This is very similar. It has all the features very similar to previous smart watches that i’ve reviewed very similar to this at least two or three of those let’s call them there’s a few other ones. The only thing i feel like is that it just has a different name, eye color, but everything else is very, very similar. It operates the same. It has the same charging magnetic charger here and obviously you just place it at the bottom here and it charges up. Okay, now, if you look at it, it also comes with a user manual here as well. It operates with um, apple or android. Devices apple has to be 8.0 version above or android 4.4 system or above and bluetooth, 4.2 and above now, the app that it requires is a very freak pro. So most of the watches that looks like this all operate via the same app very freight pro. Sometimes a few other ones, but most of the time is very fit pro. It also has nine sports mode as well. I like it because it’s affordable and it has all the basic features that you would require. Touch control works perfectly as well. You can see if you write a swipe right. It has the mo gesture control there, where, if you lift move your wrist, it will light up and show you the time. It also has the heart rate monitor there in the night mode to find my phone um find my watch or my find my phone um option there as well.

If you swipe up, you got the steps cam calculator there. If you swipe down got the notifications on the right, you have the sports mode. Now in the sports mode, you have run walk bike hike, climbing treadmill, spinning yoga. So these are all the features there. Think of the heart rate monitor you got the blood oxygen, blood and pressure. Not all of them are accurate, but they roughly give you a rough essence. Sometimes it might not even be on the same level to be honest, for example, the blood oxygen or the blood pressure might not be as accurate, but when it comes to heart rate, monitor that gives i feel like that, gives you more accurate reading than double um Options but it’s, not you, won’t, get the best out of this um features here. It does have all these um features here, but they don’t not all of them work as accurate, like sports mode. They work. Fine i’ve tried all that they work. Fine they’ve got the relaxed mode here. You’Ve got the alarm. Clock got the music controller. They got a timer there perfect for putting the alarms on you’ve got the settings here and the sports record. Now in the settings you’ve got the dial here we can change the watch face as well, so you go around four watch faces to change change it to and then let me switch swipe back, go to settings, you go and you can put the brightness up.

Put the brightness down and go that bell and shut down option there as well. The strap is very nice, very slim and secure strap as well, so it doesn’t come off and it’s very comfortable to wear as well perfect for all occasions. So if you’re going to do workout or just for casual use as well, this is perfect and it charges up quickly. He does have a long battery life as well and uh. It requires around two to three hours to charge up, but it gives you around seven to nine days of usage time around 30 to 40 days of standby time as well. Build quality is very good and it’s, affordable, that’s the main thing about this watch. So thank you for watching my video.