you can actually see the sensor activate separately when you use the different um sensors. Rather, okay uh. It has amazing battery life, actually phenomenal battery life uh. Currently, it is at 67 battery and for reference i picked this thing up, or rather it was dropped off at my home on monday, today’s sunday. So exactly six days ago it was dropped off at my home. I charged it overnight on monday and i have not charged it a single time since then, and i’ve used it every single day up to today, and it is currently at 67 battery. I honestly believe that you could easily get eight to ten days of battery life off of this thing without having to worry about plugging it in which is really really cool for those of you that know about smart watches. You know that even the best battery life among smart watches is still only a couple days. The galaxy watch active is known as having a very, very good battery life for a smart watch and even then that one lasts two days at max.

So this one being able to last eight to ten days is pretty amazing. However, there are compromises and that’s what we’re going to get into right now, compromise number one is the charging standard, so it does not use uh qi charging. Let me see if i can find that it does not use qi charging. Instead, it uses these uh pogo pins on the back that are magnetic, and it has this sort of mag safe style charger that plugs into the back, and that is how you charge it. It’S pretty unfortunate that that is the way that they decided to charge it. However, it does work and the magnets are fairly strong. You can even dangle the watch from it like that very easily, but they come off and they go on very easily. So i would say it’s, probably like a b, a b plus on the charging of this thing. However, i really would have liked it to be um, perhaps on this side, maybe somewhere around here or something like that, so that i could actually charge it. While i have the watch on, that would actually be really cool, so i’m sitting at my computer, and this cable is a pretty good length. I’D probably say maybe like 30 centimeters, i’m, not entirely sure, but it’s a good length, cable, and i think it would be very easy to have this plugged in to the computer and also still have the watch on and charge it while you’re at the computer.

And then just be able to stand up and walk away, and the charger would just pop right off, because the magnets on here have a really good balance, but that is unfortunate that it doesn’t support qi charging it just charges that way. Another unfortunate thing is, and it really comes into why the battery life is so good, is that this doesn’t use any official uh any of those big first name, uh os’s for uh smart devices like these. It does not use android wear, it does not use teasin or tizen, which is a samsung’s proprietary os and it does not use. Obviously apple’s watch os. It uses a os made entirely by wise for this smart watch. It is very similar, i would say, probably to the wise fitness band that we looked at, although it is a little bit more customized and the app has much more customization features for the watch than it did for the band. But overall um the os is pretty bogged down. There are very few animations when using the watch when scrolling through pages on the watch, it’s very clear that it’s just skipping from page to page it’s not doing like a fluid animation. So you could tell that the watch itself is pretty underpowered and that’s. One of the reasons why it has such good battery life is because it’s not an over the top powerhouse like maybe an apple watch, would be so uh don’t expect to have cellular cellular data or to be responding to text messages or answering phone calls.

That stuff is just not going to happen with this watch. However, you can receive your notifications and you can receive your text message and view them from the watch that doesn’t work. However, i will say that the software is very still. It feels alpha. It still feels pre release, which i don’t know. If this thing is still technically a pre release product, since i did pre order it and it has arrived so i’m not entirely sure i have to check it out again, but the the software still feels alpha. There are still some uh bugs with the notifications, where sometimes the notifications actually most of the time the notifications don’t get passed through to the watch as they should and that’s kind of a bummer. But most of the downsides that come through on the software are purely software bugs and not actually related to the hardware, which is actually a good thing, because that means that you will have the opportunity to get software updates and wise can just update the software and Make it a lot easier for people to um enjoy this honestly, really good value watch. Another thing we have is the bands actually do have a little uh switch on the side here to remove them. However, i there we go, so you can actually remove and replace these bands, which is pretty cool on its own let’s, see if i can get this one off as well they’re kind of a pain in the butt to do.

I assume there’s some sort of tool to make this easier. You are able to do it with your finger, but it’s, not the easiest thing in the world. There we go got it so you can remove the bands and replace the bands which is really cool. Also another cool feature: it only has a single button on it. It is an aluminum body and the display. So this is the other thing that allows it have the amazing battery life that it does it’s not an oled display it’s, not a uh it’s, actually a tft display. Now it is a color tft display and with what they’ve done with the os and the the size of the display, even being the low resolution display that it is, i can say that it does actually look pretty good and the watch face itself is viewable at Most viewed angles that you would actually try to view it from. It is viewable from say right here, all the way to here and everywhere in between, and i had no problems being able to see the display in uh broad daylight. I live in florida. I live in clearwater florida, so there’s a lot of sunlight out here and i had no problem seeing it in the sunlight at all that really wasn’t an issue so that’s. Basically, all that i have to say about this thing overall, it’s, a really uh it’s it’s, a really enticing package for twenty dollars.

It’S definitely way more valuable than a twenty dollar watch would be, however, it’s not at the level of a two to three hundred dollar watch, but it was never meant to be and it’s clear that it was never meant to be it’s it’s twenty dollars come on, But for twenty dollars it is absolutely a steal. I honestly, if you’re looking for a smart watch and you don’t want to spend the kind of money that it takes to buy a apple watch or a samsung watch or maybe a fossil, or something like that. If you don’t want to spend that kind of money, but you do want to have a smart watch, maybe for a heart rate, monitor or even the blood oxygen sensor or just have a step counter with a watch on it or something like that. This is a great price. I definitely recommend it over any of the other cheap chinese knock offs that you’re gon na find on amazon or wish or ebay, or something like that or alibaba or aliexpress whatever. This is definitely a good deal and i wholeheartedly recommend it. Two thumbs up great job wise with this watch very good job and that’s it that’s all. I have to say about it. I hope you guys enjoyed the video leave any comments down below. If you maybe know about some other watches, that would be pretty cool. I would definitely want to check them out and thumbs up if you liked the video thumbs down.

If you didn’t, like the video, you know, if you didn’t, like the video i’m, sorry that’s my fault, i should have made a better video for you. I mean to take it to heart every thumbs. Down i take to heart anyway.