I mean if I saw this hanging on a rack somewhere, I would probably walk right on by but folks this is amazing, it's, amazing, there's, advanced technology and everything about it. If you don't watch fitness reviews on these bands, you're waiting for those Android watches watch this one just watch this one to get caught up with the technology of twenty twenty to twenty twenty one, it's called the Alf. Oh wise, alpha, wise i7e full touch real time. Heart rate ECG monitor Smart Watch, we've heard it all before, but whoa. Wait till you see this one and look at the price we're well under 30. Bucks already I'm pushing this out fast, cuz it's early September, when we're doing this and they've got this super September. Sale thingy going on check. The show knows if you're past, that when you're watching it still check the show notes because I'll try to have discount coupons set up for you for this one cuz. I think you want to get this one. I do if I didn't, have it already I'd want to get it let's go through it and talk about some of the really neat aspects. First of all, full touch that's, not just a bot button at the bottom and that's, really cool it's 0.96 inch, TFT color display with vivid colors and high resolution, and it is good and bright it's, not the brightest light bulb in the pack, but it's good and Bright and readable outdoors yeah, but not really strong, strong, readable anyway, it works.

It works well, it'll get you by, especially for all the things that can do. Look. It is it's, got ECG active measurement, it has heart rate, variability fatigue, analysis using bio resistance technology to detect the changes of ECG arterial, fibrillation fatigue and all that, in combination with a background, artificial intelligence analysis system for your physical and mental health, and with that I Give you the caveat that this is a toy it's, something for fun and play do not rely on it. For medical guidance, however, enjoy the heck out of it, because it's really cool it's got real time. Monitoring of heart rate off the wrists. Hmm, the most high precision heart rate sensor in the industry, automatically filtering of air heart rate, okay, and I believe that means when it's not on your wrist. It'S not gon na accidentally give readings, but it does good when you have it. On 24 hour, continuous detection, real time focus on cardiac load, we're gon na get into some deeper heart stuff. With this particular plant band, wait really something blood pressure, detector, it measures and records your blood pressure data at any time and saves historical blood pressure data as well, and it has an amazing calibration system way more advanced than anything. I'Ve ever seen, give you the headline. You'Re gon na take your blood pressure with a cuff you're gon na. Do it three times, because you never rely on the first reading, you're gon na put all three of those readings in, and that is gon na set the baseline by which this band will determine your current blood pressure.

Based on the readings taken by the band highly highly sophisticated, we don't see that on huawei we don't see that on amaze fit. We don't see that on Apple we don't even see that on Withings, yet I don't believe in they're the kind of the king of heart rate, so we're, looking at something pretty advanced for under 30 let's keep moving real time, pedometer yap with professional high since high Precision, sensors for step count and whatnot highly energy, sensitive energy saving by using a new chip with stable performance and so forth, USB direct charging there's no wires. You just laughs one of the bands. Oh my gosh, wait till you see the bands. Wait till you see how they hook up to the thing Wow, the other companies have better copy. This is all I can say they better copy. It intelligent light sensor, there's an automatic sensing of ambient light yeah to keep the the information clearly visible and strong light, and to protect your eyes in the dark, in other words, it'll brighten and dim the screen. According to the outside light, you don't find that in anything under at least 80 on the market, it is out there, but you don't normally find that on top of that not mentioned here, there's actually a little glowing light down at the bottom, when you're charging it's Red and I'm pretty sure it will light up or flash when you get an incoming notification. So it's got that sophisticated technology as well so here's, the overall specs working with Bluetooth, 5 160 by eighty screen resolution, just under an inch and full touch screen a little bit of RAM little bit of wrong waterproof water resistant ip68.

Not only can you swim with it, but some of the of sports activities are all related to swimming, oh and by the way it can automatically detect and jump into a variety of different sports. All on its own it's got vibration, but no sound in it. The health tracker it's talking about it's got sleep, monitor of course, sedentary reminders, message, pushing an alarm: backlight, bluetooth, brightness, adjusting we've talked all about that and more down to the product dimensions and weight. Ok, I know you want to see it. I do too. I want you to play with this thing: we've got just the band and a manual in here the i7e ECG fitness tracker it's, using a very interesting tethering, app called the zero Nazir owner, and that is where a lot of the magic happens and we've reviewed a Couple of these before using this app and I'm going to refer you over to app for more detailed in depth coverage of what the app can do. But we're definitely going to look at some new things that are popping up in the app that weren't there before including arterial, fibrillation there's, actually measurement for that blood pressure trend. Monitoring mm hmm and get this a full on meditation training section that not only lets you go through and do active, meditative processes of relaxed breathing, but can tie that in with your heart rate, variability measurements as well. If you wanted this thing for nothing else, but that that's worth thirty bucks, you got all of these things.

