Now let’s see what what’s inside the box. We just have a micro, usb, cable and instruction manual. I believe so this is the chinese part, and this is the english part. Music. Okay, let’s keep this aside. This is the watch. I got it like this to remind you of the specifications we have. A 380 mah battery means a milliampere hour, 4.2 volt see. We have Music. I believe this is micro, sim card slot and uh 4gb for uh. I believe this is expandable to 32 gb the memory card slot. I have been inserted the 4gb version and you can insert a sim card also over here now i didn’t insert it because um i do not actually have extra sim card now. I do not also want to use it as my personal phone, because it is really hard. Now we are going to go in that session now, let’s get to the main part. Why isn’t it closing closed let’s turn it on now. I have put it to vibration mode that’s why it’s vibrating? Now we have three clock faces over here. If you keep on tapping it will uh change the clock faces and you, if you swipe from the right to left it will uh go to your main screen, and here we have menu let’s zoom. So this is having a 0.3 megapixel camera and the facebook uh whatsapp twitter, the things you are seeing here. Those do not really work except the browser it works slightly.

But if you import the correct webpage, what is that called the url of the web? Page let’s? See the camera okay, i just took an image of what is it? Let’S delete it, and that is all maybe wait. A minute let’s see an image. We go to search wallpaper and we have. It looks pretty good, but you cannot open all the images as the size differs. Let’S play something uh. I do not have a song or song type things right now so i’m going to skip that part. So that was it guys. If you have any questions or query, then comment down below and if you have any any other questions, then you can ask me and thanks for it guys subscribe to my channel and like my videos for more and hopefully in future i’ll have more slightly better videos.