Video recorded between Sept. 24, 2018 (the day I received the device) and October 9, 2018 showing my first 2-week experience with the new Actofit Rise workout tracker, from the initial software through 2 subsequent software updates.

Keep an eye on my blog for my written review as I continue to update my experience:

It might be an OK watch but it is not a good gym tracker. Hopefully they’ll make improvements.

~Update Jan. 4, 2019 ~
The Actofit company reached out to me in Oct. and wanted me to make “corrections” to my video and I asked them what they thought was factually incorrect and they went silent on me.

“We didn’t really give this to you as a review unit; but just out of goodwill. We didn’t really expect you to put up a video first up! So all I’m requesting for is an edit/correction to that !”

They’ve since stopped communicating with me and now I see they launched yet a new version of this device, the Actofit Rise X. So this version of the device was likely a production prototype of a device they knew they had no intention of launching or supporting. I have no faith whatsoever in this company.