The sports, asleep monitoring, scheduling, firmware upgrade by the way it did need about a half an hour to do a firmware update for me. So make sure you go in once you get it set up tethered to the app and on Wi Fi, with your phone make sure you go in and do the update for the firmware, and then it goes into other languages as well. Now we are ready. Make note of the time, because next time you can skip right up to there and you don't have to sit through all of that look at this band man. I want the band alone. I hope they sell that in different sizes, because it's really cool it's got dual rows of holes. It'S got a dual tapered or specialized push, pin kind of thing for anchoring it. It'S got dual buckles to it and it really really works. I'Ll show you that when I put it on in the meantime, you see I've got the band's connected directly to the band. You don't just yank these puppies off. You press carefully on this front part so that it lifts up, and then you can slide it right off. One end has nothing the other end when you press it and pull it. Has your charging pins you just plug that into USB and you're good to go with charging snaps right back in? I think some of the advanced bands that we've looked at have that kind of technology, but most of them don't, especially at this level, and not with ECG built into it.

Ecg, you remember, is working with your heart, electricity and you need to have two electrodes on one side of the body and one on the other. This device, by the way the green diodes are on because I've got it all set up to monitor everything. Heart rate blood pressure, arterial Fripp, your I have a hard time with that, where a fib and on and on and on so it's gon na be it's gon na be going man. So we have one electrode that's going to touch the body on the left or the right arm that you decide to put it on and in the app it's so sophisticated. You can tell it. If is it on your left or your right? While I have it almost here, I want to show you putting it on. We slide it right through there. We tighten it up. We let this pop in here and look how close the holes are together, so you can get it to exactly the right fit above that little bump. On your hand, they recommend right there. You don't want to be way down here, and you want to be above that, for your best readings, get it nice and snug, but not too tight pop that thing right in there and you're anchored it's, not gon na fly off it's, not gon na go anywhere. It'S really cool okay, we're ready to take a walk through the app quickly we've got a couple of different screens that will be changing later on.

In the meantime, I want to show you that I can go into step count you tap here. You'Ve got step and calories burned and distance traveled and that loops and you can come back out of that. Then he says you go into the health section watch. This I've got heart rate, of course, but if I skip through that one, I go into the ECG uh huh, where I could do the full on ucg reading or I can go into afib reading, uh, huh and blood pressure reading and fatigue. Oh, my gosh we'll spend some time with that. Those of you want to linger longer. Meditate here we go. This is where we can set free time, a 1 minute, 5 minute hello or a 30 minute meditation session, and when you begin it you're gon na get that ability to track your breathing and calm down using the app itself, and as I mentioned, you take your Hrv and then you can do it again later and you can see how you're improving your heart rate variability through that process, then you got sports, so we have running cycling. Is one of the sports looks like something I don't have any idea basketball and what tennis and more sports and in loops around again running cycling? So you got those and did you notice? You also have tennis swimming remember it's, waterproof! Is that soccer and walking? Oh boy and rope jumping and push ups or something oops.

I went into that one well that's good that's. I think that's, the last one. I want to show you in different sports. You get different things here: we're gon na get heart rate, calories per whoa, whoa whoa. Okay, that made my day what's going on. Can I touch it? Am i twitching? Oh oh, oh, oh I'm doing that Wow Wow what's going on! Oh, I love it. I love it. I have no idea what's going on, but I'm gon na quit this I'm gon na stop it it vibrated and I'm back to here and that flashing went off. I want to try another one: let's get into whoops sports running nah cycling. Now that thing let's try that thing three two one go: okay, it vibrated it's gon na get me my heart right, there's, a time of day there's the calories and when I go down here, I've got elapsed time and that's interesting that little chart there. No idea, it just says times: huh I'm, not flashing anymore, maybe that's like for interval, timing or something let's stop out of that one and let's let's do one more typical one like running or coming let's see SEP sports running there's running let's go three. Two one go: okay, vibrated. Now we should have a few more things, because this is a distance type of thing. I'M gon na get heartrate, eventually, I'm gon na get calories. There we go now. I'Ve got distance time and SPM probably steps per minute.

