At smart watch ticks comm we're looking at a box with all call a watch GT inside. Why did I say deja vu, because you've seen it before folks there's a definitely a pattern emerging from what we're seeing coming out of China in the terms of Android smartwatches in particular, and that is the exact same watch is being released with minor changes by a Different company – and this is no exception for those of you knowledgeable about your smartwatches as you take a look at this one. I know you read the title already, so you know what it is, but there's only one watch that has a front facing camera and side facing camera right together with a couple of buttons. A bezel looks like this. I mean it is exactly the cost pet prime yep. I mean hundred percent, but we're gon na take a look at this one anyway by all call, and why Widow, one of the good reasons is price we're coming to you from banc good and right now, it's at a1 29.99 check the show notes to see if We'Ve got discount coupons, flash sales, whatever is going on on that. The a watch GT has the face unlock feature: it's, a full three gigabyte, 32 gigabyte, just like the regular cost pet prime, not the prime S II. Mind you, which is the lower memory which is coming in at about a hundred dollars or so on special, but this one is significantly lower in price than the base.

Three gigabyte, 32 gigabyte prime it's got the same. Battery it's got the same LTE. In fact, the specs are overall identical as you go through, you've got Android 7.1.1. You got the 2 megapixel front facing camera and an 8 megapixel side camera for landscape it's. You using the why watch 2 for tethering there's our memory configuration network information, the 400 by 400 pixel IPS, slightly larger screen than we see in other watches, but exactly the same as in the COS pet, prime and all the other things that are supported on this Particular watch so let's go through the box quickly since we've seen this all before we have the insert. Oh, this is something new they put in a bag of silica gel. I haven't seen that in a watch before we've got a bag of screws for the back to replace. If this gets lost or stripped. Where you put the SIM card in here, you've got an extra screen. Protector usually comes with one. You see the edge on there right now, yeah this is an extra one. We'Ve got the box and in the box, should be, as expected, the charging cable it's a basic USB to micro, usb connector that plugs in here in the dock and you've got the specialized screwdriver with a really unique tip on it. You see that for doing the screws in the back. This thing slaps right on the bottom. Magnetically couples seen it all before by the way I'm not going to go really deep into this one, because we really have done several extensive reviews on the original cost pet.

Prime and the prime se so we'll have links in the video you can go over and watch those. If you're interested in this particular type of watch, then you now have a few different choices and we're, showing you the manual of course, because these you normally cannot find online, and if you want to refer to them wow we want you to know. You can always come to SmartWatch, tix, calm and usually toward the very beginning we page through each of the manuals yeah. It makes the reviews a little longer, but you can always fast forward, which is what's, really cool, about YouTube, right or freeze frame depending on. If you need it or you don't, ok that's everything on that we're gon na charge. This up turn it on for you and I yeah I'm gon na compare it side by side with the the original Prime from cos pet. Here they are side by side. Can you tell which is which not really, unless you turn it on one two three and there they go booting up the all call on the right, the cost bed on the Left, I mean, if I'm, going to show you any differences between these at all, the Band'S are exactly the same, see that see that the hardware is exactly the same, so the only difference will be in the firmware. Each company has an option of putting a boot up logo at the very beginning. Aha, this one is starting faster into Android.

Now this one's kicking in here so we're, seeing a little speed bump, but I've had this one longer and it's loaded with stuff. So it might be in that slow down mode. Simply because of that, this one is now coming up with its opening watch face and the prime 3 2 1. Oh, my gosh, okay. Well, all call is faster. What can I say the only other real difference. You'Re gon na see are in the watch faces. So we are back at the very first watch, face let's go over the first one here and look through them. They are branded. All call is proud of their brand, so um as you can see, they are branded here. This has not been set up for time or anything. I did go through. The initial boot, though, cause usually that is much longer and that's, where it asks you to put in your height and weight and whatnot on both of these watches and then, after that, you can change from metric to English. If you want to or imperial in the the apps that's a new feature that's inside of here, so the watch faces definitely are different and depending on. If you see something you like there's a christmas themed on this one, then you might want to go for that. Particular watch well look at more of these later on I'll kind of space them out for you. In the meantime, I want to see that when you slide down you get this information.

