6 smartwatch – and this is the hw22 as you would know, it’s another series, six class smartwatch there’s a few little subtle differences compared to the previous ones, which are the hw12 and the hw16. If you haven’t seen that make sure you check out my previous videos, i’ll leave the links to them two videos in the description box below, as always, make sure you follow me on one of these social medias, as i always put up sneak peeks on what to Expect on all sorts and as always, make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification. Someone upload any video you’ll actually be notified. So let’s do a quick, unboxing i’ll. Give you an idea of what the features are like and then we’ll take a look at the operating system and see what this watch is like and also connect it to my phone to see what it’s like as well so straight away. You’Ve got the hw 22 it’s got five different watch faces, as you can see right here, like this being uh. These are the five ones that are pre loaded on the watch, and you can also do a sixth version where you do a customized watch face and also you can choose a few from the upwinds once it’s connected as well, and also download from your phone to The watch which we’ll do later in the video stay tuned for that you’ve also got a picture here, saying that this scroll works, which is a good thing because in the previous one they didn’t.

So if you want to see a hw12 versus hw 16 versus hw22, then let me know in the comment section below anyways enough of that let’s get straight into it: series 6 space aluminium case 44 millimeter you can get in four different. Colors we’ve got the black one, of course, um smart watch here is some of the features smartwatch the package size uh, the package weight, bluetooth 5.2. The chip is using is a sc or sc7r 30 and the display the 1.7 inch display is runs at bluetooth, 5.0 and above and ios 10.0. The battery capacity is 200 mah, waterproof ip67 and the app you need to download is wear fit pro made in china and a few trademarks, and, as is everything else, so there we go, let’s see what we get inside the box straight away. You’Ve got a nice picture of a series: 6 smartwatch one couple and you’ve also got smart watch. Six here is the smartwatch let’s open this up and, as you can see here, we’ve got a few manuals which says: hw 20s smartwatch, hdb22 smartwatch it’s in english, and there we go so you only get in two different languages as well. So that is the manuals let’s see what that is the smartwatch, that is the charging machine, so it’s a two ping charger, and that is the charging. What you usually see usb, what that is all we get inside the box, so let’s get straight into it and show you what the watch is like.

So overall, i actually like this watch it’s much more, a better looking clone than the previous ones, with the color. As well it’s a really nice gloss back a similar sensor design as the original definitely a looks same as the original. The only thing different is it hasn’t got bulbs to push out the watch band. You can just push them out straight away and push them in that’s. The only the downfall and one big downfall as well is this button is not real it’s. Just a a sticker. Well, it’s a printed sticker it’s, not even a stick: it’s just embedded it’s, not a real button. You’Ve got the my cutout there and also the scroll stroke crown button right there, and that is about it. So if you think that is a real button, it’s not it’s a fake one, just like the previous one on the hw models, you’ve got the speak, cutout grilles right there as well. Take a look at the back here are the sensors. You got the two pin charger right there. It does have 42 millimeters on either bands as well and you’ve got a few text around that says: series 6, smartwatch, 44 millimeter stainless steel, the same as the original as well to be honest. But who wants to know that? So let me just tell you some of the features with this hw2 smartwatch during the 22th march and then we’ll show you what the operating system is like and what what it’s like, when we connect it to the app Music Music.

Now, let’s take a look at how we use this smartwatch, so you have to push it in to uh start up. The watch boost them straight away. You’Ve got a boot up, uh tone right there. Now the thing that i didn’t uh do in the previous video with the hw16 was the watch menus. A lot of people actually said us. Actually, we said in the previous video, the http 16. It only has one uh watch menu. Well, it does it all. You got to do, is you have to push the button in and you have to double tap it and it’ll change, so it’s got three watch menus, so you’ve got the nine up view the smart style view which the crown actually works as well and also the List view, which is my personal favorite, so it does have three watch menus same as the previous one, but i don’t know i forgot about the hw12, because it’s been a long time since i’ve reviewed that. But if you want to see all three comparison, do let me know in the comment section below so let’s get straight into it swipe down. It gives you the shortcuts. You’Ve got your bluetooth on and off toggle your brightness. It does have a lock screen as well. You on and off button the settings and also the torch. It gives you a percentage of your battery uh date and time, and also that picture right. There is uh to see if your phone is connected to this watch so swiping.

It gives you also the split screen, which also has that feature. These apps here are the ones you already clicked on so that’s a really good design. You can click that to for the code, qr code to download the app sos version and also the time and date swipe up for your message, notifications, swipe left for your heart rate. You can also scroll down as well, which actually gives you your heart rate reading and which is really good as well. If you swipe it again, it gives you your data. You can scroll down to see how much calories you lost the activities you’ve done throughout the day and your frequent time, and it also gives you a graph as well, which is really good. So you can swipe again for weather your music and also, you can add components which we, which is your blood oxygen, breathe, uh, your heart pressure or your blood pressure, and your all of the information on on the health app. So that’s really good right there. So let’s go into the list view to show you what you got the heart rate. Now, let me, let me tell you i’m. Actually gon na put it onto a box and it’s going to show you a reading. I have i used it a little and which i’m also going to give you my opinion on the watch at the end of the video. After a bit of time, it does show you reading of uh well, whatever it shows the f58 going up to 62.