You think time of day is up there, but I don't have that flashing thing happening. That was cool. Now I mentioned when I plugged it into the charger. There was a glowing red dot there. There we go now we're getting it again. Does that mean my heart rates too high or something no it's only 81, maybe that's the actual beat of my heart I could want. I don't know I really I don't know I hope it's in the manual. You guys see it in the manual. Let me know when this show knows what you think that is, I that's fun. Hey. I figured it out. I figured it out and look at this. I just went out and exercised a little bit and it's telling me I need to speed up in order to be able to do my aerobic level that I want to be a and you see the color change it's green. Now it was blue before it's so bright. You might not even see the color on the screen, but it's actually gon na give me a color feedback of the zone. That I'm in with my heart rate, while I'm exercising even if the display is off. We can glance at it and if you know what color it is, and you know what zone that is aerobic or fat burning or or whatever you can, you can gauge where you are from the flash color on the band whoa wow.

That was I D. What else, what else? Okay sports, when you go in to set this, is where we can change the dials, learn a little bit about the watch, restore it to factory and turn it back off again. So when we tap the dial tap and hold you see, I've got this digital. One I've got the one we just had on and then I've got an analogue face and we'll come back and select that digital one, which shows you temperature date, the weather, condition battery level and your time and in that particular watch face okay, let's get serious, we're Gon na look at this health stuff in parallel with the zero nur health Pro app. This is from the Google Play Store. I have it installed. I have an account set up and I'm logged in, so it takes me to this main page here and it's once I bring it up. Gon na connect me in here here's the current temperature and weather conditions. Here we have the top, which is showing us our current step, count and so forth. We have a running tab, cycling, speed, walking, balling mountaineering. These are all the different kind of sports that are there and there's history in here, because these are ones that I did with other bands that I've reviewed that used this app. So when you're logged in you keep that and it's in the cloud and because I don't install this reinstalled it and once I logged in it, brought all that data back again, so you've got easy access to all your historical data and folks, if you love Strava, If you really like google fit, this is the only app the only app.

This is the only app I know of that can compete, connect with both of those and send your data over there. Amazing. All right am i over selling this I'm getting a little bit of heart rate going here. I just really put it on to demo this all for you um, hopefully, I'll collect a whole bunch or not. The very end. I'Ll show you some more pages with a lot of data, because I'm gon na be wearing this quite a bit. Okay, it tested my afib um at 1057 today and said it's normal. It checked my fatigue index, which is currently at 73 and all I've done is put it on to do this basic review. Amazing let's, look in here. Okay, I've got a dot a spatter pattern right there. Oh, you just think we got to get more data anyway. I'M gon na have numbers here, scatter plot. It says vs. numbers there they go to 0 to 2000. I know nothing about this, yet we've all got to learn about it, but it is saying non medical diagnosis for reference. Please refer to the condition of the hospital diagnosis, but if never seen this before on anything, this is totally new technology, especially scatterplots, but that's there. Okay I've basically studied this and got some information for you and Wow Wow here's a screenshot of early this morning. This is my scatter plot on the atrial fibrillation chart. That is showing a few dots on here, almost like looking at a galaxy far far away in just a moment, I'm gon na show you a mid morning, which is where we are now how this works.

Is you just wear it folks, that's, all you got to do is wear it. You saw how the green light is always on it's, regularly putting little dots on this chart. Well, it's, storing the data in here crying like GPS positions on this matrix. I guess and then, when you sync it up, it'll transfer them over here and over time it builds up this chart. That is an XY grid. That is basically like your heart rate variability in here toward the end of this video I'm gon na go into much more detail about what you're seeing and how the different charts can tell you different things about your heart health, but for now I just want to Show you the results, because I was lost and now I'm found sort of here's yesterday or here's this early this morning. Here is an early plot from the 30th of August. You see the difference and they're slightly different there's a bunch more spots all around here but it's, starting to form this little finger right in the middle of the chart. Here is a full day on the 31st and look at how it's it's filled in many. Many more spots there's some on the outside, but the predominant amount are just right in here and it turns out that's a normal sinus rhythm here is a different one on the first and they're skewed. A little further up this way looks more like an exclamation mark sideways or something.

