You also have a whole Health section now check this out. In addition to standard heart rate, you have ECG readings with metal plates that transfers a heart wave over to the app you have a fib calculation that will determine if you're in that condition, you have blood pressure, readings and an overall fatigue or heart rate variability. All of that in health and then you've got meditate. When you go in to meditate, you can set free time one minute, five minutes or thirty minutes, and it will take an HRV reading. Then meditate for as long as you specify and then take another reading and tell you if you're effective in your meditation, you have a sports section with running and cycling and whatever that is sit ups, I think and push ups and basketball and in more sports you Have running cycling, Wow, then we're rotating again let's go into the more sports for tennis and swimming and football and walking, and then, when you actually get into it, it goes through the process of capturing your heart rate. Your calories burned your distance, traveled and elapsed time, and then it does this yeah. I know it's gon na be longer than a minute. What can I tell you hey? You can come out of that and go into the final section past sports, which is set where you can select one of three different dials learn about it, restore power it down or go back to your watch, face Wow.