You get this colorful page here this one we have on Wi Fi. This one is set up already on Bluetooth. The brightness levels are comparable, there's, the lowest one medium and high okay, and you got your cleanup thing: it's Android, seven one one across the board music control, one more swipe would take you to the weather screen. When you go left, you get notifications when you go up you're into the step count stuff of which we don't have any really for today, and then you come over here to the app drawer now here we can go through and see that you've got your basic Phone and messaging, which is uses the SIM card, neither one of these support Bluetooth, calling it's not a feature in Android, seven 11. When you get into settings you'll have in display, you will see that we have the option to change your sleep time, which I've got set for 30 minutes on this one. There is no always time setting on here so on this particular watch. In both of these lines, you do not have the ambient mode that's, something that you have to get in a different watch. This has got the larger screen, the dual cameras, the positioning and the huge amongest battery in it, but it does not have always time that's. Another thing a lot of people are asking about the app list style. This is where you can go into bubble, one that looks like you're on an Apple iWatch thing.

Now you got the connect where you do: support Wi Fi hotspot' on these. If you want to turn your watch into a hotspot, since it does have that big battery in it here's your gesture stuff to twist your wrists to see the time and turning on or off the pedometer is in here – and here we go. This is something new. Now measuring this is where you can choose Imperial or metric system, so that, when you put in your your day for the fitness, you can be in the version that you want to be in. So you have pounds inches and your daily steps and your gender we're. Not seeing that on the alcohol, so the firmware is a little behind on this one, but this was added with a firmware update, so I would expect that it can happen on this one. If all call chooses to do a firmware update, you got power savings and language and input in date and time and so forth and so forth. But other things I want to show you happen in more more is where you've got your Google Play services and accounts background cleaner, which is what you want to be careful with. If you have any third party apps installed in here like when, I did ant to two reports and whatnot those have been added to this one. You can disable the battery saver on those particular ones, for example, display brightness and floating touch.

Sure. If you don't know what those mean watch another video, I talked about them all the time. This is where you would turn them off, so that when you reboot your watch or it just goes off and comes back on, you don't lose those apps. Otherwise, they will be cleaned from being running. In the background you have the screen, lock stuff and face unlock supported on both of these. Everything else is the same. The RAM and the storage are the same, and everything else is identical so again to see more I'm going quickly, but watch the review on the Hospit I'm. If you want to go into more detail here's, the only other area we could really get in here and talk about are the name of the watch write a watch, GT versus cost bet, prime SEO, okay, we're, looking at the SE, which looks identical to the regular Prime, the only difference being the battery so sorry about that I mean not the battery the memory. This is the lower version just simply because of the battery in it, but the build is identical. The watch looks identical to the regular prime to the a watch GT. They'Re all the same thing: Android seven one one. So you get down here to the build twenty nine teen December 25th Christmas 2019 December 12th that's, when these guys finalized their firmware with the watch faces that you saw – and these guys did the same with their watch – faces no wonder, there's a bunch of Christmas oriented Ones on this watch because it came out right on Christmas Day.

Okay, what else can I tell you about? We'Ve got the where you go: the fitness stuff, oh that's, when we go further down in here, yeah here's your face unlock capability on both of them. They bought browsers and downloads and calendars and clocks and the cameras we've studied those in depth. Both the forward facing one and side facing ones so they've been reviewed, music, sound recorders, all the same. Your file manager, heart rate, monitor, and now we get to fitness and the fitness is the area where you know we have the ability to do these different events and whether or not they are tied to GPS. If you see the three dots at the top, you know yes, they are tied to GPS this one. I have a few events that I've done and when you do something like an outdoor walk – and you summarize that you get all of the information in here, including a historical track, and it is tied to the Google Maps, so you'll see your actual track that you Walked ran or bicycle, showing up on a map on that and it's identical to this one that just I don't have any data in it because we just unboxed it. When you go to the third level, you can use GPS positioning when you turn this switch on when you do it's gon na go through and set up GPS for you, so that you'll be getting GPS signal to compute your distance and that's.

An important update to all of these watches that we haven't seen for a while it's great to see that the all call has that feature built into it as well weather voice search. The Google Play Store. Google Maps they're all in here. So all the stock apps are basically identical, including the system optimization, which is a shortcut to all these other things. You see buried there deep in the settings, polluting your cleaning, the task, the overall screen lock and face lock. You have to set a screen lock with a password first, then you can set up your face unlock, and this is where you can quickly get in here to change those things and so forth. Okay, Wow that's about it, except we can look at a few more watch faces here. Okay, the bat, the buttons take you back to the main screen, a long press on the bottom button. Does nothing that's been a frustration. I'Ve aired to these guys for years now. Let us program that button some want a heart rate. Some would like it to go into camera. Some would like to ask Google something give us something that, when you're long press on the bottom button, you can activate it and let us choose what that is when you long press the top button. You all know that you get this screen here, where you can change third party apps from a circle to a square within the circle, so you can get to the corners of those apps.