So those are examples of day by day what your afib chart will look like totally different than the one time test that just tells you yes or no talk about that, but this is a this is the chart. Data for real and all you got ta do is wear it and then just let it sink over to the app and come in and check your chart. You can check it morning midday evening tomorrow, a week from now. Whatever you want – and you can start seeing a historical pattern of what's representative of your heart and use that as conversation to talk about with your doctor, your healthcare provider don't diagnose from this, but use it as input and education. So here's this current chart, the one you just saw a few hours later, a few more dots are in here and it's only mid morning. I'Ll just keep an eye on it. Make sure that everything is in that same kind of a pattern and I'm good to go, then there's the fatigue index, okay, it's been doing a few of them um and there's some different dates. Well, this is from back on March 10th. Interesting on this. One fatigue scores are calculated from the HRV, the higher the score, the lower the fatigue is and we've got that going in here. No data today on the ECG we'll do a test of that here in just a minute, and you can change the speed with which it lays back.

So you can go slow or fast if you want to just a monitor what your heart waveform looks like and then no blood pressure data, but when we collected it'll be over time versus your systolic and diastolic, with tips on high blood pressure right there and remember: I told you about the calibration too so that's, the main homepage when I go over to device. This is where we set up everything for the bracelet for the conditions you want so come back up here. I'M connected. This is the particular unit I can set up. Alarms sedentary reminders and smart alarms on this easy camera, so you can take a selfie, Auto heartrate is on so it's automatically gon na. Do that heart rate guidance 97 to 116, based on the personal data that I put in, which is always different guys. I just like keep jumbling it for you, so we can test different things using the and you'll see that in a minute, in the profile, the range is 97 to 116 and it will give an alarm if you're, outside those rained that range. As far as I understand here's, the 24th arterial fibrillation and it just cycles on and off – and I 24 hour it – I presume it's going to be constantly checking for afib by monitoring the variability within the heart wave, it's sort of like HRV right. Only much more dramatic afib is it's, just it's not coherent, so it's gon na monitor that and give you a scatter graph on that.

Then we got this vibration remind, and this is where you can set all kinds of different styles of vibration, to mean different things. So you don't even have to look at the watch. If you have a call coming in it'll, do a lighthouse, vibe the clock? I guess, if it's a clock, alarm schedule alarm your sedentary reminder: message: notification and heart rate guide, all these different styles that you can pick off of a list and choose which ones you want for vibrating, so it's almost like having sound on it, but it's through Vibration, here's the blood pressure calibration great the data. Still in there, you slap a regular cuff on your arm or have your doctor: do it or go to your drugstore, where they have one of those you relax, you get really rested and seated and comfortable, and then you take three different measurements, ideally with at least Three to five minutes between measurements – and this is the actual blood pressure measured by pressure cuffs, and it will vary. Probably not that much. I put in just a fictitious number here to mess with the system and see, but it will take these measurements and it will use that overall information to calibrate the your baseline numbers, from which then your heart rate will be a deviation higher or lower, as measured By the actual blood moving through your capillaries it's, pretty complicated how it's doing it, the pressure wave and all of that stuff, but it by calibrating it.

You have a higher likelihood that it may be more accurate than not. But again we don't know and again you're, not gon na rely on it for medical anyway, language switch. You can actually change the languages on this thing for Chinese or English right in the app itself, and it automatically will adjust to your phone's language time frame date. Format, weather I mean everything, is here: the palming gestures. You know twist your wrist to turn it on hmm. He says there you go, you can set the window, you want it during the daytime, but you're gon na wear it at night and you don't want it. Turning on when you roll over that's built into this app to just about everything, is thought through on this: do not disturb you can set up if you don't want any kind of notifications coming through the wearing manner here's, what I said you can change it left Or right right, there auto recognition mode. This is for the sports so that it can tell if you're running walking, I guess whatever you're doing it can recognize that sport and, of course, your unit of measurements and a firmware update, and you can unbind and rebind a different device. If you want to that's the sinner tab, then finally here's your profile, you can edit your own stuff. You'Ve got your name whatever you want: gender height weight and birthday, and you put all that stuff in and it's from that that it was calculating, though the heart range.

