Now i hope i pronounced that currently by the way, so the galaxy is upton, uh, laters watch and it immediately caught my attention. When i saw photos of it you know being shared around social media, it looked incredibly unique. Let me just give you a sneak preview here in the camera, especially in this particular rose gold case and blue dial variants. So i asked tvg, which is an octonz exclusive distributor in singapore. If you have one for review and they kindly send one over so let’s – see if it’s any good now let’s start with the build quality and specifications of the watch, so i would say that the galaxy actually has pretty decent specifications for the price. Now, first and foremost, the octane galaxy uses a flat sapphire crystal so it’s aforementioned many times when it reveals i’m. A big advocate of sapphire crystal due to your inherent scrap, visiting properties. I always look for sapphire crystal my modern day watches. It adds great durability to the watch nexus. In addition, the galaxy has 50 meters of water resistance, so it should be robust enough. You know for most everyday activities that doesn’t involve prolonged submersion in water. On to the back, the octon galaxy is powered by your ubiquitous seiko ns35 movement. So some quick specs in case you are unfamiliar. The movement is at three: hertz has 42 hours of power reserve and it’s hacking so i’m, a big fan of this uh seiko energy.

Five movement: i greatly prefer it now to the myotar 861, which is the alternative commonly seen in affordable microbiome watches this due to the fact that, unlike you know, the nh35, the mutant a series does not hack, suffers or stuttering seconds and, in my own personal experience, It’S, generally, you know more prone to accuracy problems. In contrast, this sacred energy 35 movement is as solid as they come um. So i have no qualms with the movement that i’m using. Unfortunately, you know it does look like a bare bones: decorator movement, so you know it doesn’t really have much. You don’t really see much decoration known of any sort here, that’s, not even a custom rotor, which is a shame at this price point. I would have expected a bit more decoration a bit. You know, perhaps at a very minimum, a custom rotor, but for movement itself, no complaints there now to the leather strap. So the this variant of the octon galaxy comes on this beautiful. You know blue carpet strap, which also features. You know your quick release, buckles for quick interchangeability. So in fact optology provided a additional black leather strap, but no so you can switch it up if you wish, but i found myself pairing the blue galaxy on this. Blue. Led for obvious reasons right i mean just look at it. You know the blue leather strap pack with the blue galaxy note is beautiful. So you know the stitching.

Is nice it’s a very unique uh designs for how you know it flares off and relax yeah? This embossed with a crocodile texture that you know doesn’t look fake. You know it looks rather premium rather nice. It feels really nice on the wrist it’s. Also a rose gold barker, you know that’s. Let me see the camera capture that that’s sign. You know with a logo, so that being said, you know the ladder is unfortunately still not a full grain run, so it wouldn’t patina over time, but nonetheless one of the better. You know a lot of straps that i’ve seen at this price range this one. I definitely wear you know. Most of my watches are swapping out for third party option, but i think i’ll stick with this uh. For now now the octon galaxy also comes with loom uh autonomously. What kind but boy is it beautiful, so i’ll just pop out a loom shot here, so you guys can see what i mean it’s genius. I think – and i think really does evoke the side of the cosmos at night. You can’t really tell what time it is, but as our ring isn’t loom, but i doubt many by the galaxy with eligibility in mind anyway, so all in all i’ll say that often galaxy takes all the boxes. I look for specification wise on an affordable sub. You know us 500 watch that sapphire crystal is a sickle, reliable, sickle movement, no, two straps.

If quick release, functionality and yeah and even room, you know so what mosque? What more could you ask for? But that being said, moving on to the design of the watch? No one really buys the octon watch, so oktong is known for their bow designs as a brand, so nobody buys the octon watch now for the specifications is the cosmos inspired design here? That is really the show stopper. So for one, let me bring this closer to the camera. Look at that. You know this. The blue dodge is sunburst, so there’s a sunburst pattern that morphs in different lighting conditions, it’s, really beautiful. Of course, there’s, a tapestry scattered across the blue dial, is like a tapestry of little stars, so i don’t know if you can capture this on video, but the stars. I hope you guys can see the stars. Look like you know, uh. They are varying depth. Some appear to be closer to nearer to the base of the dial, while others appear to be floating. You know it’s really an intriguing look that, unfortunately, it was very hard to photograph i’m, not quite sure, if it’s evident here, but trust me when i say that in the matter this is one of the most unique dials i’ve ever seen from a micro brand. In this microwave sphere at least now, the celestial theme of the watch actually extends the way one tells time so for you guys. I guess you guys couldn’t tell the moon is actually hours hand.

