com. My goodness, i love this stuff. This is really. This is a need, come true. How many times have you gone out with earbuds and a case? And you just you know: what do you do with the case? Why not wear it on your arm? Wear buds is the the solution to a lot of different things and we're gon na go through them one by one for you, let's get into the box here. Peel off the plastic, so we can show you what this little puppy can do. Uh. You got two earbuds and you got a case, but more than that wow nice look at the packaging. Oh you've even got a raised. Uh glossy. They spin a lot on this packaging. Nice, i'm gon na slide it open get the case. All the way open, so we can get in here is that everything does it pop out now yeah all right good. So not only do you have this case with a band, so you can wear it on your wrist, but when you put the earbuds in it as you're gon na see the case can charge them two two and a half times over again, so you can really Use this thing out and about i'm gon na put this on here and freeze frame it for you. So if you want to read it later, you can but we're going to keep moving for everybody else. So we're buds, we're buds what's in the weir buzz let's check it out.

First of all, where do you get it? Well, the retail store availability of this. This started out as a kickstarter project and retails for about 180, but i have been able to save you. 10 bucks on it. If you go over to amazon i'll, have a special link. You can uh pick this thing up come right to this page. You can get it in white or black and a little bit more for black, but not much put it in your cart check it out, get it shipped to you straight from amazon. Now, in the technical literature that it talks about in here, you're gon na find it's, it does a lot of things. So not only is it a case on your arm with a charger to charge up the earbuds, but it's. Also, of course, a smart watch. It'S smart watch ticks right, it's got a fitness tracker in it, it's got all kinds of other good stuff. You get five and a half hours of overall play time. Ipx6 means uh, basically water resistant for the case and, of course the buds are a little less water resistant you're not going to swim with these, but they should stand up under most conditions. It'S, a two in one design: the world's first truly wireless high res earbuds housed in a fitness span, their tws ear bands a charge on your wrist and they can serve for 24 hour continuous heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, pedometer calorie count, step count, it's a full On fitness tracker on your wrist, okay premium sound quality, again i'm gon na.

Let you read through this i'm, not a big one! On going into specs, i like to tinker and play so you got fitness tracking on risk notifications when you're tethered to the app and totally integrated touch control as you're about to see – and i love this picture, so i had to print it out for you there's Kind of the exploded view of the engineering prototype how it all fit together in the earbuds that fit in the hole with the band with the lights, with the panel everything patents components. All of this stuff is in this. A lot of work went into it and it's been out for a little while the wear bud so they've shaken out whatever problems it might have seen too wow. Look at how it's packaged that is sweet. So now this product is really really ready to go and uh dang it's really nicely done. Look at that the buds are sitting in their own little wow, they're, tiny and lightweight wow wow amazing, look at how shiny it is and it's got their logo on it. There, the name: okay, you got a bud a left and a right because they're they're labeled, which is good okay and then the band itself is here: oh yeah, there's, more there's. It looks like a charging cable in here, pull that out there's another little bit of plastic, but i think that's just a holder for this and then of course this is wrapped wow it's lightweight.

I did not expect things going to float away. That is amazing. Awesome! Okay, it's got an apple kind of a band, it looks like on it and it's really really really really soft tpu stuff. No antennas in the band i'm sure does have bluetooth right because that's how it tethers over to the phone it's a plastic coated protected cover on it. Oh i doing this, but i guess we'll just take it off there and the chargers in the bag. Regular magnetic but wide charger. It'S got a look at that. It'S got an arrow on the and it actually fits right inside there. So if you get it back, it's not going to do it, and this way yep it'll fall right into place, write it and it's good and strong cool i've, never seen one with a key like that. Well, you won't mix it up with anything else. There'S, the heart rate sensor with the diodes and everything looks like buttons for possibly removable bands. I don't know um that's an interesting design and overall you just slip it on like this yeah it's, going to be a little thick because it's got to house the earbuds, but because it's long this way on your arm, it's not going to be too terribly obtrusive. The buds themselves which one's left left is here. This should be the left side and we just set it up there set it up. There left right press them, they lock in place and they're good to go now with the innards charged up.