If you change the birthday to way back here, somewhere let's see if it does all that stuff let's go back to like 1955 and change the weight to way up here somewhere 187 and make it mail instead. Okay, save all that and that's in saved. Now, when we go back we'll see if it messed with that heart pulse range, you get a guide, help links. This is what I was talking about. You can link it to google fit and or to Strava right from here. So if you prefer to use one of those apps, then this becomes a data collection node for the sensor device to feed into the app of choice. So you don't actually have to be running either of these apps. You can use this one and transfer the data over and settings. This is a variety of different things that you can change on it. You can check for updates and they've even got some deeper diagnostic stuff if you're having trouble with it with any of this stuff. Most advanced app I've, seen on any of this stuff, it's got a little agent on here. You can activate that puts a little cute icon that bounces all around on it, and you got your basic home page with all of the information so now let's go through and play with this thing a little bit and get into the health section gon na head Over and start in on heart rate – and I think we just tap it and it vibrated and it's going to go through and figure out what my pulse or heart rate is, and I should be able to see that down in here 42, 43, 46, I'd.

Think so so it picked up a low number to begin with, but you see it's still moving so it's adjusting as it gets finer detail on my actual heart rate. Little icon is still bouncing okay or hovering in that zone. This hasn't changed yet screen went out. Hello: okay, still going 72 I'm waiting to see if it just vibrates and finishes and gives us a final number. It might do it for like up to a whole minute, but there's, a the little dots on there are showing that we are getting data and when I actually go into it, it's showing oh, how much time I spent in each of the aerobic zones and look They have changed thirty five to a hundred is regular and extreme now is 181 to 200. An anaerobic is 161 to 180, so these brackets should be based on my personal data that I put into it as it finished, or is it still gon na be continuous? All right looks like it's, continuous heart rate, so maybe it's it's, just gon na keep working on the chart there that's long hold and come out of that. Oh you know what you got to hit the back arrow. Sorry guys I'm so used to the one button thing down at the bottom: ECG let's do an ECG thing: it's gon na be in here gon na press and hold here to get it started. Gon na grab the sides and it's giving me a second countdown see that I got 24 seconds to go so the chart that you're seeing on the device itself is just a simulation, probably one animated, gif or something that's going across it's, not your actual heart wave.

But it just shows you that it's live and testing. I probably should be holding really still and being really quiet but I'm. Not so we're gon na get this and it says then read the result at the app – and I probably should redo from here, which is going to synchronize that over and then we can go in and take a look at the chart. Okay, it's refreshing, bringing it up to date, hundred percent ah now here's bringing over the ECG chart. So the other stuff was my step count and other data. This is the actual full ECG chart coming in okay and at a hundred, are you done sync success? So let's come down and says you can view it now and there we are so there's the chart with the moving speed here I can tap that button, get the full chart to be able to go through and look at it in detail, and I can download This whole thing too, so I could send it to my doctor or do whatever notice this. This is the gain how big the the display is. If I go up to forty, you can really see the fine detail, but you lose the peaks. If I go to two and a half you're, just getting a little bit of noise on here and ten is the average twenty is right there. I kind of like this one. This gives you a broader perspective. Okay, you've got the date and time and it's supposed to give you your average heart rate, but didn't do that.

Probably because I was bouncing around too much and of course this one plays back and you can do it at twenty five or fifty save and everything is a little bit closer and it moves a little bit faster. Then you got the AI and this is the actual artificial intelligence interpreter and when happier you get 15 three times a month to have it read your ECG chart. I know we covered this in the other review of another band that works with this when you have normal sinus rhythm. This is what you get it just basically says: it's normal, but occasionally you'll have something that might show up there. We'Ll, give you a little warning flag or something you may want to check out. Okay, and just because it says it's, normal does not necessarily mean you're healthy, again, just use it advisory. And if you are concerned about anything related to your heart, health, have it checked professionally? Okay – and you can share this with your doctor – see what he feels about you doing this, okay, that was the ECG part, and we can come back now and go to the next one, which is the afib I've, never done this before I'm gon na press. It! Oh wow, okay. This is a 60 second test. Now, huh, okay, normal detection, result yeah I'm, not gon na pump up on steroids or anything to try to go abnormal for you. But I presume that it would tell you something other than normal if there's an issue, but it does have on here an afib section.