The plane here at 11, close or close eleven is the meaning center. Of course, this sweeping shooting stars that sweeps across the dial indicates the second time. So when you set the time, let me pop it up. I haven’t seen more visiting that’s how you set the time and you can see the stars rotating as well, so the watch uses, i think two layers or three layers of you know this sort of this transparent. This know that as the stars and everything to uh conjure up this illusion of the cosmos on the wrist now it did take some time for me to get used to telling time on the galaxy. But once i did, i appreciate the innovative approach that the brand has taken here. I feel so high that, technically you know, the minutes and hours had are invisible in the sense that you don’t really see that a stem or the traditional hand is connected to the pin and of the down. It reminds me of the codes mystery dial, some of the coolest vintage watches out there now there’s also a strong sense of depth. I mean people pipes, give you another angle, maybe something like this. So the strong sense of depth here as well due to the raised hour ring so the outward ring here is actually raised and it’s around. So now the rose gold colored hour ring is set in brush. So you get a nice position against the polish bezel as well as the sunburst blue dial.

Again i’ll reiterate that octon galaxy is one of the most mesmerizing dials i’ve ever encountered at this price point. Look at it now in the video, my goodness it really just pops and really just captivating. The one thing that will change is: probably you know, making this dead window black. I think a dark knight will have blended in better with the dark blue down. The white debris does stick up like a saw time a little bit. Moving on to the case, the octon galaxy comes in this uh gold rose, gold cushion shape case that’s, reminiscent of you know some of your square watches from baron ross there’s. Actually a lot of aesthetically pleasing finishing on display. You know you have your alternating polished, uh with brush and big mustard. Textures presents there’s a lot of textures a lot of finishing that’s going on here. I also found this sort of hollow out edges of the case. This whole lot ages of the case. You know to be interesting, gives it a sophisticated look uh. Well, i should mention that square cases are not exactly the first it’s, not actually normal. In fact, i’ve seen optimally known for their square cases watch, but i found this question shape case to wear much better than those of the square cases on the earlier models which were not finished well at all, i would say it’s a lot of sharp edges feels Like a break on the wrist, this here, however, wears ran nicely on the wrist, which i’ll show you guys later and again.

Of course, the angular nature of you know these uh cushion case reinforces the bow look of the watch now. Moving on the case, i can even see that you know the size of the case, but this is a good angle and some of the caves are slightly faceted. You know again to make it look. Angular and more streamlined proportion, so it’s wear better on the wrist. The crown itself is signed with the oktong logo and is substantially sized for easy winding. The winding is really batteries both, even though i don’t think guys can hear it but winding it itself. You know it’s, really a very nice buttery, smooth extra rivet and it’s a pleasure to wind uh doctor galaxy. Now. Let me just put this on my wrist and show you guys how it works right. So here is a wish flow of the watch. Wow. Look at that now, even though the octonz galaxy’s 44 millimeter width may sound big on paper, i actually find it to wear perfectly fine, as you can see on my seven inch wrist. You know the lungs and overhang, it looks uh i mean it’s still a big watch. Don’T get me wrong, but you know it’s not as big as i think people would think now. It’S gon na be seen for the above photo. You know the watch doesn’t overhang at all it’s, also – quite quite slim, i would say actually so actually slim enough now to pair with your smart casual clothing.

I found myself wearing this with a suit with no issues. I would say that definitely this is more wearable than some of oktom’s earlier watches, which has like a 28 millimeter case and felt like a brick on the wrist let’s. Come into that – and i think this is a sweet spot. I think for october 45 mm wears very well on my wrist now. To conclude, i will say that octon galaxy is perhaps my favorite micro brand watch of this year. It has decent specs for the price and but a highly complex and articulate look that punches in my opinion way above you know its price point, so the finishing is immaculate too, and i think this is the galaxy. Is a market improvement from some of oktong’s earlier models? I hope octon calling will make this sort of bold but still tasteful statement watchers. Now this galaxy has definitely converted me from a scenic to a fan of octon. I can’t wait to see you know what other watches they make in the future, so for those that are interested in purchasing this watch, the outdoor galaxy you can use a promo code show to enjoy ten percent of october watchers or any other watch from tvgs online Store so again, tbg is optom’s, sqc, distributor and retailer here in singapore. So after the discount, the actual galaxy will cost 648 singapore dollars or i think that’s about 450 usd might be wrong, but about there so autumn galaxy will just cost 648 singapore dollars, which i think is a great price.

You know for such a stunning and unique design. You know it really does pop in photographs in video and on the wrist. I think a starter of the watch and again one of my favorite watches of this year and alright, if you like, this review, do give it a thumbs up to share around and as always, i’ll catch.