They, the band itself, would actually start charging the earbuds and then, when you take them out and use them drain them down a little bit put them back in it gets recharged again and speaking of recharge. You notice i haven't turned it on, so i got to plug them in set the whole thing up charge up the band from the bands charge up the buds because you don't charge them separately. It all charges from this one unit, so we're gon na do that in a minute. But first i wan na bring out the book a quick start guide with all these pages. You'Ve got to be kidding no i'm sure there's, multiple languages, and those of you, unfamiliar with this channel, can skip ahead. If you don't want to see it, but i i go through all of the manuals meticulously page by page and freeze frame them long enough that if you need to see something and you can't find the manual anywhere and most of the time, they're, not pdf and They'Re not on the web, so you'll always know you can come to smartwatch ticks and look at the manual of the watch that you're interested in it does take a little time. I do do it up front if it's annoying for you, you can put it in 1.25 or 1.5 speed, playback or just skip right on through it, it's youtube after all and that'll get you to the actual review part now that wasn't painful was it here's, our Specs and that should end the english section and it does and then you just have multiple languages and now for me i will be back after i get this thing all ready to go here.

We go got it all charged up, got it on sweet little thing. Uh got some data on it, ran it left it on all last night, um i'm, not complaining about it being bulky. It does seem a little thick, but my gosh, you got to have some room for the buds to put them in your ear. They can't like fold up like an origami and unravel so it's understandable, but it's, smooth and it's long ways. You remember the watches we've reviewed the big one, the uh lympho lemt and the tickris max that are long and thin, and they lay the same way and they really work as well so i'm impressed with how they designed this to wrap around the arm. Whether it's, small or large, it can hug and have the long axis along your arm. Like this let's talk about it there's a couple of things. You got to do really right off the bat. Obviously, the time is going to be wrong and everything's not going to be set, so you have to tether it to the associated, wear buds, app we'll talk about that and then you got to pop out the buds and you've got to pair them separately to your Phone in a way like you would pair regular earbuds, two pairing techniques, two different steps, but when you're done you're done now, there's a really good video. The company put out talks about that notice, i'm right in the zone where, if my arm is up, it keeps the time on, but then it flips out again that's settable by the way to even have it turn on or off so at night.

It won't do that, but we'll talk about that in the app the uh um. The methods for for setting this thing up are different than other buds and a cool thing about them. Ah, let's just pop them out and talk about them. The cool thing about each of these is that they are separate a lot of times they kind of have to go together, but these can be set up where you can use one or the other, or you can use them both now it talks about this whole Thing being a hi, fi, ear buds and i look all over for the word stereo. I'M. Sorry i grew up where stereo meant both ears have different signals in a stereo feed and hi fi mint, not wi, fi, mind you but hi fi mono mono signal the same. Sound would come out of both of them and it would sound in the middle of your head well glad to tell you testing these out. They are stereo, so i don't know why they haven't hyped, that maybe everybody assumes it, but when they talk hi fi it it could be misleading, it is stereo and they can be working mono independently, which is really really cool and you'll see when you pair these. The first one you pull out it'll be flashing, usually the left one, you pair it to your phone and after you've set it up as paired. The other one will automatically pair to your phone separately, not to the other earbud that's, how they usually are you pair? The two together, then, you pair the set to your phone and you get stereo.

Not this way and it's really really a slick uh invention on on their part. Okay, it's hollowed out with both ends open, obviously not going to be seriously waterproof, but it could be splash resistant, be careful getting water on them. It shows that they've been pulled out and we've got the display on now. I am already set up with the app. So let me walk through this with you it's a tap to activate. Unless you twist your wrist to activate, then you slide to the side there's. My current step count. My last heart rate, calories, burned associated with the step count. It actually counts how many floors i've gone up and down, and i did go down and up a little while ago, the distance traveled again back to these steps and then overall settings and you're back to time. When you come in here and you tap one time, it activates that activity and so now we're going to do a heart rate, uh triggered by touching the device itself and remember the sensor flashing, underneath there is on the bottom of the whole band making contact. So it really is a legitimate stop, a stopwatch. No smart watch with all kinds of capabilities, including heart rate. What you're going to find in the app is when you do fitness activities, the fitness will count off the time of your fitness and the heart rate will be transferred over from the band. Now some of these, like calories and floors, you don't get anywhere when you touch them, that's just data, but when you do touch settings you can get about and it tells you your firmware version by the way you do need to do a firmware update when you Get it it's at a one point, something or other currently i'm, at version 2.