So I press that button and we've got that scattergram now I bet you we've got a first synchronize again, so it can send over the data that we just did on that particular measurement there with me guys. I know this is gon na be a little bit longer, but this is all brand new. Okay quickly did that basic health process. Okay and are are I progress and sync success, so maybe that's the rri anyway we've got look at that we've got new data. Do you see is it's showing up the scattergram in here it's it's running between 500 and a thousand on both of them and IPERS? That means it's normal information. If any of you guys have any technical background that can explain what this plot is about. We'D really love to hear from you and I'll put it in the show notes. If I could find anything from the company about it, that'll be there too, but right now it just basically says: scatter plots only show valid data for arterial fibrillation measurements period. How do you read it? I don't know but it's there? Okay, then, after a fib, we also have your standard blood pressure, so we press and hold here and it's gon na take 30 seconds to give us a reading. So it's gon na do a variety of readings, but not flash them on the screen bouncing all around. Like we saw with the heart rate now in terms of blood pressure here, it's saying no data for today, but we want to see what its gon na look like on this particular plot.

It should just be a dot or a line that is at the particular time that the measurement is happening and unfortunately it's gay 126 over 79. After having put my specific information in there to calibrate it, we are going to have to refresh it, unfortunately it's, not looking like it. It has live continuous connection, which is unfortunate, or you could see all that stuff changing real time, but it's also fortunate, because it means that neither the battery in the watch or the phone are going to be depleted because it's constantly keeping its Bluetooth radio on it's. Only lighting up and connecting when you trigger it to do that, otherwise it just stores the data here. Okay, I guess it just took awhile to transfer over, because now I have it on here, it's giving me a nice big reading that it's 126 over 79, which is high normal, remember, they've, lowered the levels which are acceptable in the overall blood pressure. These days, if you haven't heard about that check with your doctor, it's down around one under 120, over 80, I believe is considered normal. So this has been updated to the point where 126 over 79 is considered high normal on the chart. You see we're getting a couple of dots for today s BP, systolic and diastolic at this particular time, and because of the way the chart is set up, as you accumulate, this you can kind of see, is your: are they bouncing around? Are they both going up and down? What are they doing? It'Ll give you a pictorial view of your overall blood pressure, don't know.

Yet if this happens automatically every 10 minutes every hour or if it's, only when you do it manually, hopefully, we'll have info on that. But I've just unpacked it, so we don't have enough data to actually tell, but those are the categories right off the front page. This is all your fitness stuff. This is all your health stuff sleep time and information is from last night. If you have any you'll, have your whole sleep chart here with deep light and awake times, total deep sleep, actual minutes and whatnot will all be here for each night. If you just wear this thing to bed, which is easy to do, it's lightweight, comfortable yeah, very, very good, so that's the data that we're getting there and that was coming to us as the last one, the blood pressure. Then, when we go here, oh my gosh, we got another one fatigue. Can you tell I'm fatigued? Oh another, 60. Second test. All right, I'll be back when this one's over here we go and boom. Sixty seven higher score is a better state and, I believe, it's a zero to a hundred type thing so it's a this must be the heart rate, variability which is basically fatigue and the concept is the more relaxed. You are the more irregular. The distances between your heart beats, the more it kind of changes, the variability is larger, and so this number will get higher. Actually, I think I can go over a hundred and I'm, not sure anyway, when you're under stress your heartbeat seems to be much much more regular and rigid and that's a lower score now.

Does it appear on the app anywhere? Well, we have to see if there's any synchronizing going on and then check it and it's done so. We come back down here. Aha I've got two blood pressures. I did do another one, so it takes a while. While I was off camera, I did another blood pressure and it transferred over. So now you see double dots, they're close to each other, so the range is starting to become defined, but in terms of fatigue, oh yeah there it is fatigue index. Oh yeah. This is the one we showed you earlier where we have some early dates. Look back in March when I did a review on something forget, but it used this app I'll have a link to it, because I want you to see my overview of the app in that one as well, if you're really interested cover different things. So here we are, I all this time later I met a 67 and again the higher the score. The better off you are and that's all that's showing is your date across it Wow, okay way back in December, we were using this thing, but that a fib that's new I have not. As far as I know, I have not seen that before, but all this other stuff has been in this app as well, but wait there's more beyond all of the health stuff, which is just telling you how you are this device lets you do something about it.