If you need to that toggles back and forth, you have your recent tasks and you can eliminate them or jump to any of them or hit clear all and that works right here. You have the power saving mode that you can go into right here or reboot, or power off all of that's available for you to that little flash there. That was the power saving mode when you go into that mode, it's going to just show you that time! So if you really really want your device to be a very long life device – and you don't need to do anything for it, go into that power savings mode here and you'll be able to have a nice bright screen with digital time and your battery level. That'S left touch the X and you come right back to the current watch face that works the same on this one. A lot of these watches do so parade of watch faces that are stuck. You got these and what really is fun is the third party watch faces can be put on these watches, and I know on one of these all obviously on this one I've got a few of the fun ones from al rod that are in here and there's. A developmental thing that's with these stock watch faces in there, but not the stock ones, but the custom watch faces that's new and that's that the clock engine, the engine that that kind of takes the code and shows you the watch face – has been updated.

It'S been updated in two ways it can support. Animated watch faces, meaning watch faces that have special features that allow like a looping gif image on it and much faster animation than we've been able to simulate in the past and active buttons. You can have buttons on the screen, so if you touch it, it'll actually launch something: that's called active complications. I believe there you go finally, something with a COS pet name for their watch and here and I think the next one on this one is going to take us to one of those here's everyone. Everybody is big into football right or soccer here's, a interesting digital one, a bright white one, yet a dark one and a bright white one. You could use that as a flashlight. Some gears there's a few more watch faces. It looks like on the all call: now you got the simple one that you can actually make these at yourself on both of these at the very end, when you scroll over, you have the option of bringing in your own picture and building a little digital face Over that or under that, just like you're, seeing here not sure you can put the temperature on or by the way you cannot change the temperature to Fahrenheit on the watch faces, but in the weather report you do get both centigrade and Fahrenheit listed as well as The forecast for the next week, as long as you can update it on the network you'll be able to do that.

So a lot of faces here all right, let's, just zoom through them there's way more than I figured there would be on the all call as standard watch faces here we go we're getting toward the end. Now I think – and no maybe not look at that – Wow. Okay, now we're getting into some of the ones that you can. You can download from the server which is right here when you hit that plus key and you're on the Internet. You can download additional watch faces, or you can install third party custom faces like connecting it to your computer or even now, directly. Elrod has a way that you can go in. You can select and you can download some of his watch faces. We'Ve all seen that when I show that one a lot one of my favorites, the surfer, this incorporates the animation and there's another one with the little lines on it. This is really cool brand new and from him all these are part of his. What you call the poem premium faces that you can purchase you get like six hundred faces all for just giving him a donation, one time, that's, really amazing, whoops! Okay! This is now gone into the Google listening mode and you can see it's actually capturing everything that I'm saying and it's gon na try to take me to a webpage for that, and that happened. I think because one of these has got an active button to do that here, you go here's an example now of a watch face that has active buttons, that's the heart rate button.

I touch it it's, going to turn on the diode and it's going to start measuring my heart rate, this one's all jumping up and down going now. I want to be able to do that. You can. We just got to put the faces on you. The other things are, you can go here. That'Ll. Take you into your running thing all this stuff. I was hoping we could get with a programmable button. You can now get with touch faces on here and soon. The watch companies will be putting faces with active buttons on their devices as they ship them out. Now, where can you get this I'm glad you asked you can get it from banggood. We have a coupon for you down in the show notes if it's available oftentimes when they're on an introductory price, I can't get you any cheaper than that and they're almost out of the 129, then it's going to go to 1'. Then 299 is their basic price, but of course, it'll never be that expensive we'll always have a coupon for you, and I hope, along about this level, for a three gigabyte, 32 gigabyte hospital n't all call a watch t that is a very decent price and if You can pick it up at that level. I think you'd be doing yourself wonders. Okay, you've been watching. Smart watch ticks and appreciate your subscription and sticking with us and be sure to check out the full review of the COS pet prime, because it is basically the same watch as this.