05, when you uh leave that you could also in settings tap it once, then you can swipe over and if i tap again it would reset everything which i don't want to do and It just toggles between those two unless you go back and then you're back to the watch face and you can change watch faces slightly from the app which i'm going to show you right now. The wear buds app from aukey smart information technology company limited when you open it gets you in here to set up an account and once you've registered. You then can select and uh tether to your particular wear bud unit that you've got. That also is covered in the instructions that from the company i won't be labeling here, because if you get a pair you're going to want to go through all of that stuff, but just know that you need to create an account that's all part of the process. When you finally get all that done you land on this page, this is your current situation. You have a training thing and then you have settings it's, showing you your step count for the day and it's synchronizing instantly with all of that information, and what time of day it happened, you can have a week view you can have a month view you can Manually synchronize it you can change your goal and mine's set at 8 000., pretty nice, pretty nice here's. All your other stuff, including floor count.

You don't see that on a lot of fitness bands, so if you want to, you, know, strengthen your legs and your backside. Uh go up and down a bunch of floors. It'S got your overall duration and calories burned in here too. So these two things you don't normally see it's, always calories, distance and steps, but nice to see that addition, heart rate's right here. The last several are shown when you activate the heart rate on the watch. This thing will update, live and here's last night's sleep time, uh wearing it last night i did get my sleep pattern shows the time i go to bed incremental time across here and the sequences of deep light and awake time which are color coded and shown right Here as well, when i went to bed when i woke up in the total duration basic stuff, nothing fancy, no sleep, apnea, no rem sleep, but good for just assessing how well and how long, you're sleeping overall and just wear it to bed. That'S all it's! Really nice um fitness records. I don't have any that happens over here in the training section and you basically activate from here. Whatever it is, you want to do it gives you a countdown and it it starts it's, not tracking gps, it's, not related to that at all you're going to get running, walking and cycling time pace based on time and number of steps, and so forth, calories burned And you see it just brought over my heart rate it's not showing on the watch, but the diodes are going in the back and it's calculating the heart rate here and when it's done it does have a chart.

That shows you your heart rate versus time and, of course, your your distance computed from your steps will show up up here. If you're doing a walking or a running, you composite you long press to stop it. You got to have enough time on it and distance on it, for it to uh to work otherwise just give up and you can bail out of it and that's all the training stuff. Oh, and you also have days that you can specify of the week. So you can, you know, really stick to a regimen if you want to by doing all of that and getting it set up right. Here'S, the band that we're connected to the battery level of it – and here are the different watch faces now – they're, not really extensive, but i chose the green one. You saw that one in here and i could choose another one like here's. One with looks like the moon in the background when you upload it there it is. You see the icon of the moon, showing through it where the battery is, but of all of them, that's the only color one and so that's, the one that i prefer uh. It adds a little little spot of color to the band. These others would be brighter outdoors, obviously white against black but i'm, not having trouble seeing it outdoors. If i tilt it just right so yeah, i like the green one say done and it replaced it if it needed replacing and it's all finished there step goal.

You can change, find your wear buds when you do that it vibrates and it flashes on the screen. I am feeling a vibration it's, not that loud. You won't hear it if it's under the cushion but yeah it it can help you out, you can set up incoming calls and notifications pushed from the phone. You also can set sedentary reminders and here's that bright screen raise to work awake. One thing i'd recommend they add to the app and it's. Just an app change it would automatically apply to the band is a time period for which it would be automatic, or as it is now, i have to either turn it on and at night. I have to turn it off from the app before i go to bed. Otherwise, when i twist my wrist – oh okay, it's still in the finding your band thing when i twist my wrist it's, going to light up while i'm asleep more modern apps. Have that feature where you can activate it and also have a quiet time when it doesn't show up that's? All of that, you can change your distance units between miles and kilometers, which is really cool. I'Ve got all of mine on english date and time. Likewise, you can sync it to the phone in 12 or 24 hour format as well. You got your overall device information. You definitely want to check your software and do an update to version 2.05 or newer, but that's the version i'm running on right now and that's.