So from fatigue we circle through all of these come back to health and then you can go into meditate, so let's check this out. I tap in here I'm gon na go for one minute. He says: okay and it's, preparing it's, doing a countdown of a minute and preparing a baseline is my guess of what my situation is and where my fatigue level is we'll come back when that's done. I hope you can see that in the little digits up there. Two seconds one second and zero: okay, now exhale and inhale – and you see I've got another count down. This will be one minute or three minutes or so forth and that's. The actual practice itself, which I'm gon na try and I'll, do that off camera and be right back again: breathe in breathe out, breathe in and boom I'm done well. I'M done with the breathing part, the active meditation now it's doing another 60. Second I'm. Presuming HRV analysis and it's gon na compare this one with the first 60 second whip and then we'll get a number be right back. So this is one of those RTFM moments where I had to read the fine manual and tell you what this means, because it's not in the app it's, not on the band. But it does say that when you do the meditation, this is kind of a gauge of how successful the meditation was if it's, 60 or higher the meditation was really good.

It helped to calm you down by assessing your heart rate variability. However, if you're all hyped up doing a review and doing it only one minute and bouncing all around the place, turning cameras on or not it's only gon na give me 40, so they're gon na try this seriously for five minutes in a relaxed state and see If I can get pumped up higher than that, alright, that is the whole meditative portion of this band, which is something you just don't find on any of the others as promised earlier. I want to show you some additional data after a couple of days of using this first of all the whole section on sports, because the band does not have GPS built into it. It can just get your basic information, and the things that are listed in here come from the p1, which is the other band or watch that tethers to this app and it does have GPS. But just to show you here's an example of something that came from the p1 and here's the track. This is what it'll do it does a fun little active track like that, which I wanted to show you and, of course, you get all kinds of other data. So this band will give you most of the other data for walking and cycling and such it's just not going to have the GPS track on it. So you may want to get one of each a p1 and the i7e and all using this app integrated together.

But what we can show you is all of this stuff here's last night's sleep information wore it to bed last night. There are others that give you a lot more detail, including REM, REM, sleep, but this is a basic one. You get your total deep light and of a wake time and on the today tab you can go back and see other days that you did it so there's the day before so that's available and, of course here you can get a daily summary. So you can see overall how your sleep is doing then in the heart rate, section right here: you've got a card that shows your active heart rate going on and if you go into it you get a better chart. Now you see I've been pretty active here recently up until right now and if I go backward here's yesterday when I was doing a lot of yard work outside and then I finally took it off because it was getting messy. Didn'T put it back on until the evening, so it's capturing everything related to your heart and it's, not giving errors when you actually take the band off it's, not reading thin air. In other words, you got your average lowest and highest and so forth. Now this is the section I really want to show you arterial fibrillation. We looked at a little scattered chart, the first time that I had it on, and there were just a spattering of dots on here, and that was all cool, but not really meaningful, because we don't know what the axes are or any thing this is today.

So far here was the first day after the end of the day. It looked like that, and here folks is at yesterday my first full day throughout the day, it's constantly monitoring these parameters, to give you a scatterplot for the entire day and that the next day it starts over and so theoretically, you're gon na have these scatter charts Of each day's heart activity related to arterial fibrillation, but what does it all mean? Are you sitting down watch this I'm gon na tap on here? It says I'm gon na read it to you, scatterplot, based on the nonlinear chaos theory, the long range, our our interval data were graphically expressed by the fast computing technology, which was used for the diagnosis of heart rate variability and a rhythmic arrhythmia here's, the normal sinus Rhythm and you could see from what I had in my charts – that they are representing that. But look at some of the other things that are identifiable using this technology, which is simply collecting data from the band and sending it to the app as little points. In a scatter plot here are three finger kind of a you know. I guess really need to know what it all means. As long as you know what to recognize from the pictures that you could refer to your medical professional to have them at least aware that you are observing something that could be abnormal here is true: atrial fibrillation, compared with normal sinus rhythm, you see how this is A closed graph and this one scatters outward and open here's some odd stuff, arterial flutter.