, but once you take it off the uh box um, as you can see, you’ve got the flashing lights. The four red flashing uh. Well, the fall red lights and the flashing green light and the uh reading goes off. So it won’t give you a reading if it’s actually not onto something. So if it’s on an object, then it will actually give you a reading after like just under a minute or so so it does detect something that’s something on the wrist. But if it’s like this, it wouldn’t actually give you a reading. So they have got something right so once it’s on an object, it will give you reading the same with the blue oxygen, the heart rate and the blood pressure. So there’s no point going to show you the maps. I’Ll just show you what they look like that’s. The blood oxygen and going black that’s the blood pressure as well, and what else do you get as you can see, you’ve got the flushing lights right there. So you got your outdoor sports, the outdoor running outdoor, cycling, etc. Uh going down again, you can actually use your crown button as well indoor activities, indoor running and that’s, how you get setups. Oh, actually, the crown’s not working, no idea why it works with other things. Um well, we’ve got your phone once you connect it to your phone, it will actually show you your calls and everything your data same again, which which i showed you later so you, the crown, actually works for some of the apps, not most of them.

Uh, the sleeve you can sleep out of money to your sleeve, your weather, breathe as well that’s pretty same as the original, but you just press play, and it just shows you how to concentrate on your breathing. It has the same vibration as well similar, i would say, similar vibration, but it’s much more slower. So, as you can see right there that’s really good. They definitely mimic that so your met is the information that you’ve done from your week on your exercise and let’s. Go down to stopwatch shake to press it to shape to take pictures music, you can’t actually stop music onto it. You have to have it from your phone going into the watch, your stopwatch, your pressure, um information messages set up and calculator when we’re going to settings. You can actually use your dimming to dim the brightness brightness screen duration and this screen time off 15 seconds phone settings. You’Ve got your damn mute down. Vibration call vibration, uh raise to wake that’s, you can that’s toggled off, do not disturb mode, and you can do that. A smart do not system would whatever that one is um, it has language as well. It has quite a few languages, as you can see right there, so it is multicultural when it comes to this, because some smart watches don’t have a lot of languages. This does, which is good and also the password. So you can actually put a password on this phone on the smartwatch uh, like you can do with the previous ones, which is really really good just before i connect it to the app.

What do i like about this watch? Well, the new feature with this watch with this hw series watch is the crown bone actually works. It looks much more better than the previous ones. It looks much more like the original as well. So if you want a phone that looks like the original um and also performs similar to the original, then i would say this is the smartwatch for you it’s, a decent smartwatch. The only thing i don’t like is this it’s supposed to be a button right there, but it’s, not it’s, just nice and flush it’s like a sticker that’s on it, which uh it’s a fake button, as we would say, but yeah overall it’s a decent smartwatch. This is probably one of the decent smartwatches i’ve used in a long time. I want to show you more features with this when we connect it to my phone on the app right. I’Ve already got the app already downloaded, so we are going to use wear fit pro. All we need to do make sure your bluetooth is on so we’ll swipe it down toggle, bluetooth on and add device, so it’s searching for device. Hopefully it should uh come up as hw 22 is my bluetooth on yes, it’s is on the phone. Yes, as you can see right there, hw 22 after the pairing, successful your sports health and other data information will be synchronized between the watch and the mobile phone, which i don’t mind with that, and this actually gives you tips on how to wear the watch as Well so that’s understood, so you got similar um details as the previous hw series held healthily weekly.

It shows you this app actually gives you more. It is the best app for these smart watches the wear fit pro, because it gives you a lot of information on the watches, your step, calories, your everything even gives you medals as well like the original one, though so this wear fit. Pro is the best app for the smart watches. So if you want to uh go into the details of your watch, you just press your watch now here with where it says, watch face market. Now, with this one, you can actually download um. This is the marquee household. These are the only the apps you can actually get different ones. All you got to do is upgrade the um, the app itself, and it will actually um upload. More watch faces every so often so make sure you check this regularly. So this is already installed and all we need to do is oh, i see, as you can see, we’ve got a notification right there, which i’ll show you later. So what you need to do is go into style, six and as we’ve got that already installed. That is it right there, which is really good, so you can choose it. It takes less than a couple of minutes to download onto the watch, which is really good. If you want a custom screen saver from your pictures, all you got to do is uh press plus right there, which we’ll do in a second, and you can actually change the style of uh and the position of the text as well, which is really really good And the color, which is definitely good, so let’s, go and put this one on right here: press done and installation we have.

It took less than a minute and look at that. I’Ve got the accord type on the watch face of the watch so which is really really good. Now what else you can do with this watch on the app is also track. Your information from your uh pedometer, the steps you’ve taken raised to weight. You can actually uh toggle that on and off from there as well, that actually works with a little bit of lag as well. You can take photos um. You know your health data will be on here as well. Your weather frequent contacts notifications, if you’re going to notifications, you can toggle on and off from your notifications, it’s, not just these i’ve just received a notification from my instagram as well, so we’ll, toggle, whatsapp and we’ll toggle sms. So let me just show you when it comes to getting all the now when it comes to making phone calls uh on this watch and receiving phone calls, you’ve got to connect it to watch call as well. So you’ve got two things you need to connect to. In the bluetooth settings hw22 is to connect to the app and everything the watch call is to make phone calls and receive phone calls on your watch itself. So let me just show you how it is now i’m, just calling from my iphone, and hopefully it should come up with all sorts, but does it come up with the name? Is that is the same? No, it doesn’t come up with the name, but it gives you a tone of the phone call which is okay.

To be honest, so that is the notification from the call it doesn’t show the name which is disappointing, and now we’re gon na send a message. Let’S see what the message says straight away: there’s a little bit of a lag and, as you can see it says the name also subscribe to all sorts same again. You’Ll get the same with notifications from whatsapp instagram, facebook, whatever so, overall people. This watch is really good. I actually like this watch. The screen ratio to screen to body ratio is good. It’S, just placed a little bit higher with a bit bigger bezel at the bottom. But overall i like this watch. Only disappointing thing is this fake button right here, but overall it’s, a really nice base, gray color with a gloss back same uh, similar sensors at the back as well and yeah.