Everything related to this back over here and you can come in here and you can set up your account, which is your email and information, and you can specify gender the devices that you've got. Sync your health data languages app info. All of that stuff is on here too. When you go in here notice, you can set up google fit to pair with the app, and you can transfer data that you're receiving from the app to google fit, not strava, not runtastic. None of the others are supported, but google fit is then, if you've got a creative way to get data from google fit to your preferred app um. If it's not google fit directly, you might be able to do a two or three step process: you're not going to get a lot you're not going to get geo position. Information you're not going to get um. You know your track or anything, but you should be able to get your heart rate and time and step count and pace and those kind of things alrighty that's, the app now let's talk about the bands themselves. Oops, i mean the buds themselves: okay, the earbuds uh i've popped them out, i've put them in i've played with them, and my feedback to you is wow they're, pretty darn good. They are really loud. Um i mean now yeah. You cannot put the volume foil. You, young kids, can i'm sure you can blow your ears out if you want to but uh it's very loud uh it's better than the um, the apple air, air blood, the air pods earbuds.

I don't use them uh, but i've i've tried them and it's. Definitely more comfortable, they shove directly in your ear you've seen that pop them out a very nice contoured design and they disappear in your ear and the surface is a tapping surface and that's. What i was holding up to show you is the list of what happens when you have both of the buds in your ears and they're, both on a single tap will toggle playback if you're, only using one of them well same thing happens, but double tap is Next or previous track, depending on, if you tap your left or your right, and instead with only one it's volume down, so it gets a little confusing, triple tap, always activates your assistant, whether it's siri or the google assistant, depending on your phone and tap and hold. When both of them in is how you do the volume up and down and on this one it's, just volume up so double tap, to go up an increment tap and hold to go down a little bit. If you only got one ear in listening to an audio book or streaming news or whatever, but if you got them both in doing music, yeah that's, where you can change tracks, can't change tracks with just one and you can't change it from the the band itself. Either so you need both of them in if you plan on playing music and being able to go forward or back in different tracks, so the technology that they're using is called aptx it's, a qualcomm adaptive, audio software hardware, integration thing there's this chart that kind of Talks about it and its intent is to enhance the audio experience and give you streaming real time: audio capability, comparable the cd quality.

They say directly to your earbuds um. I can't attest to that fine of a detail, but i can tell you it sounds crystal clear: the base is a little weak it's, not super strong, pounding bass, but it is a good, solid, sound. I got 15 20 feet easy away from my phone walking around the house and everything. Uh was synced up and playing in stereo with both ears in not just hi fi, and that was awesome. Okay. So what do you guys think it comes in different colors? This is a white one, there's black ones, it's called the air power, wear buds, true, ear buds, fitness tracker two in one with bluetooth, 5 aptx, ipx6, mono mode and stereo mode, guys about five and a half hours uh play time now about that that's that's. With these things, until they they uh run out of power, then when you plug them actually back in the uh charging base, you can charge them up. They say about two two and a half times so: five and a half 11 yeah. You get at least 11 12 hours out of it or longer between charges and when you pop these things in make sure you have them in at night. When you go to bed, oh look at that. I got them in backwards. I put the left one in you can do that. Okay, be careful, make sure you see the writing on the screen and put the right one in the right side.

Didn'T know you could go in backwards, okay, make sure they're in there and locked in and then charge the band up in its entirety to charge the internal battery and the battery in each of the buds. Okay, we've talked this thing to death. Go on over to amazon, i got the special link to you, pick it up for um 10 bucks less than you can from the company. If you want and it gets it helps us out. If you use the amazon link as well and there you go uh air power, wear buds, get all of your earbud technology on your arm where it belongs and not in your pocket, where you have to try to scramble to get a charging dock case thing. It'S it's all right here in an attractive and functional smart watch.