I guess these are things that are hard to measure overall, unless you a clue data over time, here's, a ventricular, premature, beat and so forth, here's another graph similar to that one. But it's got some stuff going on in it look at this one and that one uh huh a fib with ventricular premature. I mean Wow Wow to me. This looks about as medical as you can get, because I don't understand it and I'm really impressed and it's of a 30 band, really something so yeah. If you just even want to play with this stuff for entertainment. Only remember it says clearly non medical diagnosis for reference. Please refer to the conclusion of the hospital diagnosis. I guess, as presuming you got incarcerated for afib in a hospital, but whatever the situation, if you're monitoring your heart, this is just for information purposes, so you can switch from day to day simply by clicking that tab and going over and that's my chart so far And it's only been about couple hours that that have been monitoring it and it started out with just a couple of dots, so it accumulates over time. That'S a fib ECGs little talk about that. First of all, I did a couple of them back to back in the band. It saved all that and it transferred it here, so it will do more than one. I don't know how many total, but it will hold at least two if you're away from your phone, and you really want to get like a test over time – it'll hold them and send them this one I screwed around with I messed it all up.

You see all the crazy stuff there I wiggled my fingers. I took them off and put them back on. I wanted to verify it's real and not a simulation toward the end. I kept them steady and I'm getting a reading like that I'm. Also curious with the AI will tell me from that one I have 14 x remaining as it tries to an analyze. It is it gon na say on normal or if they can't get the information or what it may filter out the really bad abnormal stuff. No, it didn't, okay, because I was messing around with it. It'S made its artificial determination that I have entry killer trick. Giardia right may originate from the left, ventricle and right ventricle. The frequency of persistent episodes is often more than 100 times per minute. That looked really fast. It can deteriorate a little bit I'm, not gon na read the medical stuff, but there you go it's a totally incorrect quote: diagnosis, unquote from an artificial intelligence that doesn't know that I was wiggling my fingers. So you see why none of the above Diagnostics is given by the artificial diagnostic algorithm, which is reference only and please refer to the hospital diagnosis conclusion entertainment purposes only and something that you can be aware of related to your heart. You see repeat things like that and you've been holding it properly. Yeah check it out with your health, professional okay. So I got that and then this just rolls it up or down, and I have 13 left this month of artificial intelligence reviews of my charts.

So that's one thing about the chart here's another: this is yeah the chart. I did just before that and you notice that they're computing, a heart rate based on what it's getting from the actual heart wave from the ECG and I've, heard, seen that this heart rate may be more accurate than the optical one, because it's an electrical signal and You'Re, looking at strong Peaks that it can measure between to figure out what your average heart rate is notice that the peaks are going up I'm wearing the band on my left arm, here's the band on my right arm. Even though I went into the settings and said I'm wearing it on the right, it did not flip the ECG thing around, so it is correct for a chart but it's upside down because of the wiring of which positive and negative that I was wearing it on The right hand, instead of the left hand yeah. I love going deeper with this stuff. We figure this out so that's the ECG and then basic blood, sure again you're getting scatter, not scatter grams, basically, but points that are giving you a range around your systolic and diastolic over time. This is today this is yesterday it's not doing continuous blood pressure. I'M. Not getting a bunch of these, so you have to manually, go in and do these readings at specific times. If you want to monitor your blood pressure, that would be one thing I would love to see them improve on it's, always telling me I'm high normal.

So far – and I honestly don't know this is mild high, I don't know how that yeah correlates with my true blood pressure for accuracy. I still want to sit down and run that very careful test with the signal, monitor and get my three real valid readings and put it in here and crank it all out and then compare a swig no reading with this thing just to see you is it Visit ballpark, you know within five points or so, but just to show you that yeah, you do have all this different stuff, but you got to constantly do the blood pressure and it's a minute long test, so you got to kind of stay still. The ECG is only a half a minute. A fib, I think, is only a half a minute. No, I think it's a whole minute anyway. Yeah you got to play with those and there's no way, unfortunately, to initiate from the app to do it, live on the band and see the results coming in. At the same time, some other apps do that, but certainly nothing to this detail that we're seeing here there you go there's a real, deep nice look at the actual data that we're getting from this band I'm. Very impressed with this thing down to the buckle and the snap and the charging and everything it's a great little uh fitness band, uh and health man, and of course you can get it from gearbest.

For about thirty bucks, less than thirty it's called the alf wise i7e, uh huh and it's got a bunch of goodies going for it might be something you want to have to compliment that Android SmartWatch you're, going to have your other arm right, I mean who says You can't walk around with two things on one for fitness and one for everything else. I do it all the time. Yeah. I'M. Weird, I know anyway, thank you for watching.